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last changeSun, 15 Mar 2015 16:42:31 +0000 (16:42 +0000)
2015-03-15 Kieran KunhyaAdd partially accelerated mc_luma master
2015-03-15 Kieran KunhyaMerge horizontal and vertical hpel code
2015-03-14 Kieran Kunhyamc: add incompete get_ref assembly
2015-03-14 Kieran Kunhyamc: use pixel_avg functions in mc_luma and get_ref...
2014-04-08 Kieran KunhyaMerge latest x264 changes
2014-01-24 Kieran KunhyaMerge git://
2014-01-21 Loren Merrittx86inc: speed up compilation with yasm
2014-01-21 Kieran KunhyaAdd support for AVC-Intra Class 200
2014-01-21 James Weaverv210 input support
2014-01-21 Jason Garrett... Fix quantization factor allocation
2014-01-08 Henrik GramnerAvoid some unneccesary memory loads in macroblock_encode
2014-01-08 Henrik GramnerBump dates to 2014
2014-01-08 Henrik GramnerRemove tools/xyuv.c
2014-01-08 Anton MitrofanovUse 8x16c wrappers with x86 asm functions for 4:2:2...
2014-01-08 Henrik GramnerCLI: Avoid redundant 16-bit upconversions in piped...
2014-01-08 Anton MitrofanovFix input support from named pipes in Windows
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