Rename the files here also
[vlc.git] / bindings / python /
2008-04-23 Christophe MutricyRename the files here also
2008-03-18 Rafaël CarréFix out of tree building of the python bindings
2007-04-27 Olivier Aubertbindings/python/ move COMPILERARG initializ...
2007-04-24 Olivier Aubertbindings/python/ remove wrong whitespace...
2007-01-06 Christophe Mutricyvlc_object.c has been deleted in [18517]
2006-09-25 Olivier AubertFix references to bindings/python
2006-09-25 Olivier AubertRename bindings/mediacontrol-python to bindings/python
2006-02-12 Clément StenacMove python mediacontrol bindings
2005-12-09 Olivier Aubertpython/ correct the test for win32 systems
2005-11-26 Clément Stenac* Integrate python bindings in make process