Don't assume 16-byte stack alignment by default on x86-32
[x264/x264-sandbox.git] / encoder /
2015-10-11 Anton MitrofanovFix a few static analyzer performance hints
2015-10-11 Anton MitrofanovRevise the row VBV algorithm
2015-10-11 Anton MitrofanovFix high bit depth lookahead cost compensation algorithm
2015-10-11 Anton MitrofanovCorrectly update the intra row predictor in B-frames
2015-10-11 Anton MitrofanovChange the predictors update algorithm
2015-08-18 Henrik GramnerSilence various static analyzer warnings
2015-08-18 Henrik Gramnerframe_dump: check fseek() return value
2015-07-25 Anton MitrofanovLimit autodetection of threads number according to...
2015-07-25 Anton MitrofanovFine-tune of frame's size predictors at ratecontrol...
2015-07-25 Anton MitrofanovUse forced frame types in slicetype analysis
2015-07-25 Yu XiaoleiNV21 input support
2015-07-24 Anton Mitrofanovdump_yuv: Fix file handle leak
2015-07-24 Henrik Gramnerrdo: Fix potential CAVLC overflow issues
2015-07-16 Anton MitrofanovFix possible use of uninitialized MVs in lookahead...
2015-05-24 Anton MitrofanovCatch incorrect usage of libx264 API for delayed frames...
2015-02-23 Anton MitrofanovCosmetic changes
2015-02-23 Anton MitrofanovAdd tile format frame packing value
2015-02-23 Anton MitrofanovStricter validation of crop-rect values
2015-02-23 Vittorio GiovaraAdd mono frame packing value
2015-02-23 Vittorio GiovaraValidate frame packing value instead of clipping
2015-02-23 Kieran KunhyaUse POC type 0 for AVC-Intra
2015-02-23 Anton MitrofanovFix negative percentages in final stats output
2015-02-23 Anton MitrofanovBump dates to 2015
2014-12-20 Anton Mitrofanovx86: Update intel compiler cpu dispatcher override...
2014-12-20 Anton MitrofanovNew AQ mode: auto-variance AQ with bias to dark scenes
2014-12-20 Anton MitrofanovImprove HRD conformance
2014-10-17 Anton MitrofanovSafety check against malicious high bit-depth input...
2014-09-16 Anton MitrofanovShut up gcc -Wuninitialized warnings
2014-09-16 Anton MitrofanovShut up clang -Wuninitialized warning
2014-09-16 Anton MitrofanovFix few clang -Wunused-* warnings
2014-09-03 Anton MitrofanovFix VBV with true VFR streams
2014-09-03 Anton MitrofanovFix VBV
2014-07-20 Fiona GlaserCheck pf_log is set in validate_parameters
2014-07-20 Anton MitrofanovCheck malloc during frame dumping
2014-07-20 Fiona GlaserDisable i8x8 in lossless
2014-07-20 Thomas MundtAVC-Intra: fix compatibility with Avid Transfermanager
2014-07-20 Anton MitrofanovFix incorrect row predictor addressing
2014-07-20 Anton MitrofanovFix b-pyramid MMCO remove for frame-packing==5
2014-07-20 Tal AloniFix frame-packing==5 with some decoders
2014-03-13 Fiona GlaserMacroblock tree overhaul/optimization
2014-03-12 Henrik Gramnerx86: Minor mbtree_propagate_cost improvements
2014-03-12 Anton MitrofanovDon't set chroma_loc_info_present_flag for non-4:2:0
2014-03-12 Anton MitrofanovFix pointer cast warning for 64-bit builds
2014-03-11 Anton Mitrofanovmbaff: fix mb_field_decoding_flag tracking and simplify...
2014-03-11 Fiona GlaserFix corruption with CAVLC overflow handling in MBAFF...
2014-01-21 Kieran KunhyaAdd support for AVC-Intra Class 200
2014-01-21 James Weaverv210 input support
2014-01-08 Henrik GramnerAvoid some unneccesary memory loads in macroblock_encode
2014-01-08 Henrik GramnerBump dates to 2014
2014-01-06 Anton MitrofanovFix uninitialized variable
2013-10-30 Anton MitrofanovRemove --visualize option.
