2018-08-06 Henrik Gramnerx86inc: Fix VEX -> EVEX instruction conversion stable
2018-08-06 Anton Mitrofanovconfigure: Fix required version checks for lavf and...
2018-07-21 Anton MitrofanovFix float division by zero in weightp analysis
2018-07-21 Anton MitrofanovFix undefined behavior of left shift for CAVLC encoding
2018-07-21 Anton MitrofanovFix integer overflow in slicetype_path_cost
2018-06-29 Henrik Gramnercli: Fix preset help listing
2018-06-24 Luca Barbatoppc: Fix zigzag_interleave
2018-06-02 Henrik GramnerFix clang stack alignment issues
2018-05-27 Anton MitrofanovFix missing bs_flush in AUD writing
2018-05-27 Anton MitrofanovFix possible undefined behavior of right shift
2018-05-27 Anton MitrofanovMake bs_align_10 imply bs_flush
2018-05-27 Anton MitrofanovFix theoretically incorrect cost_mv_fpel free
2018-05-27 Anton Mitrofanovconfigure: Fix ambiguous "$(("
2018-05-27 Anton MitrofanovFix --qpmax default value in fullhelp
2018-03-31 Henrik Gramnerx86: Correctly use v-prefix for instructions with opmasks
2018-03-31 Martin Storsjöconfigure: Only use gas-preprocessor with armasm for...
2018-01-18 Anton MitrofanovRemove ARRAY_SIZE macro which is identical to ARRAY_ELEMS
2018-01-17 Henrik Gramnerx86inc: Correctly set mmreg variables
2018-01-17 Diego Biurrun.gitignore: Ignore TAGS file
2018-01-17 Diego BiurrunMinor configure improvements
2018-01-17 Henrik GramnerBump dates to 2018
2018-01-17 Henrik GramnerMerge zero buffers
2018-01-17 Anton Mitrofanovrdo: Use ALIGNED_ARRAY for stack arrays
2018-01-17 Henrik GramnerCorrectly align buffers for AVX and AVX-512
2017-12-24 Anton MitrofanovCosmetics
2017-12-24 Alexandra Hájkováppc: Add load_deinterleave_chroma_fenc_altivec
2017-12-24 Martin StorsjöUpdate to the latest upstream version of gas-preprocessor
2017-12-24 Henrik Gramnerinput: Add a workaround for swscale overread bugs
2017-12-24 Henrik Gramnerfilters/resize: Upgrade to a newer libavutil API
2017-12-24 Martin Storsjöaarch64: Use ldurb/sturb for loads/stores with negative...
2017-12-24 Martin Storsjöconfigure: Add support for building with MSVC/armasm...
2017-12-24 Martin Storsjöarm: Check for __ELF__ instead of !__APPLE__, for using...
2017-12-24 Martin Storsjöaarch64: Don't .set a symbol named st2
2017-12-24 Henrik GramnerShrink the i4x4_mode cost_table array
2017-12-24 Henrik Gramnerx86: Remove some legacy CPU detection hacks
2017-12-24 Henrik Gramnerlavf: Upgrade to the new core decoding API
2017-12-24 Vittorio Giovaralavf: Upgrade to some newer API:s
2017-12-24 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 load_deinterleave_chroma_fdec
2017-12-24 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 load_deinterleave_chroma_fenc
2017-12-24 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 mbtree_fix8_pack and mbtree_fix8_unpack
2017-12-24 Henrik Gramnerx86: Faster mbtree_fix8_unpack
2017-12-24 Anton MitrofanovDon't force fast-intra for subme < 3
2017-12-24 Anton MitrofanovMake ref and i4x4_mode costs global instead of static
2017-12-24 Anton MitrofanovFix thread safety of x264_threading_init() and use...
