2011-10-22 Mans RullgardARM: update NEON chroma deblock functions to NV12 pixel...
2011-10-22 Sean McGovernAdd /usr/lib/{64/}values-xpg6.o to $LDFLAGS on Solaris
2011-10-22 Sean McGovernFix linker test for -Bsymbolic
2011-10-22 Sean McGovernAdd $SOFLAGS to exported SOFLAGS make variable
2011-10-22 Henrik GramnerAllow setting a chroma format at compile time
2011-10-22 Harfe LeierImprove profile help
2011-10-22 Yusuke NakamuraFix infinite loop parsing TDecimate Mode 3 timecode...
2011-10-15 Jason Garrett... Fix some integer overflows/signedness errors found...
2011-10-12 Jason Garrett... Fix pixel_var2 with 4:2:2 encoding
2011-10-09 Anton MitrofanovFix chroma intra analysis in 4:4:4 lossless mode
2011-10-09 Anton MitrofanovFix use of uninitialized MVs in sub8x8 RDO
2011-10-08 Fabian GreffrathFix detection of Alpha CPU arch on alphaev67
2011-09-21 Jason Garrett... Optimize x86 asm for Intel macro-op fusion
2011-09-21 Jason Garrett... CAVLC: clean up and restructure
2011-09-21 Jason Garrett... CABAC: clean up and restructure
2011-09-21 Jason Garrett... Some initial 4:2:2 x86 asm
2011-09-21 Henrik Gramner4:2:2 encoding support
2011-09-21 Loren MerrittSSSE3/SSE4 9-way fully merged i4x4 analysis (sad/satd_x9)
2011-09-21 Loren MerrittFaster intra_mbcmp_x3 for versions without dedicated asm
2011-09-21 Loren MerrittOptimize x86 intra_predict_4x4 and 8x8
2011-09-21 Loren MerrittUse realistic alignment for intra pred benchmarks in...
2011-09-21 Yusuke NakamuraFix frame packing SEI with --frame-packing 0
2011-09-09 Oka MotofumiFix install/uninstall shared libs if SYS is WINDOWS...
2011-08-24 Reinhard TartlerAdd Hurd support to configure
2011-08-24 Loren MerrittOptimize x86 intra_satd_x3_*
2011-08-24 Loren MerrittOptimize x86 intra_sa8d_x3_8x8
2011-08-24 Loren MerrittScale interlaced refs/mvs for mvr predictors
2011-08-24 Loren MerrittOptimize predict_8x8_filter and incidentally remove...
2011-08-24 Anton MitrofanovDon't override flat SSE2 dequant functions with non...
2011-08-24 Loren MerrittShut up some valgrind false-positives
2011-08-24 Jason Garrett... Avoid some unnecessary allocations with B-frames/CABAC off
2011-08-24 Jason Garrett... Fix typo in p8x8 RD analysis
2011-08-24 Anton MitrofanovFix invalid memory accesses in x86 lowres_init when...
2011-08-24 Anton MitrofanovFix intermediate conversion for YUVJ* pixfmts with...
2011-08-24 Henrik GramnerFix pic_out returned by x264_encoder_encode with 4:4:4
2011-08-24 Loren MerrittFix zeroing of mvr predictors in bskip blocks
2011-08-24 Loren MerrittFix: chroma planes for weightp analysis were not initte...
2011-08-24 Henrik GramnerExpand borders before chroma weightp analysis
2011-08-24 Henrik GramnerAnother 4:4:4 chroma weightp bug fix
2011-08-24 Jason Garrett... Fix typo in help
2011-08-10 Jason Garrett... Improve support for varying resolution between passes
2011-08-10 Loren Merrittasm cosmetics: base-4 constants for shuffles
2011-08-10 Loren MerrittEnable some existing asm functions that were missing...
2011-08-09 Loren MerrittRemove some unused, broken, and/or useless functions
2011-08-09 Loren Merrittasm cosmetics: merge all the variants of ABS macros
2011-08-09 Loren Merrittasm cosmetics part 2
2011-08-09 Loren Merrittasm cosmetics: INIT_MMX/XMM/YMM now support a cpuflags...
