dbus: Rework the main loop
[vlc.git] / Makefile.am
2011-02-09 Felix Paul Kühnemakefile: fixed typo
2011-02-08 Felix Paul Kühneenable BWToolKit for the Mac port
2011-01-24 Jean-Baptiste KempfMakefile, win32: fix sdk/ generation
2011-01-17 Felix Paul Kühnemakefile: revert previous Xcode4 fix.
2010-12-31 Felix Paul Kühnemakefile: another Xcode4 fix
2010-12-28 Felix Paul KühneFixed VLC.app creation with Xcode 4.2
2010-12-18 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: clean the install from libtool and static objects
2010-11-07 Rafaël Carréwin32 package (compiled) lua scripts
2010-11-07 Rafaël Carréwin32 package: copy lua files from install dir, not...
2010-10-31 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove unmaintained BeOS support
2010-10-20 Rafaël CarréDon't copy activex/mozilla plugins when packaging for...
2010-10-20 Rafaël CarréDummy activex/npapi build rules for Windows CE / Window...
2010-10-19 Rafaël CarréRemove activex project
2010-10-18 Rafaël CarréDon't build/package mozilla plugin for win64
2010-10-13 Rafaël CarréFix mozilla packaging for windows
2010-10-11 Rémi Denis-CourmontUgly and almost working npapi build rules
2010-10-11 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove the NPAPI plugin
2010-10-11 Rafaël Carréwin32 package: do not package mozilla plugin if we...
2010-10-11 Rafaël Carrédistcheck configure: disable-mkv
2010-08-24 Rafaël CarréR.I.P. toolbox
2010-08-24 Jean-Baptiste KempfINSTALL.wince is gone.
2010-08-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfRemove reference to toolbox
2010-08-08 Rémi Denis-CourmontCompress the source tarball with XZ (LZMA)
2010-07-22 Rémi Denis-CourmontDon't depend on non-existent file
2010-07-21 Rémi Denis-Courmontipkg: packaging rules don't belong in the source tarball
2010-07-21 Rémi Denis-CourmontRequire automake 1.11
2010-07-19 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: Comment package-win32-crx from basic win32 make...
2010-07-18 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: fix breakage in Makefile
2010-07-18 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: makefile simplification
2010-07-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32/CE: Nicer Makefile syntax
2010-07-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfWince: do not fail if locale/ is missing
2010-07-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: man find
2010-07-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfWinCE: try to fix building packages
2010-07-05 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: simplify and fix targets
2010-07-04 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: Remove rebase stuff
2010-07-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfMakefile: remove BeOS make
2010-07-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: fixup for Unix2dos various names
2010-07-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: further simplification
2010-07-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: no need for activex and mozilla folder.
2010-07-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: we now depend on make install
2010-07-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32 Makefile: remove unused targets and clean
2010-07-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: makefile simplification for peflags, osdmenu...
2010-07-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: more simplifications using find foo
2010-07-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfBe consistent in how you name readme files
2010-07-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: makefile simplification
2010-06-21 Rémi Denis-Courmontmake distcheck: bypass kde4-config
2010-06-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32 installer: add Danish translation
2010-06-14 Christophe MutricyDrop the icons resolution from their name
2010-06-08 Pierre YnardFix list of distributed nsid l10ns
2010-06-07 Christophe MutricyDistribute nsis l10ns
2010-04-26 Luca BarbatoInitial support for chrome/chromium
2010-04-10 Rémi Denis-Courmontbuild the static VLC binary with $(make core)
2010-03-25 Christophe MutricyDetect the variation of unix2dos
2010-03-20 Felix Paul Kühneosx-zip-packages: store symlinks as is to save disk...
2010-03-10 Eric LassaugeWin32: don't rebase UAC.dll
2010-03-08 Geoffroy CouprieWin32: UAC.dll must be packaged while doing package...
2010-03-05 Geoffroy CouprieWin32: don't launch VLC as admin after installing
2010-03-04 Pierre d'Herbemontam: Use plugins/ for VLC.app.
2010-02-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfShip everything that is needed for lua script on Win32
2010-02-23 Fabio RitrovatoWin32: fix previous commit
2010-02-23 Fabio RitrovatoWin32: package lua common scripts
2010-02-23 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: package the luaSD scripts
2010-02-15 Rémi Denis-CourmontUpdate distcheck configure flags
2010-02-14 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove legacy nice target
2010-02-14 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove some silence hacks
2010-02-14 Rémi Denis-CourmontGenerate aliases silently
2010-02-04 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: prepare vlc-cache-gen for distribution
2010-02-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfFactorize cleanup case of win32 make
2010-02-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: makefile cleanup
2010-02-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: stop bitching us and fail in the middle of the...
2010-02-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfDon't package qt4 and skins2 in win32 xpi
2010-02-03 Luca BarbatoSmall Makefile fixup
2010-02-03 Luca BarbatoVLC xpi bundle patch
2010-01-21 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: strip vlc.exe too
2010-01-15 Pierre d'Herbemontam: Support building VLC.app with an external build...
2010-01-09 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: fix breakage from 555cb288eea92ac9b2b5416225f678...
2010-01-04 Jean-Baptiste KempfBe sure to distribute the custom.lua file
2010-01-01 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: Be sure to strip axvlc.dll and npvlc.dll
2009-12-31 Pierre d'Herbemontconfigure: Make sure old VLC.app building is optional...
2009-12-18 Pierre d'Herbemontautomake: Use CONTRIB_DIR instead of manually assuming...
2009-12-06 Jean-Baptiste KempfDon't ship external dlls so far for Windows
2009-12-03 Rafaël CarréFix win32 package generation - thanks to linkfanel
2009-12-03 Rafaël CarréMAINTAINERS is gone
2009-11-28 Geoffroy CouprieWin32: add VLC to the "Set program access and computer...
2009-11-06 Rafaël CarréOSX: use correctly git even when building out of srcdir
2009-11-04 Pierre YnardWinCE: strip plugin DLLs when creating package
2009-11-01 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove MAINTAINERS.
2009-10-14 Pierre d'Herbemontam: Don't fail to build Mac OS X target if there is...
2009-10-06 Rémi Denis-CourmontGet rid of ligcrypt M4 macros
2009-09-17 Geoffroy CouprieWin32: Add an option to set the DEP and ASLR flags...
2009-09-03 Pierre d'Herbemontam: In non verbose be silent when we 'cd src && make...
2009-08-26 Pierre d'Herbemontam: Proper way to define --quiet in silent mode.
2009-08-19 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: add preliminary hash file for Sparkle support
2009-08-18 Pierre d'Herbemontam: Ensure 'make VLC.app' will be silent when automake...
2009-08-18 Pierre d'Herbemontam: Work around old automake version.
2009-08-18 Pierre d'Herbemontam: Pass --quiet to 'make' when automake verbose mode...
2009-07-30 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: basic Sparkle integration
2009-07-24 Jean-Paul Samanmozilla: do not ship gui/macosx plugin in Safari webplugin
2009-07-08 Rémi Denis-CourmontSpell developer properly
2009-07-07 Rémi DuraffortMakefile: the wx inteface does not exist anymore.