2017-12-24 Anton Mitrofanovconfigure: Improvements
2017-12-24 Anton Mitrofanovflv: Fix one frame video total duration
2017-12-24 Anton Mitrofanovflv: Split FrameType and CodecID values
2017-12-24 Vittorio GiovaraSupport writing the alternative transfer SEI message
2017-12-24 Vittorio GiovaraSupport 04/2017 color matrix and transfer values
2017-12-24 Vittorio GiovaraUnify 8-bit and 10-bit CLI and libraries
2017-12-24 Vittorio GiovaraChange default QP parameters initialization
2017-12-24 Vittorio Giovaraaarch64: Set the function symbol prefix in a single...
2017-12-24 Vittorio Giovaraarm: Set the function symbol prefix in a single location
2017-12-24 Vittorio GiovaraDrop the x264 prefix from static functions and variables
2017-12-24 Anton Mitrofanovconfigure: Check for strtok_r compiler support
2017-12-24 Henrik Gramnercabac: Make the cabac_contexts array static
2017-12-24 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 pixel_satd_x3 and pixel_satd_x4
2017-12-24 Henrik Gramnerx86: Shrink the x86-64 cabac coeff_last tables
2017-12-24 Henrik Gramnerx86inc: Support creating global symbols from local...
2017-12-24 Henrik Gramnerx86inc: Use .rdata instead of .rodata on Windows
2017-12-24 Henrik Gramnerx86inc: Set the correct cpuflag for AES-NI instructions
2017-12-24 Henrik Gramnerx86inc: Enable AVX emulation for floating-point pseudo...
2017-12-24 Henrik Gramnerconfigure: Increase x86 stack alignment on clang
2017-12-24 Anton Mitrofanovx86: Fix stack alignment for x264_cabac_encode_ue_bypas...
2017-12-24 Anton Mitrofanovmips: Fix incorrect pointers to msa optimized functions
2017-08-11 Henrik GramnerFix cpu capabilities listing on older x86 operating...
2017-06-26 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 pixel_avg_weight_w8
2017-06-26 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 pixel_avg_weight_w16
2017-06-26 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 sub8x16_dct_dc
2017-06-24 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 sub8x8_dct_dc
2017-06-24 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 add8x8_idct
2017-06-24 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 sub16x16_dct
2017-06-24 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 sub8x8_dct
2017-06-24 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 sub4x4_dct
2017-06-24 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 mbtree_propagate_list
2017-06-24 James Darnleyx86inc: Add aesni cpuflag define
2017-06-14 Martin Storsjöaarch64: Update the var2 functions to the new signature
2017-06-14 Martin Storsjöarm: Update the var2 functions to the new signature
2017-06-14 Henrik GramnerAdd support for levels 6, 6.1, and 6.2
2017-06-14 Henrik GramnerUse a larger integer type for the slice_table array
2017-06-14 Henrik Gramneranalyse: Reduce the size the cost_mv arrays
2017-06-14 Anton MitrofanovFix CABAC+8x8dct in 4:4:4
2017-06-14 Anton MitrofanovFix 8x8dct in lossless encoding
2017-06-14 Anton Mitrofanovmbtree: Fix buffer overflow
2017-05-23 Henrik Gramnerx86: Avoid self-relative expressions on macho64
2017-05-23 Anton Mitrofanovconfigure: Don't try to detect clang by $CC
2017-05-23 Martin Storsjöcheckasm: Use the right variable in a loop condition
2017-05-23 Anton Mitrofanovx86: Fix linking with 8-bit depth shared libx264
2017-05-21 Henrik Gramnerx86: Only enable AVX-512 in 8-bit mode
2017-05-21 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 cabac_block_residual
2017-05-21 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 pixel_sad_x3 and pixel_sad_x4
2017-05-21 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 pixel_sad
2017-05-21 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 decimate_score
2017-05-21 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 pixel_var2_8x8 and 8x16
2017-05-21 Henrik GramnerRework pixel_var2
2017-05-21 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 pixel_var_8x8, 8x16, and 16x16
2017-05-21 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 pixel_sa8d_8x8
2017-05-21 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 pixel_satd
2017-05-21 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 deblock_strength
2017-05-21 Henrik Gramnerx86: AVX-512 plane_copy_deinterleave_v210