windows: Use native threads by default
[x264/x264-sandbox.git] / configure
2016-01-16 Henrik Gramnerwindows: Use native threads by default
2015-10-11 Anton MitrofanovDon't assume 16-byte stack alignment by default on...
2015-10-11 Jerome DuvalHaiku support
2015-08-18 Henrik Gramnerx86: Enable SSE2 by default on x86-32
2015-08-18 Henrik Gramnermsvs/icl: Improve default CFLAGS
2015-08-18 Henrik GramnerUse a relative $SRCPATH for out-of-tree builds
2015-08-18 Henrik Gramnercygwin: Enable MSVS support
2015-08-18 Henrik GramnerSimplify
2015-08-18 장영훈msvs: Fix cl detection in non-English environments
2015-08-18 Henrik Gramnermingw: Enable the tsaware linker flag
2015-08-18 Henrik Gramnermsvs: Prefer link.exe from the same directory as cl.exe
2015-07-25 Marcin Juszkiewiczaarch64: Remove broken CFLAGS in configure
2015-07-25 Rong Yanppc: Add little-endian PowerPC support
2015-07-25 Kaustubh Rastemips: Initial MSA support
2015-07-25 Henrik Gramnerx86: Experimental nasm support
2015-07-25 Henrik GramnerGet rid of fPIC warnings when compiling a shared librar...
2015-05-24 Anton MitrofanovFix detection of system libx264 configuration
2015-02-23 Anton MitrofanovUpdate configure for auto detection of system libx264...
2015-02-23 Anton MitrofanovFix ARCH variable name conflict with BSD ports (bsd...
2014-12-20 Anton Mitrofanovx86: Update intel compiler cpu dispatcher override...
2014-12-16 Anton MitrofanovUpdate to the latest version of
2014-08-26 Anton MitrofanovUpdate to the current lavf API and fix memory leak...
2014-08-26 Anton Mitrofanovconfigure: improve cc_check for clang and ICL to not...
2014-08-26 Janne Grunauaarch64: initial build support
2014-08-26 Janne Grunauarm: check if the assembler supports the '.func' directive
2014-08-26 Janne Grunauarm/ppc: use $CC as default assembler
2014-08-26 Janne Grunauarm: do not append CFLAGS to ASFLAGS
2014-07-20 Yusuke Nakamuramp4_lsmash: Use new I/O API instead of deprecated one.
2014-07-20 Steven WaltersMSVS 2013 Update 2 support
2014-07-20 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Add -Wno-maybe-uninitialized to CFLAGS
2014-07-20 Diego Biurrunbuild: Replace by a shell script
2014-07-20 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Drop workaround for obsolete gcc 4.2 on ARM
2014-07-20 Diego BiurrunDelete all SPARC optimizations
2014-07-20 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Don't check for libavcore
2014-07-20 Diego Biurrunbuild: Set all ASFLAGS from within configure
2014-04-22 William Grantaarch64: require PIC in shared mode
2014-04-22 Anton MitrofanovOnly add strip option '-s' for linker flags
2014-04-21 Tsukasa OMOTOconfigure: remove an unnecessary option from CFLAGS...
2014-03-12 Henrik Gramnerx86inc: Support arbitrary stack alignments
2014-03-12 Henrik Gramnerx86: Pass -Worphan-labels to yasm
2014-02-24 Yu XiaoleiFix build with Android NDK
2013-10-30 Anton MitrofanovRemove --visualize option.
2013-10-30 Anton MitrofanovAdd L-SMASH support as preferable alternative for MP4...
2013-10-25 Henrik GramnerReplace gf_malloc with regular malloc in mp4 muxer
2013-10-25 Anton MitrofanovUpdate to current libav/ffmpeg API
2013-10-24 Martin Storsjoconfigure: include dependency libs in the Libs pkg...
