Display SSIM measurement in db as well
[x262.git] / encoder / encoder.c
2010-06-09 Jason Garrett-GlaserDisplay SSIM measurement in db as well
2010-06-09 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd missing emms after nal_encode
2010-06-02 Oskar ArvidssonConvert to a unified "pixel" type for pixel data
2010-06-02 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd API tool to apply arbitrary quantizer offsets
2010-06-02 Jason Garrett-Glaserx86 assembly code for NAL escaping
2010-05-31 Jason Garrett-GlaserRe-enable i8x8 merged SATD
2010-05-31 Jason Garrett-GlaserMerge some of adaptive quant and weightp
2010-05-26 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix 10L in r1612
2010-05-26 Jason Garrett-GlaserOverhaul deblocking again
2010-05-26 Anton MitrofanovFix ABR rate control calculations
2010-05-21 Anton MitrofanovFix different output with differing sync-lookahead
2010-05-21 Kieran KunhyaAdd "Fake interlaced" option
2010-05-21 Anton MitrofanovFix regression in r1566
2010-05-17 Loren MerrittReduce memory usage in 2-pass with b-adapt 2
2010-05-17 Anton MitrofanovFix crash with sliced-threads on Phenom
2010-05-17 Henrik GramnerShrink even more constant arrays
2010-05-17 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd API function to trigger intra refresh
2010-05-08 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix intra refresh behavior with I-frames
2010-05-06 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix sliced-threads + interlaced
2010-05-06 Jason Garrett-GlaserDeduplicate asm constants, automate name prefixing
2010-04-26 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix build on x86 with asm on but SSE off
2010-04-26 Jason Garrett-GlaserDon't calculate ref/partition stats if not necessary
2010-04-23 Loren MerrittFix printing of bitrate when timestamps aren't available
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserRemove reordering restrictions from weightp
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserPrint intra chroma pred modes in stats
2010-04-23 Henrik GramnerFaster chroma CBP handling
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix issues with extremely large timebases
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix four minor bugs found by Clang
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserMove deblocking/hpel into sliced threads
2010-04-14 Anton MitrofanovSet psy=0 in lossless mode
2010-04-11 Jason Garrett-GlaserMake keyint_min auto by default
2010-04-11 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd miscompilation check for x264_clz
2010-04-10 Jason Garrett-GlaserSave a few bits in multislice encoding
2010-04-06 Jason Garrett-GlaserCorrectly mark output frames as BREF
2010-04-06 Kieran KunhyaFix HRD compliance
2010-04-05 Jason Garrett-GlaserMassive cosmetic and syntax cleanup
2010-03-31 Jason Garrett-GlaserDon't use 2 L1 refs with pyramid + ref=1
2010-03-27 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix stack alignment in sliced threads
2010-03-27 Kieran KunhyaSave a few bits in slice headers
2010-03-27 Anton MitrofanovFix two nondeterminisms
2010-03-27 Jason Garrett-Glaser"CRF-max" support with VBV
2010-03-27 Kieran KunhyaBlu-ray support: NAL-HRD, VFR ratecontrol, filler,...
2010-03-27 Yusuke NakamuraTimecode input/output
2010-02-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserUse short startcode in more possible situations
2010-02-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserUse short startcodes whenever possible
2010-02-22 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix overread of scratch buffer
2010-02-15 Jason Garrett-GlaserDon't even try direct temporal when it would give junk MVs
2010-02-15 Alexander StrangeAllow | as a separator between psy-rd and psy-trellis...
2010-02-15 Jason Garrett-GlaserImplement direct temporal + interlaced
2010-02-15 Jason Garrett-GlaserAllow longer keyints with intra refresh
2010-02-15 Jason Garrett-GlaserOverhaul sliced-threads VBV
2010-02-14 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd ability to adjust ratecontrol parameters on the fly
2010-01-30 Loren MerrittFix log2f detection, include order, some gcc warnings
2010-01-30 Yusuke NakamuraImprove DTS generation, move DTS compression into libx264
2010-01-30 Anton MitrofanovVarious threading-related cosmetics
2010-01-28 Jason Garrett-GlaserHardcode the bs_t in cavlc.c; passing it around is...
2010-01-28 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix bitstream alignment with multiple slices
2010-01-28 Jason Garrett-GlaserMerge nnz_backup with scratch buffer
2010-01-14 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix free callback, add x264_encoder_parameters function
2010-01-14 Jason Garrett-GlaserFaster weightp motion search
2010-01-14 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix some invalid reads caught by valgrind
2010-01-14 Jason Garrett-GlaserPeriodic intra refresh
2010-01-14 Kieran KunhyaLAVF/FFMS input support, native VFR timestamp handling
2009-12-15 Jason Garrett-GlaserDon't do sum/ssd analysis if weightp == 1
2009-12-11 Jason Garrett-GlaserVarious minor missing changes from previous commits
2009-12-11 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix regression in direct=auto/temporal in r1364
2009-12-09 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd support for MB-tree + B-pyramid
2009-12-09 Jason Garrett-GlaserBring back slice-based threading support
2009-12-09 Loren Merrittensure that all boolean options are {0,1} so they print...
2009-12-05 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix crash in interlaced with >8 refs
2009-11-30 Steven WaltersEnhanced Avisynth input support
2009-11-27 Jason Garrett-GlaserMuch faster weightp
2009-11-25 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix weightb with delta_poc_bottom
2009-11-21 Steven WaltersFix extremely rare deadlock with sync-lookahead
2009-11-21 Jason Garrett-GlaserOnly print weightp stats if there were P-frames
2009-11-16 Dylan YudakenFix two issues in weightp
2009-11-12 Dylan YudakenVarious weightp fixes
2009-11-09 Dylan YudakenWeighted P-frame prediction
2009-11-09 Steven WaltersFix issues relating to input/output files being pipes...
2009-11-09 Anton MitrofanovFix large file support, broken in r1302
2009-10-25 Lamont AlstonFix bug in b-pyramid strict
2009-10-25 Jason Garrett-GlaserRemove non-mod16 warning
2009-10-19 Jason Garrett-GlaserPrint more accurate error message if dump_yuv fails
2009-10-19 Lamont AlstonMake B-pyramid spec-compliant
2009-10-18 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd missing free for nal_buffer
2009-10-17 Loren Merritteliminate some divisions
2009-10-13 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix glitches with slow-firstpass + weightb + multiref...
2009-10-12 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix bug where x264 generated non-compliant bitstreams...
2009-10-07 Jason Garrett-GlaserReorder reference frames optimally on second pass
2009-10-07 Jason Garrett-GlaserClip log2_max_frame_num
2009-10-07 Anton MitrofanovFix some issues with 3-pass statsfile handling
2009-09-24 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix 10l in API change
2009-09-23 Anton MitrofanovImprove threaded frame handling
2009-09-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserAttempt to detect miscompilation due to bug in gcc 4.2
2009-09-21 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix bug with various bizarre commandline combinations...
2009-09-21 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd intra prediction modes to output stats
2009-09-21 Jason Garrett-GlaserMajor API change: encapsulate NALs within libx264
2009-09-14 Jason Garrett-GlaserMake MV costs global instead of static
2009-09-02 Steven WaltersThreaded lookahead
2009-09-02 Jason Garrett-GlaserForce a link error in case of incompatible API