Clean up header includes
[x264/x264-sandbox.git] / common / x86 / mc-c.c
2016-04-20 Anton MitrofanovClean up header includes
2016-04-12 Henrik Gramnerx86: Add asm for mbtree fixed point conversion
2016-01-16 Henrik GramnerBump dates to 2016
2015-10-11 Martin Storsjöx86: Share the mbtree_propagate_list macro with aarch64
2015-07-25 Henrik Gramnerx86: SSSE3 and AVX2 implementations of plane_copy_swap
2015-07-16 Henrik Gramnerx86: Prevent overread of src in plane_copy_interleave
2015-02-23 Anton MitrofanovBump dates to 2015
2014-12-20 Henrik Gramnerx86: SSE and AVX implementations of plane_copy
2014-12-12 Henrik Gramnerx86: Make AVX2 also imply FMA3
2014-12-12 Anton MitrofanovFix bugs/typos in motion compensation and cache_load
2014-03-13 Fiona GlaserMacroblock tree overhaul/optimization
2014-03-12 Henrik Gramnerx86: SSE2 and SSSE3 plane_copy_deinterleave_rgb
2014-01-21 James Weaverv210 input support
2014-01-08 Henrik GramnerBump dates to 2014
2013-07-05 Henrik Gramnerx86: Remove X264_CPU_SSE_MISALIGN functions
2013-05-20 Fiona Glaserx86-64: 64-bit variant of AVX2 hpel_filter
2013-04-23 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX2 high_bit_depth pixel_avg2, get_ref, mc_copy_w...
2013-04-23 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX memzero_aligned
2013-04-23 Fiona Glaserx86: more AVX2 framework, AVX2 functions, plus some...
2013-02-26 Fiona Glaserx86: detect Bobcat, improve Atom optimizations, reorgan...
2013-02-25 Henrik Gramnerx86: Use SSE instead of SSE2 for copying data
2013-01-09 Loren MerrittBump dates to 2013
2013-01-09 Fiona GlaserAVX2/FMA3 version of mbtree_propagate
2012-03-06 Henrik GramnerFix incorrect zero-extension assumptions in x86_64 asm
2012-02-04 Fiona GlaserClean up and optimize weightp, plus enable SSSE3 weight...
2012-02-04 Fiona GlaserXOP frame_init_lowres
2012-02-04 Fiona GlaserAVX 32-bit hpel_filter_h
2012-02-04 HiiBump dates to 2012
2011-10-22 Fiona GlaserSplit prefetch_fenc between colorspaces
2011-10-22 Fiona GlaserInitial XOP and FMA4 support on AMD Bulldozer
2011-09-21 Fiona GlaserSome initial 4:2:2 x86 asm
2011-09-21 Henrik Gramner4:2:2 encoding support
2011-08-10 Loren MerrittEnable some existing asm functions that were missing...
2011-08-09 Loren MerrittRemove some unused, broken, and/or useless functions
2011-08-09 Loren Merrittasm cosmetics part 2
2011-08-09 Loren MerrittCosmetics: s/mmxext/mmx2/
2011-06-15 Fiona GlaserAVX mbtree_propagate
2011-02-18 Daniel KangAdd AVX functions where 3+ arg commands are useful
2011-01-25 Sean McGovernBump dates to 2011
2011-01-10 Fiona GlaserVFR/framerate-aware ratecontrol, part 2
2011-01-10 Daniel KangMMX/SSE2/SSSE3 high bit depth frame_init_lowres functions
2011-01-10 Daniel KangMMX version of high bit depth plane_copy
2011-01-10 Daniel KangMMX/SSE2 high bit depth interleave functions
2011-01-10 Joey GeralnikMMX/SSE2 high bit depth avg functions
2011-01-10 Daniel KangMMX/SSE2 high bit depth deinterleave functions
2010-12-14 Daniel KangMMX/SSE2 high bit depth weight_cache/offset(sub|add...
