dbus fixes
[vlc.git] / THANKS
2010-08-01 Felix Paul KühneAdded Sparkle to list of used libraries
2010-07-25 Rémi Denis-CourmontReorganize AUTHORS and THANKS
2010-07-01 Jean-Baptiste KempfThanks to dilaroga
2010-06-22 Joseph S. Atkinsonfile.c: Typo fix
2010-06-17 Rémi DuraffortUpdate THANKS and AUTHORS.
2010-06-03 André Weberatmo: updated README.txt for Fnordlicht, added author...
2010-05-23 Christophe MutricyAdd Estonian translator
2010-05-15 Christophe MutricyAdd Walloon translator
2010-05-10 Christophe MutricyAdd Sinhala translator
2010-04-02 Alex ConverseUpdate FFmpeg credits
2010-03-30 Christophe MutricyAdd translaors to THANKS
2010-01-29 Yannick BrehonMozilla plugin event listeners.
2009-10-06 Rémi Denis-CourmontFix author name as solicited
2009-10-01 Christophe MutricyFix Croatian translator name
2009-10-01 Christophe MutricyActivate Croatian translation
2009-09-07 Rémi Denis-CourmontThanks
2009-08-28 Rémi Duraffortforward port THANKS.
2009-08-13 Pavlov KonstantinMention Dennis Perov's hardware donation in THANKS...
2009-08-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfTHANKS to François
2009-08-01 Rémi Denis-CourmontUpdate thanks
2009-07-25 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate MagSoft THANKS entry.
2009-07-22 Jean-Baptiste KempfThanks to Luca Barbato
2009-07-22 Jean-Baptiste KempfThank Michael for RAOP work.
2009-07-21 Rémi DuraffortForwardport THANKS.
2009-06-26 Rémi DuraffortFix encoding (and writing).
2009-06-18 Rémi DuraffortUpdate THANKS
2009-06-18 Rémi DuraffortUpdate THANKS.
2009-06-18 Rémi DuraffortUpdate THANKS.
2009-06-18 Rémi DuraffortUpdate THANKS
2009-06-15 Rémi DuraffortFix one typo, add one missing translator and fix ordering.
2009-06-15 Rémi DuraffortTHANKS: remove duplicate.
2009-06-15 Rémi DuraffortTHANKS: better ordering.
2009-06-15 Rémi DuraffortAdd linkfanel to the THANKS file.
2009-06-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfForgotten people in THANKS...
2009-06-14 Jean-Paul SamanUpdate THANKS
2009-06-06 Rémi Denis-CourmontEnable Chorus filter
2009-06-05 Malte TancredVLCKit: url support for VLCMedia
2009-05-26 Rémi Duraffortupdate thanks and news.
2009-05-26 Jean-Baptiste KempfTHANKS.
2009-05-21 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: merge Eric Dudiak's code from GSoC 2008
2009-05-21 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: NEWS and THANKS
2009-05-01 Jean-Baptiste KempfThanks to Lotesdelère for the sample searching/testing...
2009-03-27 Christophe MutricyAdd some translators to THANKS
2009-03-19 Christophe MutricyMerge the l10n from 0.9-bugfix
2009-01-27 Jean-Philippe AndreUpdate THANKS for ivoire and me
2009-01-04 Antoine CellerierUpdate Joseph Tulou's THANKS entry.
2008-12-31 Joseph Tuloutest if access dc1394 is right earlier in the probing...
2008-12-04 Jean-Baptiste KempfNEWS and THANKS
2008-11-24 Rémi Denis-Courmontthanks
2008-11-17 Jean-Baptiste KempfSupport for QAM modulation on ATSC
2008-10-15 Jean-Baptiste Kempfsome THANKS. :D
2008-09-03 Antoine CellerierOops.
2008-09-03 Antoine CellerierAdd Actech to THANKS.
2008-09-02 Jean-Baptiste KempfThanks to JPeg...
