Clean up header includes
[x264/x264-sandbox.git] / common / ppc / mc.c
2016-04-20 Anton MitrofanovClean up header includes
2016-01-16 Henrik GramnerBump dates to 2016
2015-07-25 Rong Yanppc: Add little-endian PowerPC support
2015-02-23 Anton MitrofanovBump dates to 2015
2014-12-12 Anton MitrofanovFix bugs/typos in motion compensation and cache_load
2014-01-08 Henrik GramnerBump dates to 2014
2013-01-09 Loren MerrittBump dates to 2013
2012-03-06 Henrik GramnerFix incorrect zero-extension assumptions in x86_64 asm
2012-02-04 HiiBump dates to 2012
2011-03-24 Manuel RommelAdd Altivec version of mc_weight
2011-01-25 Sean McGovernBump dates to 2011
2010-11-19 Oskar ArvidssonConvert X264_HIGH_BIT_DEPTH to HIGH_BIT_DEPTH
2010-10-31 Manuel RommelFix compilation on PPC with some recent GCCs
2010-09-18 Fiona GlaserUpdate source file headers
2010-08-16 Manuel RommelNV12 version of Altivec chroma MC
2010-07-15 Loren MerrittConvert x264 to use NV12 pixel format internally
2010-07-04 Oskar ArvidssonSupport for 9 and 10-bit encoding
2010-06-09 Henrik GramnerReplace some divisions with shifts
2010-05-17 Henrik GramnerShrink even more constant arrays
2010-05-06 Anton MitrofanovMore cosmetics
2010-04-05 Fiona GlaserMassive cosmetic and syntax cleanup
2009-11-09 David ConradFix weightp on ARM + PPC
2009-08-23 David ConradGSOC merge part 2: ARM stack alignment
2009-06-20 David WolstencroftAltiVec version of frame_init_lowres_core. 22.4x faster...
2009-02-08 Manuel RommelSpeed-up mc_chroma_altivec by using vec_mladd cleverly...
2009-01-26 Guillaume Poirieradd AltiVec implementation of x264_mc_copy_w16_aligned
2009-01-14 Guillaume Poirierupdate x264_hpel_filter_altivec's prototype to match...
2009-01-14 Guillaume Poirierrename vector+array unions to closer match the vector...
2009-01-05 Brad SmithFactorize in ppccommon.h the conditional inclusion...
2008-12-14 David WolstencroftFix visual corruption when picture width was not mod 32.
2008-11-25 Guillaume Poirierfix indentation, whitespace cleanup, more consistent...
2008-11-25 David WolstencroftChange some macros to be more sensitive to memory align...
2008-07-04 Eric PetitUpdate my email address
2008-07-04 Fiona GlaserUpdate file headers throughout x264
2008-03-25 Guillaume Poirierfix hpel_filter_altivec picked up by checkasm
2008-03-22 Loren Merrittcosmetics in DECLARE_ALIGNED
2008-03-19 Loren Merrittremove remaining reference to clip1.h
2007-11-19 Loren Merrittcosmetics: reorder mc_luma/mc_chroma/get_ref arguments...
2007-11-18 Guillaume PoirierAdd AltiVec implementation ofx264_hpel_filter. Provides...
2007-04-02 Loren Merrittin hpel search, merge two 16x16 mc calls into one 16x17...
2007-04-02 Christophe MutricyCompile fix
2006-07-08 Loren Merrittmc_chroma width2 mmx
2006-04-16 Eric Petitmore AltiVec mc, ~4.5% overall speedup
2005-05-14 Eric Petit ppc/: compile fixes for Linux/PPC (courtesy of Rasmus...
2005-05-11 Eric Petit ppc/*:
2005-04-13 Eric Petit common/ppc: more cleaning, optimized a bit
2005-04-12 Eric Petit configure: use -falign-loops=16 on OS X
2005-02-24 Loren MerrittAltivec functions for MC using the cached halfpel planes.
2004-12-31 Loren Merrittremove relative include paths, to avoid conflicts with...
2004-12-14 Loren Merrittrename 'core/' to 'common/', which avoids conflicts...