CABAC/CAVLC: use the new bit-iterating macro here too
[x264/x264-sandbox.git] / encoder / me.c
2013-02-26 Fiona GlaserEliminate some branchiness in ME/analysis
2013-02-25 Fiona Glaserx86: optimize and clean up predictor checking
2013-02-25 Fiona GlaserFix two bugs in predictor checking
2013-01-09 Loren MerrittBump dates to 2013
2012-07-17 Fiona GlaserFaster predictor checking with subme<3
2012-03-06 Henrik GramnerFix incorrect zero-extension assumptions in x86_64 asm
2012-02-04 HiiBump dates to 2012
2011-10-22 Henrik GramnerAllow setting a chroma format at compile time
2011-10-15 Fiona GlaserFix some integer overflows/signedness errors found...
2011-09-21 Henrik Gramner4:2:2 encoding support
2011-07-22 Dan LarkinAdd --subme 11, which disables all early terminations...
2011-07-22 Anton MitrofanovVarious cosmetics
2011-07-10 Fiona Glaser4:4:4 encoding support
2011-05-12 Simon HorlickMBAFF: Make interlaced support a compile time option
2011-05-12 Simon HorlickMBAFF: Clamp MVDs to 66 instead of 33
2011-04-12 Fiona GlaserCosmetics: fix some signedness issues found by -Wsign...
2011-04-12 Fiona GlaserMinor fixes
2011-01-25 Fiona GlaserVBV emergency mode
2011-01-25 Sean McGovernBump dates to 2011
2010-12-18 Fiona GlaserReally fix gcc win32 misalignment crash
2010-12-14 Anton MitrofanovWork around gcc/ld alignment bug on win32
2010-11-20 Fiona GlaserFix some crashes with high bit depth
2010-11-19 Fiona GlaserChroma weighted prediction
2010-11-10 Loren MerrittMake the #if'd out naive ESA actually match the real...
2010-09-19 Fiona GlaserCosmetics in me.c and frame.c
2010-09-18 Fiona GlaserUpdate source file headers
2010-07-15 Loren MerrittConvert x264 to use NV12 pixel format internally
2010-06-27 Loren MerrittSimplify pixel_ads
2010-06-15 Fiona GlaserFix compilation on ARM w/ Apple ABI
2010-06-14 Anton MitrofanovFix crash with --subme 0 + --weightp > 0. Regression...
2010-06-09 Henrik GramnerReplace some divisions with shifts
2010-06-09 Steven WaltersPreprocessing cosmetics
2010-06-02 Oskar ArvidssonConvert to a unified "pixel" type for pixel data
2010-05-31 Henrik GramnerOptimize out some x264_scan8 reads
2010-05-26 Fiona GlaserAvoid a redundant qpel check in lookahead with subme...
2010-05-17 Henrik GramnerShrink even more constant arrays
2010-05-06 Anton MitrofanovMore cosmetics
2010-05-06 Fiona GlaserShrink some more constant arrays
2010-04-29 Loren Merrittr1548 broke subme < 3 + p8x8/b8x8
2010-04-23 Fiona GlaserFaster fullpel predictor checking
2010-04-23 Fiona GlaserDon't check mv0 twice
2010-04-23 Fiona GlaserMMX code for predictor rounding/clipping
2010-04-11 Loren MerrittFix a use of sad_x4 that had non-mod64 stride
2010-04-11 Fiona GlaserFaster mv predictor checking at subme < 3
2010-04-11 Fiona GlaserSpecial case in qpel refine for subme=1
2010-04-05 Fiona GlaserMassive cosmetic and syntax cleanup
2010-03-27 Fiona GlaserVarious motion estimation optimizations
2010-03-27 Fiona GlaserOverhaul macroblock_cache_rect
2010-02-23 Fiona GlaserMuch faster and more efficient MVD handling
2010-01-21 Fiona GlaserVarious performance optimizations
2010-01-20 Fiona GlaserVarious bugfixes and tweaks in analysis
2010-01-20 Loren MerrittMore --me tesa optimizations
2010-01-14 Fiona GlaserFaster --me tesa
2010-01-14 David ConradFix x264 compilation on Apple GCC
2010-01-14 Fiona GlaserFaster weightp motion search
2010-01-14 Fiona GlaserPeriodic intra refresh
2009-12-09 Fiona Glaserqpel RD no longer needs mbcmp_unaligned
2009-12-05 Fiona GlaserActually do r1356
2009-12-05 Fiona GlaserSignificantly faster qpel-RD
2009-11-12 Fiona GlaserFix all aliasing violations
2009-11-09 Dylan YudakenWeighted P-frame prediction
2009-10-29 Fiona GlaserFurther reduce code size in bime
2009-10-29 Fiona GlaserTake into account chroma MV offset during interlaced...
2009-09-14 Fiona GlaserMake MV costs global instead of static
2009-09-07 Fiona GlaserImprove x264 help
2009-09-06 Fiona GlaserFactor out a redundant RD call in qpel-RD
2009-08-31 Loren MerrittFaster me=tesa
2009-08-23 David ConradGSOC merge part 2: ARM stack alignment
2009-07-29 Fiona GlaserFix another 10L in QPRD
2009-07-28 Loren Merritt15% faster refine_bidir_satd, 10% faster refine_bidir_r...
2009-07-28 Fiona GlaserFaster bidir_rd plus some bugfixes
2009-07-26 Fiona GlaserFix a nondeterminism with threads and subme>7
2009-07-20 Anton MitrofanovNew AQ algorithm option
2009-05-27 Loren Merritta better way to keep track of mv candidates.
2009-05-27 Loren Merrittreorder some motion estimation patterns.
2009-05-24 Fiona GlaserFix 10L in r1155
2009-04-17 Fiona GlaserRemove various bits of dead code found by CLANG.
2008-12-31 Steven Waltersfactor mallocs out of hpel, ssim, and esa.
2008-11-11 Fiona GlaserAdd subme=0 (fullpel motion estimation only)
2008-10-22 Fiona GlaserSub-8x8 Qpel-RD in P-frames
2008-10-22 Fiona GlaserFaster qpel-RD
2008-10-02 Fiona GlaserRework subme system, add RD refinement in B-frames
2008-09-21 Fiona GlaserResolve possible crash in bime, improve the fix in...
2008-09-20 Loren Merrittr980 borked weighted bime
2008-09-20 Fiona GlaserMerge avg and avg_weight
2008-09-19 Fiona GlaserRewrite avg/avg_weight to take two source pointers
2008-09-05 Fiona GlaserAdd sad_aligned for faster subme=1 mbcmp
2008-08-21 Loren Merrittcosmetics
2008-08-09 Fiona GlaserImprove subme7 at low QPs and add subme7 support in...
2008-07-06 Fiona GlaserVarious optimizations and cosmetics
2008-07-04 Fiona GlaserUpdate file headers throughout x264
2008-06-12 Fiona GlaserMore tweaks to me.c
2008-06-11 Fiona GlaserTweaks and cosmetics in me.c
2008-06-03 Fiona Glasermemzero_aligned_mmx
2008-06-03 Fiona Glaseromit redundant mc after non-rdo dct size decision,...
2008-05-17 Fiona Glaserexplicit write combining, because gcc fails at optimizi...
2008-04-27 Loren Merrittearlier termination in SEA if mvcost exceeds residual
2008-03-25 Loren Merrittfix an arithmetic overflow that disabled SEA threshold...
2008-03-22 Loren Merrittcosmetics in DECLARE_ALIGNED
2008-03-22 Loren Merrittmore alignment