configure: Remove now redundant vsx setting code
[ffmpeg.git] /
2015-05-02 Michael add *_rect filters
2015-02-12 Robert Formatting updates
2015-02-10 Paul B Maholavfilter: Add repeatfields filter (Port of mp=softpulldown)
2015-01-31 Paul B Maholremove libmpcodecs
2015-01-25 Michael add vf_eq
2015-01-10 Paul B mention mpdecimate and not decimate to...
2015-01-09 Arwa Ariflavfi: port mp=pp7 to libavfilter
2014-12-24 Arwa Ariflavfi: port mp=fspp to a native libavfilter filter
2014-12-12 Clément BœschLICENSE: mention that uspp is GPL
2014-11-30 Michael Add tests/reference.pnm
2014-11-15 Arwa Ariflavfi : change xBR filter to LGPL
2014-11-10 Arwa Ariflavfi: add xbr filter xBR
2014-08-28 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '9e8bbe7d4d1dcd5fec491dbfbb98ed2038a7bed5'
2014-08-12 James Darnleylavc/flacenc: add sse4 version of the 16-bit lpc encoder
2014-05-28 Konrad IturbeLICENCE: add markdown syntax