2010-09-19 Steven WaltersAdd full chroma input flag to swscale
2010-09-19 James DarnleyAdd --disable-gpl option to configure
2010-09-18 Jason Garrett... Update source file headers
2010-09-16 Jason Garrett... Fix intra refresh to not exceed max recovery_frame_cnt
2010-09-16 Jason Garrett... Make intra refresh finish one frame faster
2010-09-16 Jason Garrett... Fix intra refresh to not predict from invalid pixels
2010-09-16 Steven WaltersAdd configure check for mingw64 prefixing
2010-09-05 Manuel RommelUpdate some Altivec function prototypes
2010-09-03 Takashi HirataAdd support for level 1b
2010-09-03 Jason Garrett... Use smaller values for idr_pic_id
2010-09-03 Jason Garrett... Use POC type 2 for streams with no B-frames
2010-09-03 Jason Garrett... Faster cabac_encode_ue_bypass
2010-09-03 Henrik GramnerFaster nal_escape asm
2010-09-03 Anton MitrofanovAllow --demuxer forcing with known extensions
2010-09-03 Anton MitrofanovMinor fixes/cosmeticcs in commandling parsing
2010-09-03 Anton MitrofanovFix overflow in stats printing
2010-08-29 Anton MitrofanovFix bug in 2pass if the first P-frames are all skip
2010-08-26 Jason Garrett... Don't do deblock-aware RD if deblocking is off
2010-08-24 Jason Garrett... CAVLC "trellis"
2010-08-24 Jason Garrett... Add global #define for maximum reference count
2010-08-24 Jason Garrett... Simplify addressing logic for interlaced-related arrays
2010-08-24 Jason Garrett... Add missing emms to x264_nal_encode
2010-08-24 Jason Garrett... Fix 2 bugs with slice-max-size
2010-08-16 Manuel RommelNV12 version of Altivec chroma MC
2010-08-16 Jason Garrett... Deblock-aware RD
2010-08-16 Brad SmithCorrect X header path usage in configure
2010-08-16 golgol7777Fix lavf input with delayed frames
2010-08-16 Alexander StrangeSlightly improve the filtering section of x264 --help
2010-08-16 Jason Garrett... Fix debug message typo with DTS compression
2010-08-16 Yasuhiro IkedaTry to guess input length for lavf input
2010-08-16 Yasuhiro IkedaWorkaround bug in fps/timestamp handling with lavf...
2010-08-01 Mike MatsnevFix aspect ratio writing in the MKV muxer
2010-07-29 Anton MitrofanovAdd libavcore check in configure
2010-07-29 Jason Garrett... Improve quantizer distribution with sliced-threads+VBV
2010-07-29 Jason Garrett... Remove dead code in slicetype.c
2010-07-29 golgol7777Fix incorrect duration/framerate/bitrate in flv header
2010-07-29 Jason Garrett... invalidate_reference fixes
2010-07-26 Steven WaltersFiltering system-related fixes
2010-07-22 Jason Garrett... Improve reference_invalid support
2010-07-22 Loren MerrittEradicate all mention of SI/SP-frames
2010-07-21 Jason Garrett... Fix stack alignment with MB-tree
2010-07-17 Steven WaltersAvisynth 2.6 colorspace support
2010-07-16 Loren MerrittPrevent some cases of cache aliasing.
2010-07-16 Jason Garrett... Fix stack alignment for adaptive quant
2010-07-15 David ConradFix compilation with shared ffmpeg libs
2010-07-15 Jason Garrett... Fix another PCM bug
2010-07-15 Oskar ArvidssonFix regression in r1666
2010-07-15 Oskar ArvidssonFix build with bit_depth > 8
2010-07-15 Loren MerrittConvert x264 to use NV12 pixel format internally
2010-07-15 Steven WaltersAdd video filtering system to x264cli
2010-07-15 Jason Garrett... Eliminate edge cases for MV predictors
2010-07-15 Jason Garrett... Improve scenecut detection a bit
2010-07-15 Jason Garrett... Fix 8x8dct+slices+no sliced threads+cavlc+deblock
2010-07-09 Jason Garrett... Fix off-by-one error in slice VBV predictor updates
2010-07-09 Anton MitrofanovFix disabling of progress with --log-level
2010-07-04 Oskar ArvidssonSupport for 9 and 10-bit encoding
2010-07-03 Jason Garrett... Support infinite keyint (--keyint infinite).