2008-08-26 Antoine CellerierUpdate Aurelien Nephtali's thanks line.
2008-08-25 Jean-Baptiste KempfTHANKS update
2008-08-23 Christophe Mutricyl10n: Finnish update by Otto Kekäläinen
2008-08-23 Christophe Mutricyl10n: New Bulgarian translation by Ivo Ivanov
2008-08-23 Antoine CellerierOops.
2008-08-23 Antoine CellerierConsistency fixes.
2008-08-18 Christophe MutricyAdd the turkish translator
2008-08-18 Jean-Baptiste KempfFix a .org/.com confusion. My bad.
2008-08-17 Jean-Baptiste KempfThanks helper from the forum.
2008-08-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfThanks to Georgi Chorbadzhiyski for some ASF patches.
2008-08-07 Christophe MutricyAdd Poe and Amanpreet
2008-08-04 Christophe MutricyDutch translation update by Myckel Habets and Thomas...
2008-06-29 Rémi Denis-CourmontAnnounce libschroedinger support
2008-06-25 Jean-Baptiste KempfNEWS and THANKS.
2008-06-23 Antoine CellerierFix spelling and description.
2008-06-23 Jean-Paul SamanAdd Lukas Durfina to the THANKS file.
2008-06-09 Christophe MutricyUpdate and activate portuguese l10n. Thanks to Bruno...
2008-06-02 Christophe MutricySerbian l10n by Marko Uskokovic and Gorana Milicevic...
2008-06-02 Wang BoRealVideo codec through DLL loader
2008-05-24 Jean-Baptiste KempfThanks for MMS/TCP patch.
2008-05-23 Jean-Baptiste KempfThanks.
2008-05-02 Christophe MutricyThank Vincent
2008-05-02 Christophe MutricyRussian l10n update by Alexey Salmin
2008-04-17 Jean-Baptiste KempfFix for [oCERT-2008-004] multiple speex implementations...
2008-04-13 Rémi DuraffortAdd Michael Ploujnikov to THANKS.
2008-04-09 Jean-Paul SamanGive credit to Soren Bog (avacore)
2008-04-07 Antoine CellerierAdd missing dash (btw, does the name really contain...
2008-04-07 Felix Paul KühneAdded thanks for the OpenGL Screen input
2008-03-31 Pierre d'HerbemontThanks Tanguy Krotoff.
2008-03-27 Jean-Baptiste KempfRemember to add people to THANKS. This is always nice.
2008-03-26 Felix Paul KühneUpdated icon graphics set featuring a 512*512 pixmap...
2008-03-25 Jean-Paul SamanUpdate Anthony Loiseau its entry in THANKS
2008-03-13 Rafaël CarréRemove $Id$ from THANKS since it's shown in the qt4 ui
2008-03-12 Rafaël CarréImprovements to syslog logger - by Hans Lambermont
2008-03-09 Christophe MutricyDutch l10n update by Myckel Habets
2008-03-05 Ilkka OllakkaRTMP access patch from Miguel Angel Cabrera <macabrera...
2008-03-05 Jean-Paul SamanUpdate THANKS
2008-03-04 Jean-Paul SamanUpdate THANKS
2008-02-29 Jean-Paul SamanTypo
2008-02-29 Jean-Paul SamanPatch by Johannes Buchner (buchner.johannes at gmx...
2008-02-19 Christophe MutricyPulseAudio output module. Thanks to Martin Hamrle....
2008-02-12 Antoine Celleriervideo filter module - for thehomebrewAmbiLight (AtmoLig...
2008-02-10 Jean-Baptiste KempfMore thanks.
2008-02-10 Jean-Baptiste Kempfanother one.
2008-02-10 Jean-Baptiste Kempfoops. typo in thanks.
2008-02-10 Jean-Baptiste KempfAAC reordering fix. Patch by Sebastian Jenny and atmo...