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2008-01-23 Rafaël CarréThere is no (more?) FAQ
2007-01-28 Antoine Cellerierupdate developers website.
2005-11-01 Antoine CellerierMisc changes
2004-10-17 Derk-Jan Hartman* Update of README and install files with new information.
2004-01-24 Derk-Jan Hartman* extras/contrib/src/ dvdnav packages
2003-02-02 Sam Hocevar * ALL: removed "VideoLAN Client" in favour of "VLC...
2003-02-01 Sam Hocevar * ./INSTALL.libmad: removed that file; if one does...
2002-11-26 Sam Hocevar * ./BUGS: scrapped this file. Entered the remaining...
2002-11-26 Sam Hocevar * ./TODO: scrapped the todo-list. I put the unresolve...
2002-08-25 Sam Hocevar * ALL: started the slow move to automake. For the...
2002-07-12 Sam Hocevar * ./ChangeLog: updated.
2001-11-27 Christophe MassiotDocumentation updates.
2001-05-01 Sam Hocevar * Fixed a segfault in the SPU decoder initialization.
2001-04-08 Sam Hocevar * XVideo window now has a black background, thanks...
2000-07-30 Sam Hocevar . autod�tection des plugins
2000-07-04 Sam HocevarBon, puisque �a semble commiter sous BeOS, je commite.
2000-06-23 Sam Hocevar . nouveaux plugins - ne fonctionnent pas encore tous
2000-06-17 Sam Hocevar . ajout� un FIXME pour un bug dans plugins/vout/vout_x11.c
2000-06-01 Sam Hocevar . petite erreur dans le configure.in qui emp�chait...
2000-03-04 Sam Hocevar - �a compile sous FreeBSD (mais �a ne tourne pas)