x86/hevc_deblock: remove some unnecessary instructions
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / x86 / hevc_deblock.asm
2014-07-29 James Almerx86/hevc_deblock: remove some unnecessary instructions
2014-07-29 James Almerx86/hevc_deblock: use psignw instead of pmullw where...
2014-07-28 James Almerx86/hevc_deblock: load less data in hevc_h_loop_filter_...
2014-07-26 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '1a880b2fb8456ce68eefe5902bac95fea1e6a72d'
2014-07-26 Pierre Edouard Leperehevc: SSE2 and SSSE3 loop filters
2014-07-25 Mickaël Rauletx86/hevc: remove unused constant in deblocking filter
2014-07-25 Mickaël Rauletx86/hevc: add 12bits support for deblocking filter
2014-07-23 Carl Eugen Hoyosavcodec/x86/hevc_deblock: Fix compilation with nasm.
2014-07-22 Anton Khirnovhevcdsp: remove an unneeded variable in the loop filter
2014-07-22 Anton Khirnovavcodec/x86/hevc_deblock: cosmetics
2014-07-22 Anton Khirnovhevc: cleanups in SSE2 and SSSE3 loop filters, use...
2014-07-22 Anton Khirnovavcodec/x86/hevc_deblock: use test instead of cmp 0
2014-07-22 Anton Khirnovavcodec/x86/hevc_deblock: use of paddw instead of psllw
2014-07-22 Anton Khirnovavcodec/x86/hevc_deblock: add %ifs to avoid "do nothing...
2014-07-22 Anton Khirnovhevc: cleaning up SSE2 and SSSE3 deblocking filters
2014-07-13 James Almerx86/hevc_deblock: add ff_hevc_[hv]_loop_filter_luma_...
2014-05-23 James Almerx86/hevc_deblock: improve chroma functions register...
2014-05-19 James Almerx86/hevc_deblock: use constants instead of generating...
2014-05-18 James Almerx86/hevc_deblock: remove some duplicated instructions
2014-05-17 Carl Eugen HoyosFix compilation of libavcodec/x86/hevc_deblock.asm...
2014-05-17 James Almerx86/hevc_deblock: use movhps instead of shuffling values
2014-05-17 James Almerx86/hevc_deblock: fix label names
2014-05-17 James Almerx86/hevc_deblock: fix usage of ABS1
2014-05-17 James Almerx86/hevc_deblock: merge movs with other instructions
2014-05-16 plepereavcodec/x86/hevc: updated to use x86util macros
2014-05-16 plepereavcodec/x86/hevc: added DBF assembly functions