x86 assembly code for NAL escaping
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2010-06-02 Jason Garrett-Glaserx86 assembly code for NAL escaping
2010-05-31 Henrik GramnerSome deblocking-related optimizations
2010-05-31 Jason Garrett-GlaserMerge some of adaptive quant and weightp
2010-05-31 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix ultrafast to actually turn off weightb
2010-05-31 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix cavlc+deblock+8x8dct (regression in r1612)
2010-05-26 Jason Garrett-GlaserOverhaul deblocking again
2010-05-26 Jason Garrett-GlaserDetect Atom CPU, enable appropriate asm functions
2010-05-26 Jason Garrett-GlaserSlightly faster mbtree asm
2010-05-26 Jason Garrett-GlaserFaster deblock strength asm on conroe/penryn
2010-05-26 Anton MitrofanovFix ABR rate control calculations
2010-05-26 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix CABAC+PCM, regression in r1592
2010-05-21 Jason Garrett-GlaserRewrite deblock strength calculation, add asm
2010-05-21 Kieran KunhyaAdd "Fake interlaced" option
2010-05-21 Henrik GramnerSet correct filesystem permissions for various files
2010-05-17 Jason Garrett-GlaserOverhaul CABAC: faster, less cache usage
2010-05-17 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix condition for printing rc=cbr in options SEI
2010-05-17 Henrik GramnerShrink even more constant arrays
2010-05-17 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd API function to trigger intra refresh
2010-05-08 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix intra refresh behavior with I-frames
2010-05-06 Anton MitrofanovMore cosmetics
2010-05-06 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix unresolved symbol in r1573
2010-05-06 Jason Garrett-GlaserDon't force row QPs to integer values with VBV
2010-05-06 Jason Garrett-GlaserImprove temporal MV prediction
2010-05-06 Jason Garrett-GlaserError out on invalid input stride
2010-05-06 Jason Garrett-GlaserDeduplicate asm constants, automate name prefixing
2010-05-06 Jason Garrett-GlaserShrink a few x86 asm functions
2010-05-06 Jason Garrett-GlaserMake options SEI use weight* instead of wpred*
2010-04-29 Loren Merrittr1548 broke subme < 3 + p8x8/b8x8
2010-04-29 Henrik GramnerMore write-combining
2010-04-29 Jason Garrett-GlaserReduce lookahead memory usage, cache misses
2010-04-26 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix build on x86 with asm on but SSE off
2010-04-24 Jason Garrett-GlaserSplit out MV prediction into mvpred.c
2010-04-24 Loren MerrittFix mv predictor clipping on non-x86 (regression in...
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserMove deblocking code to a separate file
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix 10l in cache_load changes
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserPrint intra chroma pred modes in stats
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserFaster deblock reference frame checks
2010-04-23 Henrik GramnerFaster chroma CBP handling
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix issues with extremely large timebases
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserMMX code for predictor rounding/clipping
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserMove deblocking/hpel into sliced threads
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserPrefetch MB data in cache_load
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix a ton of pessimization caused by aliasing in cache_...
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd CP128/M128 macros using SSE
2010-04-14 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix various early terminations with slices
2010-04-14 Anton MitrofanovEnable --fast-pskip on fast firstpass
2010-04-11 Jason Garrett-GlaserMake keyint_min auto by default
2010-04-11 Henrik GramnerCosmetics: VLC tables
2010-04-10 Jason Garrett-GlaserMake MV prediction work across slice boundaries
2010-04-10 Jason Garrett-GlaserCleanup and simplification of macroblock_load
2010-04-07 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd missing #include to display-x11.c
2010-04-06 Kieran KunhyaFix HRD compliance
2010-04-05 Alex WrightBetter b16x8/8x16 early termination in B-frames
2010-04-05 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix printing of SEI header with VBV + ABR
2010-04-05 Jason Garrett-GlaserMassive cosmetic and syntax cleanup
2010-03-31 Jason Garrett-GlaserPrint crf-max with appropriate precision in SEI
2010-03-27 Jason Garrett-GlaserNew "superfast" preset, much faster intra analysis
2010-03-27 Henrik GramnerCosmetics in mvd handling
2010-03-27 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd tune for still image compression
2010-03-27 Henrik GramnerPad non-mod16 resolutions using the correct field
2010-03-27 Holger LubitzFix some misattributions in profiling
2010-03-27 Henrik GramnerCosmetics: use sizeof() where appropriate
2010-03-27 Jason Garrett-GlaserSplit up analyse_init
2010-03-27 Jason Garrett-GlaserOverhaul macroblock_cache_rect
2010-03-27 Jason Garrett-GlaserMake a bunch of small functions ALWAYS_INLINE
2010-03-27 Loic MinierTwo compatibility fixes
2010-03-27 Jason Garrett-GlaserMuch more accurate B-skip detection at 2 < subme < 7
2010-03-27 Kieran KunhyaSave a few bits in slice headers
2010-03-27 Jason Garrett-GlaserShrink some arrays in x264_t
2010-03-27 Jason Garrett-GlaserUse x264_log in more places instead of fprintf
2010-03-27 Anton MitrofanovFix two nondeterminisms
2010-03-27 Jason Garrett-Glaser"CRF-max" support with VBV
2010-03-27 Kieran KunhyaBlu-ray support: NAL-HRD, VFR ratecontrol, filler,...
2010-03-27 Yusuke NakamuraTimecode input/output
2010-03-27 Holger LubitzFaster cabac_encode_decision_asm
2010-03-27 Holger LubitzFaster hpel_filter
2010-02-25 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix regression in r1449
2010-02-25 Jason Garrett-GlaserCut size of MVD arrays by a factor of 2 again
2010-02-25 David ConradDisable Altivec and VIS optimizations when --disable...
2010-02-25 Loren MerrittFix a buffer overread on odd input resolutions
2010-02-24 David ConradPort Mans Rullgard's NEON intra prediction functions...
2010-02-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix fastfirstpass
2010-02-23 Anton MitrofanovFix various silly errors in the previous patches
2010-02-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserFaster probe_skip, 2x2 DC transform handling
2010-02-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserUse short startcodes whenever possible
2010-02-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserMake b-pyramid normal the default
2010-02-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserMove presets, tunings, and profiles into libx264
2010-02-23 Anton MitrofanovFaster, more accurate psy-RD caching
2010-02-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserMuch faster and more efficient MVD handling
2010-02-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd temporal predictor support to interlaced encoding
2010-02-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserKeep track of macroblock partitions
2010-02-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserMuch faster and simpler direct spatial calculation
2010-02-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix stupid regression in interlaced in r1430
2010-02-15 Loren MerrittRemove unnecessary PIC support macros
2010-02-15 Jason Garrett-GlaserDon't even try direct temporal when it would give junk MVs
2010-02-15 David ConradiPhone compilation support
2010-02-15 David ConradARM NEON versions of weightp functions
2010-02-15 Alexander StrangeAllow | as a separator between psy-rd and psy-trellis...
2010-02-15 Jason Garrett-GlaserBackport various speed tweak ideas from ffmpeg
2010-02-15 Jason Garrett-GlaserImplement direct temporal + interlaced