lavc: factorize ff_{thread_,re,}get_buffer error messages.
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / g729dec.c
2013-03-13 Clément Bœschlavc: factorize ff_{thread_,re,}get_buffer error messages.
2013-03-12 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '759001c534287a96dc96d1e274665feb7059145d'
2012-12-14 Michael Niedermayerg729dec: check pitch_delay_int.
2012-12-05 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '594d4d5df3c70404168701dd5c90b7e6e5587793'
2012-11-21 Peter Rossuse correct doxygen parameter direction syntax
2012-11-21 Peter Rossensure comment blocks that contain doxygen commands...
2012-08-07 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '36ef5369ee9b336febc2c270f8718cec4476cb85'
2012-06-29 Lou Logancosmetics: minor libavcodec spelling errors
2012-06-14 Paul B Maholg729dec: align codec declarations
2012-04-16 Michael Niedermayerg729dec: initialize pitch_delay_int_prev to the minimum...
2012-03-13 Michael Niedermayerg729dec: fix scalarproduct_int16 after API change
2012-03-13 Lou Logancosmetics: fix some typos
2012-02-16 Michael Niedermayerg729dec: fix 'warning: assignment from incompatible...
2012-02-16 Michael Niedermayerg729dec: fix use of deprecated functions.
2011-12-30 Paul B MaholUse more designated initializers.
2011-12-03 Michael Niedermayerg729dec: update to the new API
2011-10-01 Vitor Sessakg729dec: initialize bit reader with the correct buffer...
2011-09-30 Michael Niedermayerg729: dont force all cpu optims to off but override...
2011-09-29 Mohamed Naufal BasheerAdd a shift parameter to celp_lp_synthesis_filter for...
2011-09-25 Vitor Sessakg729dec: avoid unnecessary struct copying
2011-09-25 Vitor Sessakg729dec: remove useless headers
2011-09-25 Vitor Sessakg729dec: Add ff_ prefix to g729_postfilter() and g729_a...
2011-09-24 Michael Niedermayerg729dec: disable all cpu acceleration, the code does...
2011-09-24 Michael Niedermayerg729dec: set sample format.
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovDisable MMX
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovFix comments about implemented codecs
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovAdaptive gain control
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovG.729 postfilter
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovReplace pitch_delay_int with array
2011-09-24 Michael Niedermayerg729dec: Make 2 functions static that are not used...
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovHigh-pass filter
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovAdd G.729D decoder
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovSynthesis filter
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovIndentation fix after gain codes decoding2
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovGain pitch and gain code for G729D
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovIndentation fix 2
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovConvert gain pitch and gain code to arrays
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovInterolate excitation signal
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovFixed- and adaptive-codebook gains
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovFrame erasure support for fixed-codebook vectors
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovFixed-codebook vector decoding
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovAdd packet_type
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovFrame erasure support for pitch delay decoding
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovDoxy for LSF erasure case
2011-09-24 Vladimir Voroshilovdoxy comments for LSF array
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovIndentation fix in LSF
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovFrame erasure support for LSF decoding
2011-09-24 Michael NiedermayerRevert "g729: Merge g729.h into g729dec.c."
2011-09-24 Michael NiedermayerRestore WIP g729 code that has been remvoed by diego...
2011-07-20 Diego BiurrunRemove unused and non-compiling vestigial g729 decoder
2011-06-23 Diego Biurrundoxygen: Consistently use '@' instead of '\' for Doxyge...
2011-05-19 Diego Biurrung729: Merge g729.h into g729dec.c.
2011-03-19 Mans RullgardReplace FFmpeg with Libav in licence headers
2011-01-26 Diego Elio PettenòAdd ff_ prefix to data symbols of encoders, decoders...
2010-03-30 Stefano SabatiniDefine AVMediaType enum, and use it instead of enum...
2010-03-21 Stefano SabatiniMake g729dec.c:decode_frame() return AVERROR_INVALIDDAT...
2010-03-18 Stefano SabatiniMake g729dec.c:decoder_init() return AVERROR(EINVAL...
2009-06-26 Vladimir VoroshilovPitch delay decoding
2009-06-26 Vladimir VoroshilovReplace pitch_delay_int array with single variable.
2009-06-24 Vladimir VoroshilovLSF (Line Spectral Frequencies) decoding routine.
2009-06-20 Vladimir VoroshilovConvertion of LSF values to coefficients of linear...
2009-06-18 Vladimir VoroshilovG.729 decoding routine (skeleton, including parameters...
2009-06-14 Vladimir VoroshilovG.729 decoder initialization routine (skeleton)
2009-06-14 Vladimir VoroshilovReplace MAX_SUBFRAME_SIZE and ctx->subframe_size with...
2009-06-06 Vladimir VoroshilovK&R formatting of already submitted G.729 code
2009-06-06 Vladimir VoroshilovConvert structure names to FFmpeg style
2009-06-06 Vladimir VoroshilovInternal routine should not use name of standard function.
2009-06-05 Vladimir VoroshilovRemove ff_g729_ and g729_ prefixes from static routines.
2009-04-13 Stefano SabatiniRename bitstream.h to get_bits.h.
2008-10-24 Kenan GilletRename acelp_math.[ch] to celp_math.[ch] to prepare...
2008-09-17 Vladimir VoroshilovAnother set of approved changes for G.729: includes...
2008-09-06 Vladimir VoroshilovRemove not approved parts.
2008-09-03 Vladimir VoroshilovAnother set of approved G.729 chunks (from decoder...
2008-09-02 Vladimir VoroshilovParity bit calculation routine for G.729
2008-08-26 Vladimir VoroshilovAnother set of definitions for G.729
2008-08-23 Vladimir VoroshilovMove from g729.h all definitions which are used only...
2008-08-17 Vladimir VoroshilovG.729 decoder main code