2013-10-30 Kieran KunhyaAdd AVC-Intra 1080p50/60 Class 100 parameters
2013-10-30 Fiona GlaserAdd --filler option
2013-10-30 Anton MitrofanovMake x264_encoder_reconfig more threadsafe
2013-10-25 Fiona Glaserchroma-me: take shortcut in BI analysis
2013-10-25 Fiona GlaserCRF-max: don't warn if VBV underflow occurs
2013-08-23 Henrik GramnerWindows Unicode support
2013-08-23 Kieran KunhyaAVC-Intra support
2013-08-23 Henrik GramnerTransparent hugepage support
2013-08-23 Henrik Gramnerx86: Faster AVX2 pixel_sad_x3 and pixel_sad_x4
2013-08-23 Anton MitrofanovFix cases in which intra refresh allowed prediction...
2013-08-23 Anton MitrofanovFix a few minor bugs found with a static analyzer
2013-07-05 Henrik Gramnerx86: Remove X264_CPU_SSE_MISALIGN functions
2013-07-03 Fiona GlaserTweak i16x16-delta-quant-avoidance code
2013-07-03 LucienAdd new color primaries, transfer characteristics,...
2013-07-03 Fiona GlaserAdd "--stitchable" option for segmented encoding
2013-07-03 Fiona GlaserInterface: if vbv-maxrate < bitrate, set bitrate =...
2013-07-03 Anton MitrofanovFix possible crash when writing very large filler NALUs
2013-05-22 Anton MitrofanovFix compilation with OpenCL on MacOS X
2013-05-20 Anton MitrofanovOpenCL support improvement/refactoring
2013-05-20 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX2 high bit-depth intra_sad_x3_8x8
2013-05-20 Henrik Gramnerx86: Faster high bit-depth intra_sad_x3_4x4
2013-05-15 Fiona GlaserFix invalid memcpy in sliced-threads
2013-04-29 Fiona GlaserFix two bugs in slice-min-mbs and slices-max
2013-04-23 Fiona Glaserx86: SSSE3 LUT-based faster coeff_level_run
2013-04-23 Fiona Glaserx86-64: BMI2 cabac_residual functions
2013-04-23 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX2 high_bit_depth pixel_avg2, get_ref, mc_copy_w...
2013-04-23 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX2 nal_escape
2013-04-23 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX memzero_aligned
2013-04-23 Fiona Glaserx86: more AVX2 framework, AVX2 functions, plus some...
2013-04-23 Fiona Glaserx86-64: cabac_block_residual assembly
2013-04-23 Steve BorhoOpenCL lookahead
2013-04-23 Fiona Glaserweightp: improve scale/offset search, chroma
2013-04-23 Fiona GlaserAdd slices-max feature
2013-04-23 Fiona GlaserAdd slice-min-mbs feature
2013-04-23 Anton MitrofanovDisable mbtree asm with cpu-independent option
2013-04-13 Fiona GlaserFix undefined behavior in x264_ratecontrol_mb
2013-02-26 Fiona GlaserCABAC/CAVLC: use the new bit-iterating macro here too
2013-02-26 Fiona Glaserquant_4x4x4: quant one 8x8 block at a time
2013-02-26 Fiona GlaserEliminate some branchiness in ME/analysis
2013-02-26 Fiona GlaserFix some store forwarding stalls
2013-02-26 Fiona Glaserx86: detect Bobcat, improve Atom optimizations, reorgan...
2013-02-26 Oskar Arvidssonx86: combined SA8D/SATD dsp function
2013-02-25 Fiona Glaserx86: optimize and clean up predictor checking
2013-02-25 Fiona GlaserFix two bugs in predictor checking
2013-02-25 Fiona GlaserImprove lookahead-threads auto selection
2013-02-25 Anton MitrofanovFix possible non-determinism with mbtree + open-gop...
2013-02-25 Fiona Glaserx86-64: fix trellis asm with interlacing
2013-01-09 Loren MerrittBump dates to 2013
2013-01-08 Anton MitrofanovFix crash if the first frame is forced to a non-keyframe