Support for native Windows threads
[x262.git] / configure
2010-12-14 Steven WaltersSupport for native Windows threads
2010-12-14 Anton MitrofanovWork around gcc/ld alignment bug on win32
2010-12-07 Ramiro PollaCreate and install x264_config.h
2010-11-26 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix typo in r1797
2010-11-25 Yasuhiro IkedaCosmetics in configure
2010-11-25 Steven WaltersFix configure so that boolean configuration options...
2010-11-23 Sean McGovernFix build on SPARC Solaris 10
2010-11-19 Oskar ArvidssonConvert X264_HIGH_BIT_DEPTH to HIGH_BIT_DEPTH
2010-11-19 Oskar Arvidssonx86 asm for high-bit-depth deblocking
2010-11-18 Karl BlomsterImprove configure script logging
2010-11-14 Steven WaltersUpdate ffms2 support for its latest API break.
2010-11-10 Reinhard TartlerLink x264cli explicitly against lavf
2010-09-19 James DarnleyAdd --disable-gpl option to configure
2010-09-16 Steven WaltersAdd configure check for mingw64 prefixing
2010-08-16 Brad SmithCorrect X header path usage in configure
2010-07-29 Anton MitrofanovAdd libavcore check in configure
2010-07-26 Steven WaltersFiltering system-related fixes
2010-07-17 Steven WaltersAvisynth 2.6 colorspace support
2010-07-15 David ConradFix compilation with shared ffmpeg libs
2010-07-15 Steven WaltersAdd video filtering system to x264cli
2010-07-04 Oskar ArvidssonSupport for 9 and 10-bit encoding
2010-06-24 Jason Garrett-GlaserUse -fno-tree-vectorize to avoid miscompilation
2010-06-09 Anton MitrofanovWarn about shadowed variable declarations
2010-06-09 Steven WaltersPreprocessing cosmetics
2010-05-21 Henrik GramnerFix performance regression in r1582
2010-05-21 Anton MitrofanovMark Win32 executable as large address aware
2010-05-21 Alex JurkiewiczModify to output to stdout.
2010-05-06 Steven WaltersRemove unnecessary --enable options
2010-03-27 Loic MinierTwo compatibility fixes
2010-03-27 James DarnleyFix typo in configure
2010-03-27 Yusuke NakamuraFix link errors with newest gpac cvs
2010-02-25 David ConradDisable Altivec and VIS optimizations when --disable...
2010-02-23 Yusuke NakamuraAdd GPAC version check
2010-02-15 David ConradFix compilation on ARM
2010-02-15 David ConradiPhone compilation support
2010-01-30 Loren MerrittFix log2f detection, include order, some gcc warnings
2010-01-30 Diogo FrancoMove -D CFLAGS to config.h
2010-01-30 Diogo FrancoImplement ffms2 version check
2010-01-30 Diogo FrancoAdd configure check for log2 support
2010-01-30 Diogo FrancoAdd config.log support
2010-01-30 Diogo FrancoFix cross-compiling with lavf, add support for ffms2.pc
2010-01-21 Steven WaltersUse cross-prefix properly with pkg-config for cross...
2010-01-14 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix typo in configure
2010-01-14 Kieran KunhyaLAVF/FFMS input support, native VFR timestamp handling
2009-11-30 Steven WaltersEnhanced Avisynth input support
2009-11-15 Alexander StrangeAllow compilation with non-Apple GCC on OS X
2009-11-15 Alexander StrangeUse __attribute__((may_alias)) for type-punning
2009-11-15 Kieran KunhyaFLV muxing support
2009-11-12 Jason Garrett-GlaserActually add -Wno-strict-aliasing to configure
2009-11-09 David ConradFix weightp on ARM + PPC
2009-09-14 Jason Garrett-GlaserUpdate yasm configure check
2009-09-02 David ConradCompile fixes for pre-ARMv6T2 and/or PIC
2009-08-27 Loren Merrittcompile x86 with fpmath=sse by default
2009-08-25 David ConradARM configure: enable NEON-related options by default
2009-08-20 David ConradGSOC merge part 1: Framework for ARM assembly optimizations
2009-08-20 David ConradFix a bug in checkasm and two OSX fixes
2009-06-11 Mike Frysingerconfigure check for uclinux
2009-05-27 Loren Merrittconfigure check for cc, rather than reporting lack...
2009-05-25 Loren Merrittconfigure check for ssse3-capable binutils
2009-05-19 Jason Garrett-GlaserMake i686 the default arch on x86_32
2009-02-11 Anton MitrofanovWindows 64-bit support
2009-01-29 Bradfix detection of pthread and isfinite on OpenBSD
2009-01-28 Loren Merrittremove $ECHON kludge, which broke on SunOS. bring back...
2009-01-17 BradChanges the PowerPC ppccommon.h header so it no longer...
2008-11-26 Jason Garrett-GlaserRemove nasm support
2008-10-22 Alexander StrangeFix Darwin speed regression
2008-10-03 Loren Merrittrm gtk, avc2avi.
2008-09-28 Loren Merrittmore diagnostics when configure finds an unsuitable...
2008-08-31 Guillaume Poirierfix SOFLAGS used when building gtk frontend
2008-08-22 Guillaume Poirierimprove generation of Darwin libraries
2008-08-10 Loren Merrittasm cosmetics
2008-06-15 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd more inline asm and a runtime check for MMXEXT...
2008-05-20 Loren Merrittremove nasm version check. a feature check is all that...
2008-05-14 Henry Bentuse elf instead of a.out on netbsd
2008-04-27 Loren Merrittdrop support for pre-SSE3 assemblers
2008-04-02 Guillaume Poirierfix shared libs on MacOSX
2008-03-31 Loren Merritttypo in r803
2008-03-30 Zuxy Mengfix naming of .dll on mingw
2008-03-30 Loren Merrittdon't distinguish between mingw and cygwin
2008-03-03 Loren Merrittcheck for broken versions of yasm
2008-01-27 Loren Merrittconfigure test for endianness
2007-12-03 Loren Merrittcheck whether ld supports -Bsymbolic before using it
2007-11-25 Loren Merrittfix compilation as a shared library on x86_64 (regressi...
2007-11-21 Guillaume Poirieradd support for x86_64 on Darwin9.0 (Mac OS X 10.5...
2007-09-07 Loren Merrittremove a bashism
2007-08-20 Loren Merrittregression in r669: broke saving of configure args...
2007-08-18 Loren Merrittregression in r669: --enable-shared should imply -...
2007-08-12 Loïc Minier* Add a --host flag to allow overriding config.guess...
2007-07-06 Loren Merrittcosmetics
2007-06-16 Loren Merrittcosmetics in cpu detection
2007-06-05 Alex Izvorskiallow compiling without yasm/nasm on x86 and x86-64...
2007-04-05 Loren Merritt32bit version of ssse3 satd.
2007-03-30 Loren Merrittremove private stuff from public headers. no more need...
2007-03-14 Loren Merrittconflate HAVE_MMXEXT with HAVE_SSE2, since they were...
2007-03-14 Sam Hocevar * Made -DNEED_ALTIVEC unnecessary, thanks to Guillaum...
2007-03-14 Loren Merrittssse3 detection. x86_64 ssse3 satd and quant.
2007-03-14 Sam Hocevar * Use -maltivec when building dependencies, or <altiv...
2007-03-14 Sam Hocevar * common/cpu.c: runtime AltiVec autodetection on...
2007-01-09 Christophe MutricyHonor CFLAGS and LDFLAGS set by the user
2007-01-02 Eric PetitCheck whether 'echo -n' works, otherwise try printf...