2013-09-03 Tim MooneyFix INSTALL in configure for Solaris systems
2013-08-23 Henrik GramnerWindows Unicode support
2013-08-23 Henrik GramnerTransparent hugepage support
2013-08-23 Diogo Francoconfigure: Support cygwin64
2013-05-28 Anton MitrofanovFix building with compilers without inline asm support
2013-05-20 Anton MitrofanovOpenCL support improvement/refactoring
2013-05-20 Fiona Glaserx86: 32-byte align the stack if possible
2013-04-23 Steve BorhoOpenCL lookahead
2013-04-23 Anton MitrofanovShow "avs: no" --disable-avs option instead of empty...
2013-02-26 Stephen HutchinsonAdd AvxSynth support to the AviSynth input module.
2013-02-25 Mike Gorchakconfigure: add QNX support
2013-02-25 Henrik GramnerWindows: Enable DEP and ASLR
2013-01-09 Fiona GlaserAVX2/FMA3 version of mbtree_propagate
2013-01-08 Ronald S. Bultjex86inc: support stack mem allocation and re-alignment...
2012-12-06 Sergio Bastoconfigure: fix gpac detection with -Wp,-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2
2012-09-26 Jason MartensFix use of deprecated av_close_input_file call
2012-09-26 Brad SmithFix pkg-config for dynamic vs static linking
2012-09-11 Brad SmithSet libm in the configure script if the OS has libm
2012-09-05 Brad SmithRemove special-casing for OpenBSD pthread handling
2012-04-23 Alexander Prikhodkoconfigure: force select -mXX gcc option for i386/x86-64
2012-04-23 Alexander Prikhodkoconfigure: correct use of RC variable and add --extra...
2012-04-23 Steven WaltersICL/MSVS: Fix shared library generation and usage
2012-03-06 Steven WaltersICL: fix out of tree building and resource file usage...
2012-03-06 Oka MotofumiAdd error handling for out-of-tree build
2012-02-04 Ronald S. BultjeChange %ifdef directives to %if directives in *.asm...
2012-02-04 Henrik GramnerAdd Windows resource file
2012-01-15 Steven WaltersResize filter updates
2012-01-12 Oka MotofumiAdd out-of-tree build support
2011-12-01 Steven WaltersYUV range detection and support for x264CLI
2011-11-11 Fabian GreffrathConfigure: force PIC for shared build on PARISC and...
2011-10-23 Anton MitrofanovImprove yasm version check
2011-10-22 Fiona GlaserInitial XOP and FMA4 support on AMD Bulldozer
2011-10-22 Sean McGovernAdd /usr/lib/{64/}values-xpg6.o to $LDFLAGS on Solaris
2011-10-22 Sean McGovernFix linker test for -Bsymbolic
2011-10-22 Sean McGovernAdd $SOFLAGS to exported SOFLAGS make variable
2011-10-22 Henrik GramnerAllow setting a chroma format at compile time
2011-10-08 Fabian GreffrathFix detection of Alpha CPU arch on alphaev67
2011-08-24 Reinhard TartlerAdd Hurd support to configure
2011-08-05 Anton MitrofanovRe-add support for glibc <2.6, which doesn't have CPU_COUNT
2011-08-05 Yasuhiro IkedaAvoid using deprecated libavformat functions
2011-07-29 Anton MitrofanovMove X264_VERSION / X264_POINTVER from config.h to...
2011-07-22 Yasuhiro IkedaImprove configure help
2011-07-21 Yasuhiro IkedaUse $optarg for some configure options
2011-07-18 Anton MitrofanovFix use of deprecated libavcodec functions
2011-07-10 Rémi Denis-CourmontARM: do not override the toolchain default for FPU ABI
2011-07-10 Steven WaltersFix link errors with libswscale/libavutil as shared...
2011-07-10 Steven WaltersFix deprecation in libavformat usage
2011-06-15 Steven WaltersResize filter updates
2011-05-12 NikoliImprove build system capabilities
2011-05-12 Simon HorlickMBAFF: Make interlaced support a compile time option
2011-04-26 Yasuhiro IkedaSupport more recent GPAC versions
2011-04-26 Anton KhirnovUse AVMEDIA_TYPE_VIDEO instead of deprecated CODEC_TYPE...
2011-04-13 Fiona GlaserAdd SSE support to rectangle.h for 16-byte stores
2011-04-13 Steven WaltersDo not force Intel Compiler to target pre-mmx architect...