2010-12-14 Steven WaltersSupport for native Windows threads
2010-12-14 Daniel KangMMX/SSE2 high bit depth weight_cache/offset(sub|add...
2010-12-14 Daniel KangSSE2 high bit depth dequant functions
2010-12-14 Daniel KangSSE2 high bit depth zigzag functions
2010-12-14 Daniel Alexandru... MMX/SSE2 versions of high bit depth store_interleave
2010-12-14 Vittorio GiovaraAdd frame-packing SEI support for signalling 3D video
2010-12-14 Jason Garrett... Allow 8x8dct+cavlc+lossless with subme>=6
2010-12-14 Yasuhiro IkedaAdd interlaced/no-interlaced case to regression test...
2010-12-14 Yasuhiro IkedaSave more memory with weightp in >8-bit
2010-12-14 Yasuhiro Ikeda.gitignore more untracked file types
2010-12-14 Anton MitrofanovWork around gcc/ld alignment bug on win32
2010-12-14 Daniel KangFix high bit depth intra pred functions
2010-12-11 Jason Garrett... Fix weightp analysis with high bit depth
2010-12-11 Oskar ArvidssonFix build error in high depth
2010-12-07 Jason Garrett... Hotfix for high bit depth
2010-12-07 Anton MitrofanovDelete x264_config.h on distclean
2010-12-07 Daniel KangTons of high bit depth intra predict asm
2010-12-07 David CzechSSE2 high bit depth 8x8/16x16 idct/idct_dc
2010-12-07 Ramiro PollaCreate and install x264_config.h
2010-12-07 Steven WaltersDetect Avisynth initialization failures
2010-12-07 Jason Garrett... Automatically restrict QPs to avoid quantization (under...
2010-12-07 Anton MitrofanovDon't try to get timecodes if reading frame failed
2010-12-07 Oskar ArvidssonFix possible overflow in sub4x4_dct in 10-bit builds
2010-12-07 Jason Garrett... Fix bug in intra-refresh + threads
2010-12-07 Jason Garrett... Fix file handle leak in libx264 on error
2010-12-05 Steven WaltersFix incompatible csp format issue
2010-12-05 Anton MitrofanovReally fix fittobox resize rounding code
2010-12-05 Yusuke NakamuraFix regression in rev1549
2010-12-05 Anton MitrofanovFix --tcfile-in if timecode v2 file starts from nonzero pts
2010-12-05 Sean McGovernSPARC/Solaris build fixes
2010-11-26 Jason Garrett... Fix typo in r1797
2010-11-25 Tony YoungAdd Python regression test script
2010-11-25 Alex WrightMake --weightp 1 a better speed tradeoff
2010-11-25 Daniel KangSSE versions of some high-bit-depth DCT functions
2010-11-25 Anton MitrofanovClean up weightp analysis function
2010-11-25 Jason Garrett... Add API function to return max number of delayed frames
2010-11-25 Jason Garrett... Copy field order flag in encoder_reconfig
2010-11-25 Yasuhiro IkedaCosmetics in configure
2010-11-25 Yasuhiro IkedaAdd some more info to `x264 --version`
2010-11-25 Jason Garrett... Change qpmin default to 0
2010-11-25 Jason Garrett... Fix ticks_per_frame check for VFR input
2010-11-25 Steven WaltersFix configure so that boolean configuration options...
2010-11-23 Sean McGovernOnly build SPARC VIS asm if high bit-depth is disabled
2010-11-23 Sean McGovernFix build on SPARC Solaris 10
2010-11-22 James DarnleyFix resize filter rounding code
2010-11-22 Anton MitrofanovFix regression in chroma weightp
2010-11-20 Jason Garrett... Fix some crashes with high bit depth
2010-11-19 Jason Garrett... Chroma weighted prediction
2010-11-19 Jason Garrett... Support custom cropping rectangles
2010-11-19 Oskar ArvidssonConvert X264_HIGH_BIT_DEPTH to HIGH_BIT_DEPTH
2010-11-19 Oskar Arvidssonx86 asm for high-bit-depth pixel metrics
2010-11-19 Jason Garrett... x86 asm for some high-bit-depth coefficient functions
2010-11-19 Oskar Arvidssonx86 asm for high-bit-depth motion compensation
2010-11-19 Oskar Arvidssonx86 asm for high-bit-depth quant
2010-11-19 Oskar Arvidssonx86 asm for high-bit-depth DCT
2010-11-19 Oskar Arvidssonx86 asm for high-bit-depth deblocking
2010-11-18 Oskar ArvidssonUse a 16-bit buffer in hpel_filter regardless of bit...