2010-12-14 Daniel Alexandru... MMX/SSE2 versions of high bit depth store_interleave
2010-11-19 Oskar ArvidssonConvert X264_HIGH_BIT_DEPTH to HIGH_BIT_DEPTH
2010-11-19 Oskar Arvidssonx86 asm for high-bit-depth motion compensation
2010-10-10 Holger LubitzAddress remaining cacheline split issues in avg2
2010-10-10 Fiona GlaserAdd missing mod4 stack check to sse2_misalign mc_chroma
2010-09-18 Fiona GlaserUpdate source file headers
2010-07-15 Loren MerrittConvert x264 to use NV12 pixel format internally
2010-07-04 Oskar ArvidssonSupport for 9 and 10-bit encoding
2010-06-09 Steven WaltersPreprocessing cosmetics
2010-05-26 Fiona GlaserDetect Atom CPU, enable appropriate asm functions
2010-05-17 Henrik GramnerShrink even more constant arrays
2010-05-06 Anton MitrofanovMore cosmetics
2010-05-06 Fiona GlaserDeduplicate asm constants, automate name prefixing
2010-02-25 Loren MerrittFix a buffer overread on odd input resolutions
2009-11-09 Loren Merrittcosmetics
2009-11-09 Dylan YudakenWeighted P-frame prediction
2009-08-09 Loren Merrittsimd part of x264_macroblock_tree_propagate.
2009-07-26 Fiona GlaserSSSE3 cachesplit workaround for avg2_w16
2009-07-17 Fiona GlaserCacheline-split SSSE3 chroma MC
2009-06-19 Fiona GlaserSSSE3, faster SSE2/MMX integral_init4v
2009-03-07 Fiona GlaserSSSE3 hpel_filter_v
2009-02-11 Anton MitrofanovWindows 64-bit support
2008-12-31 Steven Waltersfactor mallocs out of hpel, ssim, and esa.
2008-12-22 Loren Merrittfaster ESA init
2008-11-23 Fiona GlaserPhenom CPU optimizations
2008-11-10 Fiona GlaserVarious cosmetics and minor fixes
2008-09-28 Fiona GlaserReplace High 4:4:4 profile lossless with High 4:4:4...
2008-09-28 Loren Merrittavg_weight_ssse3
2008-09-21 Holger LubitzMerging Holger's GSOC branch part 1: hpel_filter speedups
2008-09-20 Fiona GlaserMerge avg and avg_weight
2008-09-19 Fiona GlaserRewrite avg/avg_weight to take two source pointers
2008-08-21 Loic Le Loarershut up various gcc warnings
2008-07-04 Fiona GlaserUpdate file headers throughout x264
2008-07-02 Loren Merrittlowres_init asm
2008-06-29 Gabriel Bouvignesome asm functions require aligned stack. disable these...
2008-06-18 Loren Merrittmc_chroma_sse2/ssse3
2008-06-08 Fiona Glaseravg_weight_sse2
2008-06-08 Loren Merrittmany changes to which asm functions are enabled on...
2008-06-03 Fiona Glasermemzero_aligned_mmx
2008-04-27 Loren Merrittdrop support for pre-SSE3 assemblers
2008-04-17 Fiona Glasercacheline split workaround for mc_luma
2008-04-13 Loren Merrittmore hpel fixes
2008-04-12 Loren Merrittr810 borked hpel_filter_sse2 on unaligned buffers
2008-04-09 Loren Merrittsfence after nontemporal stores
2008-04-09 Loren Merrittsimplify hpel filter asm (move control flow to C) and...
2008-03-21 Loren Merrittuse x264_mc_copy_w16_sse2 in mc.copy, it was previously...
2008-03-19 Fiona Glaserget_ref_sse2
2008-03-17 Fiona Glasermemcpy_aligned_sse2
2008-03-16 Loren Merrittmerge x86_32 and x86_64 asm, with macros to abstract...