2011-03-24 Kieran KunhyaCosmetics: make struct definition braces consistent
2011-03-24 Fiona GlaserFix restoring of console title on Windows with ffms...
2011-03-19 Anton MitrofanovFix possible buffer overflow in mp4 muxer
2011-03-19 Nick LewyckyRemove inline asm syntax not supported by LLVM's assembler
2011-02-19 Fiona GlaserFix 10L in r1912
2011-02-18 Daniel KangAdd AVX functions where 3+ arg commands are useful
2011-02-18 Fiona GlaserFrame-packing 3D: don't place scenecuts on right views
2011-02-18 Fiona GlaserImprove slice-max-size handling of escape bytes
2011-02-18 Nathan CaldwellUse bs_write1 wherever possible in header writing
2011-02-18 Fiona GlaserRemove obsolete mvcost init code
2011-02-18 Anton MitrofanovFix memory leak on encoder close if not all frames...
2011-02-18 Anton MitrofanovFix signedness bug in CPU detection
2011-02-18 Fiona GlaserFix dumb bug caused by stray semicolon
2011-02-18 Anton MitrofanovFix malloc of zero size
2011-02-18 Anton MitrofanovFix crash in mp4 muxer after failure of x264_encoder_open
2011-02-18 Fiona GlaserFix shadowed variable warning in ffms.c
2011-02-18 Anton MitrofanovFix some Intel compiler warnings
2011-02-07 Fiona GlaserFix 10L in r1886
2011-02-07 Fiona GlaserImprove update interval of x264cli progress information
2011-02-07 Fiona GlaserWindows: restore previous console title after encoding
2011-02-07 Fiona GlaserAllow WEIGHTP_FAKE in interlaced mode
2011-02-07 Kieran KunhyaOutput pic struct information in libx264 API
2011-02-07 Fiona GlaserEnable FastShuffle on Penryn and Nehalem CPUs without...
2011-02-05 Yasuhiro IkedaMinor cosmetics in configure
2011-02-05 Anton MitrofanovVarious --help cosmetics
2011-02-05 Loren Merrittx86inc.asm: error on duplicate functions
2011-02-05 Fiona GlaserBump yasm version requirement to handle AVX
2011-02-05 Fiona GlaserFix rare corruption with subme=10
2011-02-05 Mans RullgardFix overflow in ARM NEON i16x16 planar pred
2011-02-05 Anton MitrofanovFix incorrect frame duration for VFR input for some...
2011-02-05 Anton MitrofanovFix possible division by zero in mkv and flv muxers...
2011-01-29 Fiona GlaserFix reconfiguration of parameters that modify the SPS
2011-01-29 Fiona GlaserFix possible crash on Phenom with lookahead thread...
2011-01-29 Anton MitrofanovHotfix for some bugs in VBV emergency
2011-01-27 Fiona GlaserFix warnings in cpu.c
2011-01-27 Fiona GlaserCheck for OS AVX support in addition to CPUID
2011-01-25 Fiona GlaserVBV emergency mode
2011-01-25 Fiona GlaserInitial AVX support
2011-01-25 Fiona GlaserDouble the base framerate for frame-sequential 3D files
2011-01-25 Yasuhiro IkedaAdd --input-fmt option to lavf input
2011-01-25 Tony YoungTwo improvements to regression test script
2011-01-25 Vittorio GiovaraAdd some missing values to the non-extended SAR table
2011-01-25 Sean McGovernBump dates to 2011
2011-01-25 Fiona GlaserMore correctly write frame-packing SEI flags
2011-01-25 Fiona GlaserDon't die in x264_encoder_close if an error occurred...