2010-11-18 Henrik GramnerUse enums instead of magic numbers in x264_mb_partition...
2010-11-18 Karl BlomsterImprove configure script logging
2010-11-18 Anton MitrofanovFix constrained intra pred mode selection
2010-11-17 Anton MitrofanovVarious high-bit-depth ratecontrol fixes
2010-11-14 Loren MerrittFix a crash in --dump-yuv for odd resolutions
2010-11-14 Anton MitrofanovImprove flash detection algorithm change in r1765
2010-11-14 Steven WaltersUpdate ffms2 support for its latest API break.
2010-11-14 Jason Garrett... Modify the x264 header accordingly if --disable-gpl...
2010-11-14 Jason Garrett... Save a bit of memory with weightp + high bit depth
2010-11-14 Jason Garrett... Fix bugs in qpfile parsing with omitted QPs
2010-11-14 Kieran KunhyaFix HRD with intra-refresh
2010-11-10 Anton MitrofanovFix bug in r1753
2010-11-10 Jason Garrett... Improve flash detection's behavior near the end of...
2010-11-10 Jason Garrett... Improve quantizer handling
2010-11-10 Jason Garrett... VFR-aware PSNR/SSIM measurement
2010-11-10 Jason Garrett... Disable weightp offset=-1 dupes with high bit depth
2010-11-10 Jason Garrett... Make the ffmpeg -vpre error message more descriptive
2010-11-10 Loren MerrittAdd numeric names for the presets (0==ultrafast .....
2010-11-10 Jason Garrett... Update benchmarks in doc/threads.txt
2010-11-10 Loren MerrittMake the #if'd out naive ESA actually match the real...
2010-11-10 Jason Garrett... Move mv/ref prefetch code to the correct location
2010-11-10 Reinhard TartlerLink x264cli explicitly against lavf
2010-11-09 Jason Garrett... Fix CBR ratecontrol bug with extremely high qscales
2010-11-09 Jason Garrett... Disable overflow compensation in CRF mode
2010-11-09 Jason Garrett... Fix stupid bug in B-frame VBV size prediction
2010-10-31 Oskar ArvidssonFix regression in checkasm in r1666
2010-10-31 Oskar ArvidssonFix overflows in satd, sa8d and hadamard_ac with high...
2010-10-31 Oskar ArvidssonFix potential problem with overflows in ssd_nv12
2010-10-31 Jason Garrett... Fix syntax for some parameterless functions
2010-10-31 Steven WaltersFix fps reporting on mingw64
2010-10-31 Manuel RommelFix compilation on PPC with some recent GCCs
2010-10-11 Manuel RommelFix Altivec SATD with small strides
2010-10-10 Holger LubitzAddress remaining cacheline split issues in avg2
2010-10-10 Jason Garrett... Trim a few bytes off some x86 intra pred functions
2010-10-10 Yusuke NakamuraMove DTS compression from libx264 to x264cli
2010-10-10 Jason Garrett... Use a larger pic_init_qp with high bit depth
2010-10-10 Jason Garrett... Update some of the information in doc/
2010-10-10 Jason Garrett... Update header in depth.c
2010-10-10 Jason Garrett... Remove some old unused stuff in the build tree
2010-10-10 Anton MitrofanovVarious cosmetics
2010-10-10 Jason Garrett... Add missing mod4 stack check to sse2_misalign mc_chroma
2010-10-10 Anton MitrofanovFix 2pass ratecontrol with --nal-hrd cbr
2010-10-10 Jason Garrett... Fix minor bug in intra pred with intra refresh