2009-01-20 Jason Garrett... Eliminate support for direct_8x8_inference=0
2009-01-19 BradAdd AltiVec and CPU numbers detection on OpenBSD.
2009-01-18 Guillaume PoirierAdd AltiVec implementation of predict_8x8c_p. 2.6x...
2009-01-18 Jason Garrett... Warn if direct auto wasn't set on the first pass
2009-01-17 BradChanges the PowerPC ppccommon.h header so it no longer...
2009-01-14 Guillaume Poirierupdate x264_hpel_filter_altivec's prototype to match...
2009-01-14 Guillaume Poirierrename vector+array unions to closer match the vector...
2009-01-14 Guillaume PoirierAdd Altivec implementation of all the remaining 16x16...
2009-01-14 Jason Garrett... Cache ref costs and use more accurate MV costs
2009-01-14 Jason Garrett... Support forced frametypes with scenecut/b-adapt
2009-01-14 Jason Garrett... Remove an IDIV from i8x8 analysis
2009-01-08 Jason Garrett... Fix regression in r1066
2009-01-06 Jason Garrett... Disable B-frames in lossless mode
2009-01-05 Brad SmithFactorize in ppccommon.h the conditional inclusion...
2009-01-05 Brad SmithDisable __builtin_clz() intrinsic on gcc versions prior...
2009-01-02 Jason Garrett... Small tweaks to coeff asm
2008-12-31 Steven WaltersUse the correct strtok under MSVC
2008-12-31 Jason Garrett... Add stack alignment for lookahead functions
2008-12-31 Jason Garrett... Add support for SSE4a (Phenom) LZCNT instruction
2008-12-31 Steven Waltersfactor mallocs out of hpel, ssim, and esa.
2008-12-30 Jason Garrett... Much faster CAVLC RDO and bitstream writing
2008-12-30 Loren MerrittCosmetics: cleaner syntax for defining temporary regist...
2008-12-28 Jason Garrett... Much faster CABAC RDO
2008-12-26 Jason Garrett... VLC table optimizations
2008-12-25 Loren MerrittFix crash in --me esa/tesa introduced in r1058
2008-12-24 Jason Garrett... Optimize variance asm + minor changes
2008-12-23 Jason Garrett... Minor CABAC cleanups and related optimizations
2008-12-22 Loren Merrittfaster ESA init
2008-12-16 Jason Garrett... More macroblock_cache optimizations
2008-12-15 Jason Garrett... Faster macroblock_cache_rect
2008-12-15 Jason Garrett... Optimizations in predict_mv_direct
2008-12-14 David WolstencroftFix visual corruption when picture width was not mod 32.
2008-12-13 Guillaume PoirierAdd support for FSF GCC version >= 4.3 on OSX.
2008-12-12 Jason Garrett... More accurate refcost for p8x8 CAVLC
2008-12-11 Loren Merrittuse lookup tables instead of actual exp/pow for AQ
2008-12-11 Jason Garrett... Suppress saveptr warnings on Windows GCC
2008-12-11 Jason Garrett... More small speed tweaks to macroblock.c
2008-12-11 Jason Garrett... Much faster CAVLC residual coding
2008-12-05 Guillaume Poirierfix compilation with GCC-4.3+
2008-11-30 Jason Garrett... High Profile allows 25% higher maxbitrate/cpb
2008-11-29 BugMasters/nasm/yasm in VS project file
2008-11-29 Jason Garrett... Cosmetic: update various file headers.
2008-11-29 Loren Merrittadd date and compiler to `x264 --version`
2008-11-28 Jason Garrett... 10L in r1041
2008-11-28 Jason Garrett... Significantly faster CABAC and CAVLC residual coding...
2008-11-27 Jason Garrett... dequant_4x4_dc assembly
2008-11-27 Loren Merrittfix an overflow in dct4x4dc_mmx
2008-11-26 Jason Garrett... Remove nasm support
2008-11-25 BugMasterFix rare warning messages in ratecontrol due to r1020
2008-11-25 BugMasterFix MSVC compilation and clean up MSVC build file
2008-11-25 Jason Garrett... Faster width4 SSD+SATD, SSE4 optimizations
2008-11-25 Guillaume Poirierfix indentation, whitespace cleanup, more consistent...
