2005-06-11 Loren Merrittvfw installer nsis script.
2005-06-11 Loren Merrittprint 8x8 transform usage % in stats summary.
2005-06-08 Loren Merrittrevert 216, another try at max_dec_frame_buffering.
2005-06-08 Loren Merritttypo in cabac tables
2005-06-05 Loren Merrittcosmetics
2005-06-05 Loren Merrittfix i8x8 decision with chroma_me
2005-06-05 Loren MerrittSATD-based decision for 8x8 transform in inter-MBs.
2005-06-05 Eric Petit Use win32 native threads (you still have to --enable...
2005-06-05 Loren Merrittslightly faster 8x8 dct
2005-06-04 Loren Merrittremove unused tables from SPS/PPS. reduces overhead...
2005-06-03 Loren Merritt10l (debug stuff in 246)
2005-06-03 Loren Merritt8x8 transform and 8x8 intra prediction.
2005-06-01 Loren Merrittcosmetics
2005-06-01 Loren Merrittfix a bug with cabac + B-frames + mref + slices.
2005-05-30 Måns Rullgårdaccept the standard --prefix etc. options
2005-05-30 Loren Merritttweak cflags
2005-05-29 Eric Petit Fixed multithreading on BeOS (pthread emulation required)
2005-05-29 Loren Merrittmultithreading (via slices)
2005-05-24 Loren Merrittmove zones parsing to ratecontrol.c; allows passing...
2005-05-24 Loren MerrittUMHex motion seach (but no early termination yet)
2005-05-24 Loren MerrittZoned ratecontrol.
2005-05-23 Loren Merrittfix rounding of intra dequant when qp<=3
2005-05-21 Loren MerrittAPI: x264_encoder_reconfig(). (not yet used by any...
2005-05-19 Eric Petit Makefile: in target "install", first create the direct...
2005-05-15 Eric Petit Optimized subXxX_dct
2005-05-14 Eric Petit s/==/=/
2005-05-14 Eric Petit ppc/: compile fixes for Linux/PPC (courtesy of Rasmus...
2005-05-13 Loren Merrittvisualize reference pic numbers. misc cleanups in visua...
2005-05-13 Eric Petit ppc/*: more tuning on satd (+5%)
2005-05-13 Loren MerrittCLI option: --seek
2005-05-12 Loren MerrittCLI option: --visualize
2005-05-12 Loren Merrittfix an uninitialized value in slicetype_analyse
2005-05-11 Loren Merrittport recent MC asm changes to amd64.
2005-05-11 Eric Petit ppc/*:
2005-05-11 Loren MerrittNew ratecontrol options:
2005-05-11 Loren Merrittuse a predicted mv as starting point for subpel refinement.
2005-05-10 Loren Merrittslight speedup in halfpel interpolation.
2005-05-06 Loren MerrittCleaner allocation of tmp space in halfpel interpolatio...
2005-05-03 Loren Merritt"2pass failed to converge" is no longer considered...
2005-04-30 Loren MerrittUpdated MSVC project files.
2005-04-25 Loren Merrittcosmetics.
2005-04-22 Loren Merritt10l (214 wrote wrong DPB size in SPS -> B-pyramid broke)
2005-04-21 Loren MerrittCLI (mp4): return to 'capture' output mode, remove...
2005-04-19 Loren Merrittcombined L0 & L1 reference lists are limited to a total...
2005-04-19 Loren Merrittamd64 asm patch, part2.
2005-04-19 Loren Merrittamd64 asm patch, part1.
2005-04-19 Loren MerrittAllow manual selection of fullpel ME method. New method...
2005-04-19 Loren Merrittmisc makefile changes.
2005-04-18 Loren Merritt10l (CLI: fflush after progress update)
2005-04-17 Loren MerrittCLI: progress indicator
2005-04-16 Loren MerrittVfW: build from main makefile
2005-04-15 Eric Petit [mp4] ftyp & moov boxes at the begining of the file...
2005-04-14 Loren MerrittCLI: --fps had side-effects. fixed.
2005-04-14 Loren MerrittCLI: cosmetics
2005-04-14 Loren MerrittMakefile: strip x264cli.
2005-04-13 Laurent Aimar * x264.c: Fix ctts box creation. Patch by bobololo...
2005-04-13 Eric Petit common/ppc: more cleaning, optimized a bit
2005-04-12 Loren MerrittCLI: require output file (don't default to stdout)...
2005-04-12 Eric Petit configure: use -falign-loops=16 on OS X
2005-04-12 Loren MerrittConfigure tweaks. Allow avis-input in mingw. Turn off...
2005-04-12 Eric Petit checkasm.c: fixed MC tests
2005-04-12 Loren MerrittCLI: MP4 muxing.
2005-04-11 Eric Petit Cygwin fixes
2005-04-11 Eric Petit configure: ooops, restored -g
2005-04-11 Måns Rullgårdadd x86_64 to configure
2005-04-11 Eric Petit set svn:ignore
2005-04-11 Eric Petit Added a configure to detect the platform/system/etc...
2005-04-10 Loren MerrittMakefiles: better dependencies for SEI version number
2005-04-07 Måns RullgårdForgot rbsp_trailing_bits in AUD NAL
2005-04-07 Måns RullgårdOptionally use access unit delimiter NAL units.
2005-04-05 Loren MerrittVfW: cleaner install on win98.
2005-04-05 Loren Merrittnew util: countquant for 2pass statsfiles
2005-04-05 Loren Merrittprint svn version number in SEI info and in CLI/VfW.
2005-03-31 Måns RullgårdMake reconstructed frame available to caller.
2005-03-31 Loren Merrittmake install
2005-03-31 Loren Merrittfree() -> x264_free()
2005-03-28 Loren MerrittCLI: flush B-frames at the end of the encode
2005-03-27 Loren Merrittconvert mc's inline asm to nasm (slight speedup and...
2005-03-27 Loren Merrittbuffer overruns in slicetype_decision.
2005-03-17 Loren Merritttweak usage message
2005-03-16 Loren MerrittSimplify inter analysis option names. (psub16x16 -...
2005-03-16 Loren Merritt173 broke .depend when debugging was enabled
2005-03-16 Loren Merrittearly termination for intra4x4 analysis
2005-03-15 Måns RullgårdCheck/fix range of x264_param_t.rc.i_qp_constant.
2005-03-15 Eric Petit Cleaned up and fixed Makefile for OS X and BeOS (hopef...
2005-03-15 Loren Merrittmacroblock_analyse: simplify cost comparisons. (cosmetic)
2005-03-14 Loren MerrittChroma ME (P-frames only).
2005-03-14 Loren MerrittSSE optimized chroma MC.
2005-03-13 Loren Merritt167 broke psnr calculation for non-mod-32 inputs
2005-03-13 Eric Petit sqrtf requires -lmx on Mac OS X
2005-03-13 Loren Merrittuse mmx ssd for psnr calculation.
2005-03-13 Loren Merrittrevert 164. blame Spyder.
2005-03-13 Loren MerrittSSD comparison function (not yet used).
2005-03-12 Loren MerrittVfW: reject YUY2 and RGB input formats
2005-03-11 Måns RullgårdReally fix QP override.
2005-03-11 Loren Merrittwrite VUI bitstream restrictions
2005-03-10 Loren MerrittAVI & Avisynth input (win32 only).
2005-03-10 Loren Merrittexpose option "chroma qp offset"
2005-03-10 Måns RullgårdFix per-frame QP override broken in rev 137.
2005-03-08 Måns RullgårdDon't include x264.o in the library.