2010-07-03 Jason Garrett... Don't check i16x16 planar mode unless previous modes...
2010-07-03 Steven WaltersCentralize logging within x264cli
2010-07-02 Lamont AlstonMake open-GOP Blu-ray compatible
2010-07-02 Jason Garrett... Callback feature for low-latency per-slice output
2010-06-27 Loren MerrittSimplify pixel_ads
2010-06-25 Jason Garrett... Interactive encoder control: error resilience
2010-06-25 Jason Garrett... Lookaheadless MB-tree support
2010-06-25 Lamont AlstonOpen-GOP support
2010-06-25 Steven WaltersUse threadpools to avoid unnecessary thread creation
2010-06-25 Jason Garrett... Improve 2-pass bitrate prediction
2010-06-25 Jason Garrett... SSE4 and SSSE3 versions of some intra_sad functions
2010-06-25 Jason Garrett... Improve HRD accuracy
2010-06-24 Jason Garrett... Use -fno-tree-vectorize to avoid miscompilation
2010-06-23 Anton MitrofanovFix SIGPIPEs caused by is_regular_file checks
2010-06-15 Jason Garrett... Fix compilation on ARM w/ Apple ABI
2010-06-15 Holger LubitzFaster mbtree_propagate asm
2010-06-14 Diogo FrancoConvert the OPT_ defines in x264.c to an enum
2010-06-14 Anton MitrofanovDon't allow baseline profile streams with fake-interlaced
2010-06-14 Havoc PenningtonAllocate space for null terminator in param_apply_tune
2010-06-14 Anton MitrofanovFix regression in r1501.
2010-06-14 Anton MitrofanovFix crash with --subme 0 + --weightp > 0. Regression...
2010-06-09 Henrik GramnerReplace some divisions with shifts
2010-06-09 Anton MitrofanovWarn about shadowed variable declarations
2010-06-09 Jason Garrett... Template load_pic_pointers based on interlaced
2010-06-09 Jason Garrett... Remove double-dereferences for MB width/height data
2010-06-09 Steven WaltersExempt Win x86_64 from memalign hack
2010-06-09 Steven WaltersPreprocessing cosmetics
2010-06-09 Jason Garrett... Take more shortcuts in i4x4/i8x8 analysis
2010-06-09 Jason Garrett... Display SSIM measurement in db as well
2010-06-09 Anton MitrofanovMake version.sh indicate "M" for local commits too
2010-06-09 Alex JurkiewiczAdd error message for invalid [de]muxer selection
2010-06-09 Nathan CaldwellDeduplicate the ALIGN macro, move it to common.h
2010-06-09 David ConradFix a use of ALIGNED_ARRAY_16 on ARM
2010-06-09 Jason Garrett... Add missing emms after nal_encode
2010-06-09 Jason Garrett... Fix crash in fake-interlaced at some resolutions
2010-06-02 Yusuke NakamuraFix no-mbtree + aq-mode=0
2010-06-02 Jason Garrett... Add API function to fix x264_picture_t initialization
2010-06-02 Yusuke NakamuraFix Avisynth input
2010-06-02 Oskar ArvidssonConvert to a unified "dctcoeff" type for DCT data
2010-06-02 Oskar ArvidssonConvert to a unified "pixel" type for pixel data
2010-06-02 Jason Garrett... Add API tool to apply arbitrary quantizer offsets
2010-06-02 Jason Garrett... x86 assembly code for NAL escaping
2010-05-31 Jason Garrett... Re-enable i8x8 merged SATD