2011-01-25 Fiona GlaserFix reconfiguration of b_tff
2011-01-25 Steven WaltersFix x264 CPU detection with >=64 CPUs on Windows
2011-01-25 Holger LubitzRemove high bit depth mmx quant
2011-01-25 Holger LubitzFix cacheline check in avg2 w20 cache32
2011-01-21 Holger LubitzFix illegal instruction in high bit depth ssd_nv12_mmxext
2011-01-10 Fiona GlaserVFR/framerate-aware ratecontrol, part 2
2011-01-10 Fiona GlaserImprove reference ordering in interleaved 3D video
2011-01-10 Fiona GlaserCosmetics: fref0/1 -> fref[2] and i_ref0/1 -> i_ref[2]
2011-01-10 Alex WrightCheck an extra offset during weightp analysis
2011-01-10 Daniel KangSSE2 high bit depth SSIM functions
2011-01-10 George StephanosSSE2 high bit depth intra_predict_(8x8c|16x16)_p
2011-01-10 Joe CortesMMX high bit depth coeff_last4
2011-01-10 Daniel KangSSE2 high bit depth zigzag_interleave_cavlc
2011-01-10 Daniel KangMMX/SSE2/SSSE3 high bit depth frame_init_lowres functions
2011-01-10 Daniel KangMMX high bit depth 4x4 intra predict functions
2011-01-10 Daniel KangSSE2 high bit depth 8x8 intra predict functions
2011-01-10 George StephanosMMX/SSE2 high bit depth 8x8c intra predict functions
2011-01-10 Daniel KangMMX version of high bit depth plane_copy
2011-01-10 Fiona GlaserFaster x86 predict_8x8c_dc, MMX/SSE2 high bit depth...
2011-01-10 Fiona GlaserSSSE3 high bit depth sad_aligned functions
2011-01-10 Daniel KangMMX/SSE2 high bit depth interleave functions
2011-01-10 Joey GeralnikMMX/SSE2 high bit depth avg functions
2011-01-10 Daniel KangMMX/SSE2 high bit depth deinterleave functions
2011-01-10 Fiona GlaserShut up some incorrect gcc uninitialized variable warnings
2011-01-10 Anton MitrofanovWrite --crop-rect and --frame-packing options to x264 SEI
2011-01-10 Fiona GlaserAdd missing space to parameter SEI
2011-01-10 Kieran KunhyaFix typo in documentation
2011-01-10 Anton MitrofanovFix redundant linebreaks in statsfile with weightp
2011-01-10 Ramiro PollaUse cross_prefix for strings in endian test and as...
2011-01-10 Anton MitrofanovFix checkasm test for quant in high bit depth
2011-01-10 Steven WaltersFix broken YV12 handling in the resize filter
2011-01-10 Fiona GlaserFix bug with negative lookahead mb costs in high bit...
2011-01-10 Daniel KangFix overflow in SSIM calculation in 10-bit
2011-01-10 Anton MitrofanovFix some possible overflows in VFR ratecontrol with...
2011-01-10 Steven WaltersFix memory leak in lavf demuxer.
2011-01-08 Fiona GlaserFix satd predictors with high bit depth
2011-01-08 Daniel KangFix compile error with high bit depth and disable-asm
2010-12-18 Fiona GlaserReally fix gcc win32 misalignment crash
2010-12-14 Steven WaltersSupport for native Windows threads
2010-12-14 Daniel KangMMX/SSE2 high bit depth weight_cache/offset(sub|add...
2010-12-14 Daniel KangSSE2 high bit depth dequant functions
2010-12-14 Daniel KangSSE2 high bit depth zigzag functions
2010-12-14 Daniel Alexandru... MMX/SSE2 versions of high bit depth store_interleave
2010-12-14 Vittorio GiovaraAdd frame-packing SEI support for signalling 3D video
2010-12-14 Fiona GlaserAllow 8x8dct+cavlc+lossless with subme>=6
2010-12-14 Yasuhiro IkedaAdd interlaced/no-interlaced case to regression test...
2010-12-14 Yasuhiro IkedaSave more memory with weightp in >8-bit
2010-12-14 Yasuhiro Ikeda.gitignore more untracked file types
2010-12-14 Anton MitrofanovWork around gcc/ld alignment bug on win32
2010-12-14 Daniel KangFix high bit depth intra pred functions
2010-12-11 Fiona GlaserFix weightp analysis with high bit depth
2010-12-11 Oskar ArvidssonFix build error in high depth
2010-12-07 Fiona GlaserHotfix for high bit depth
2010-12-07 Anton MitrofanovDelete x264_config.h on distclean
2010-12-07 Daniel KangTons of high bit depth intra predict asm