2008-11-25 David WolstencroftChange some macros to be more sensitive to memory align...
2008-11-25 Loren Merrittrefactor satd. 20KB smaller binary.
2008-11-25 Jason Garrett... Fix crash with threads and SSEMisalign on Phenom
2008-11-23 Jason Garrett... Phenom CPU optimizations
2008-11-21 Jason Garrett... A few tweaks to decimate asm
2008-11-13 Jason Garrett... Nehalem optimization part 2: SSE2 width-8 SAD
2008-11-11 Jason Garrett... Add subme=0 (fullpel motion estimation only)
2008-11-10 Jason Garrett... Fix minor memory leak in r1022
2008-11-10 Jason Garrett... r1024 borked checkasm
2008-11-10 Jason Garrett... Faster chroma encoding
2008-11-10 Jason Garrett... Various cosmetics and minor fixes
2008-11-09 Jason Garrett... Faster b-adapt + adaptive quantization
2008-11-07 Jason Garrett... Faster CABAC residual encoding
2008-11-06 Jason Garrett... Fix potential crash in the case that the input statsfil...
2008-11-05 Jason Garrett... Initial Nehalem CPU optimizations
2008-11-05 Gabriel BouvigneFix potential infinite loop in VBV under GCC 4.2
2008-11-05 Jason Garrett... Encoder_reconfig: esa/tesa can only be enabled if they...
2008-10-30 Loren MerrittFix bug in hadamard_ac SSE assembly
2008-10-29 Jason Garrett... Full sub8x8 RD mode decision
2008-10-27 Jason Garrett... Optimize CABAC bit cost calculation
2008-10-24 Anders OssowickiReplace "git-command" with "git command" in version...
2008-10-23 Loren MerrittAdd assembly version of CAVLC 8x8dct interleave
2008-10-22 Alexander StrangeAdd support for psy-rd/trellis to encoder_reconfig
2008-10-22 Alexander StrangeFix Darwin speed regression
2008-10-22 Gabriel BouvigneFurther improve prediction of bitrate and VBV in thread...
2008-10-22 Jason Garrett... Sub-8x8 Qpel-RD in P-frames
2008-10-22 Jason Garrett... Faster qpel-RD
2008-10-22 Jason Garrett... Some minor optimizations in RD refinement
2008-10-22 Jason Garrett... Faster deblocking when p4x4 isn't used
2008-10-22 Jason Garrett... Print profile and level information upon starting encode
2008-10-22 Jason Garrett... Fix possible crash in trellis at very low QPs
2008-10-22 Jason Garrett... Add assembly versions of decimate_score
2008-10-18 Jason Garrett... Fix typo in subme8/9 lossless qpel-RD
2008-10-18 Jason Garrett... Extend trellis to support luma/chroma DC and chroma AC
2008-10-03 Loren Merrittrm gtk, avc2avi.
2008-10-03 Jason Garrett... Resolve quality regression in r996
2008-10-02 Ralf TerdicFix minor memory leak accidentally added with the addit...
2008-10-02 Jason Garrett... Rework subme system, add RD refinement in B-frames
2008-09-29 Jason Garrett... Fix potential miscompilation of some inline asm
2008-09-28 Jason Garrett... Replace High 4:4:4 profile lossless with High 4:4:4...
2008-09-28 Jason Garrett... Fix typo in progress indicator when using piped input
2008-09-28 Loren Merrittavg_weight_ssse3
2008-09-28 Loren Merrittfix bitstream writer on bigendian 64bit (regression...
2008-09-28 Loren Merrittremove authors whose code no longer exists
2008-09-28 Loren Merrittmore diagnostics when configure finds an unsuitable...
2008-09-26 Jason Garrett... Make x264 progress indicator more concise
2008-09-22 Jason Garrett... Fix deblocking + threads + AQ bug
2008-09-21 Jason Garrett... Resolve possible crash in bime, improve the fix in...