2011-08-09 Loren MerrittImport x86inc.asm patches from libav
2011-08-09 Loren MerrittCosmetics: s/mmxext/mmx2/
2011-08-09 Henrik GramnerFix two bugs in 4:4:4 chroma weightp analysis
2011-08-05 Loren MerrittFix "--asm avx"
2011-08-05 Anton MitrofanovRe-add support for glibc <2.6, which doesn't have CPU_COUNT
2011-08-05 Yasuhiro IkedaAvoid using deprecated libavformat functions
2011-07-29 Henrik GramnerUse assembly versions of some deblocking functions...
2011-07-29 Anton MitrofanovMove X264_VERSION / X264_POINTVER from config.h to...
2011-07-29 Henrik GramnerFix padding bug in x264_expand_border_mbpair
2011-07-29 Yusuke NakamuraTimecode parsing: Add missing initialization
2011-07-29 Anton MitrofanovFix crash with high bitdepth 4:2:0 input
2011-07-29 Daniel Kangx86 asm cosmetics
2011-07-26 Jason Garrett... Fix a bug in lossless sub-8x8 RD
2011-07-22 Jason Garrett... Improved p8x4/4x8 search decision
2011-07-22 Dan LarkinAdd --subme 11, which disables all early terminations...
2011-07-22 Dan LarkinSome trivial changes to RD thresholds
2011-07-22 Anton MitrofanovAllow setting a wider range of chroma QP offsets
2011-07-22 Jason Garrett... Optimize macroblock_deblock_strength, add more early...
2011-07-22 Jason Garrett... Function-pointerify MBAFF deblocking functions
2011-07-22 Jason Garrett... Clean up MBAFF deblocking code
2011-07-22 Jason Garrett... Optimize frame_deblock_row
2011-07-22 Henrik GramnerShrink two arrays
2011-07-22 Anton MitrofanovAdd support for the new (4:4:4) colorspaces to x264_pic...
2011-07-22 Anton MitrofanovVarious cosmetics
2011-07-22 Yasuhiro IkedaImprove configure help
2011-07-21 Yasuhiro IkedaUse $optarg for some configure options
2011-07-21 Rafaël CarréLinux x264_cpu_num_processors(): use glibc macros
2011-07-18 Anton MitrofanovFix spurious "stream properties changed" with --seek...
2011-07-18 Anton MitrofanovFix use of deprecated libavcodec functions
2011-07-14 Kieran KunhyaFix nalu_process callback with HRD
2011-07-14 Anton MitrofanovFix incorrect chroma swap for some input pixfmts
2011-07-10 Anton MitrofanovFix resize filter crash with YUVJ* input pixfmt
2011-07-10 xvidfanRGB encoding support
2011-07-10 Jason Garrett... 4:4:4 encoding support
2011-07-10 Jason Garrett... Properly weight slice header lambda in chroma weightp...
2011-07-10 Daniel KangBetter x86 high bit depth predict_8x8c_p
2011-07-10 Jason Garrett... Eliminate extra layer of indirection for sps/pps references
2011-07-10 Jason Garrett... Fix SSIM calculation with sliced threads
2011-07-10 Anton MitrofanovAvoid possible NaNs in B-frame output stats
2011-07-10 Rémi Denis... ARM: do not override the toolchain default for FPU ABI
2011-07-10 Steven WaltersFix link errors with libswscale/libavutil as shared...
2011-07-10 Steven WaltersFix deprecation in libavformat usage
2011-06-15 Anton MitrofanovFix various issues with VBV+threads
2011-06-15 Anton MitrofanovFix MBAFF row VBV ratecontrol
2011-06-15 Jason Garrett... Make ratecontrol_mb less slow
2011-06-15 Steven WaltersResize filter updates
2011-06-15 Jason Garrett... AVX mbtree_propagate
2011-06-15 Jason Garrett... Use -vsync 0 with ffmpeg regression test
2011-06-15 Henrik GramnerInline emms instructions on x86 if possible
2011-06-15 Jason Garrett... Make left_index_table const
2011-06-13 HiiMake --profile main/baseline force off CQMfile
2011-06-13 Anton MitrofanovFix VBV bug caused by zero i_row_satd value for first...
2011-06-13 Anton MitrofanovFix crash with VBV + forced QP