SSSE3/SSE4/AVX 9-way fully merged i8x8 analysis (sa8d_x9)
[x262.git] / common /
2011-03-24 Jason Garrett-GlaserEliminate the possibility of CAVLC level code overflow
2011-03-24 Henrik Gramnerx86 SIMD versions of optimize_chroma_dc
2011-03-24 Manuel RommelAdd Altivec version of mc_weight
2011-03-24 Manuel RommelAdd Altivec versions of mbcmp_x functions
2011-03-24 Steven WaltersRecognize cygwin as itself when not targeting mingw
2011-03-24 Steven WaltersPatch Intel's CPU dispatcher
2011-03-24 Steven WaltersIntel Compiler support
2011-03-24 Kieran KunhyaCosmetics: make struct definition braces consistent
2011-03-19 Nick LewyckyRemove inline asm syntax not supported by LLVM's assembler
2011-02-19 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix 10L in r1912
2011-02-18 Daniel KangAdd AVX functions where 3+ arg commands are useful
2011-02-18 Anton MitrofanovFix signedness bug in CPU detection
2011-02-18 Anton MitrofanovFix malloc of zero size
2011-02-07 Jason Garrett-GlaserEnable FastShuffle on Penryn and Nehalem CPUs without...
2011-02-05 Loren Merrittx86inc.asm: error on duplicate functions
2011-02-05 Mans RullgardFix overflow in ARM NEON i16x16 planar pred
2011-01-29 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix reconfiguration of parameters that modify the SPS
2011-01-27 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix warnings in cpu.c
2011-01-27 Jason Garrett-GlaserCheck for OS AVX support in addition to CPUID
2011-01-25 Jason Garrett-GlaserVBV emergency mode
2011-01-25 Jason Garrett-GlaserInitial AVX support
2011-01-25 Sean McGovernBump dates to 2011
2011-01-25 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix reconfiguration of b_tff
2011-01-25 Steven WaltersFix x264 CPU detection with >=64 CPUs on Windows
2011-01-25 Holger LubitzRemove high bit depth mmx quant
2011-01-25 Holger LubitzFix cacheline check in avg2 w20 cache32
2011-01-21 Holger LubitzFix illegal instruction in high bit depth ssd_nv12_mmxext
2011-01-10 Jason Garrett-GlaserVFR/framerate-aware ratecontrol, part 2
2011-01-10 Jason Garrett-GlaserImprove reference ordering in interleaved 3D video
2011-01-10 Jason Garrett-GlaserCosmetics: fref0/1 -> fref[2] and i_ref0/1 -> i_ref[2]
2011-01-10 Daniel KangSSE2 high bit depth SSIM functions
2011-01-10 George StephanosSSE2 high bit depth intra_predict_(8x8c|16x16)_p
2011-01-10 Joe CortesMMX high bit depth coeff_last4
2011-01-10 Daniel KangSSE2 high bit depth zigzag_interleave_cavlc
2011-01-10 Daniel KangMMX/SSE2/SSSE3 high bit depth frame_init_lowres functions
2011-01-10 Daniel KangMMX high bit depth 4x4 intra predict functions
2011-01-10 Daniel KangSSE2 high bit depth 8x8 intra predict functions
2011-01-10 George StephanosMMX/SSE2 high bit depth 8x8c intra predict functions
2011-01-10 Daniel KangMMX version of high bit depth plane_copy
2011-01-10 Jason Garrett-GlaserFaster x86 predict_8x8c_dc, MMX/SSE2 high bit depth...
2011-01-10 Jason Garrett-GlaserSSSE3 high bit depth sad_aligned functions
2011-01-10 Daniel KangMMX/SSE2 high bit depth interleave functions
2011-01-10 Joey GeralnikMMX/SSE2 high bit depth avg functions
2011-01-10 Daniel KangMMX/SSE2 high bit depth deinterleave functions
2011-01-10 Jason Garrett-GlaserShut up some incorrect gcc uninitialized variable warnings
2011-01-10 Anton MitrofanovWrite --crop-rect and --frame-packing options to x264 SEI
2011-01-10 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd missing space to parameter SEI
2011-01-10 Daniel KangFix overflow in SSIM calculation in 10-bit
2011-01-10 Anton MitrofanovFix some possible overflows in VFR ratecontrol with...
2011-01-08 Daniel KangFix compile error with high bit depth and disable-asm
2010-12-14 Steven WaltersSupport for native Windows threads
2010-12-14 Daniel KangMMX/SSE2 high bit depth weight_cache/offset(sub|add...
2010-12-14 Daniel KangSSE2 high bit depth dequant functions
2010-12-14 Daniel KangSSE2 high bit depth zigzag functions
2010-12-14 Daniel Alexandru... MMX/SSE2 versions of high bit depth store_interleave
2010-12-14 Vittorio GiovaraAdd frame-packing SEI support for signalling 3D video
2010-12-14 Yasuhiro IkedaSave more memory with weightp in >8-bit
2010-12-14 Daniel KangFix high bit depth intra pred functions
2010-12-11 Oskar ArvidssonFix build error in high depth
2010-12-07 Jason Garrett-GlaserHotfix for high bit depth
2010-12-07 Daniel KangTons of high bit depth intra predict asm
2010-12-07 David CzechSSE2 high bit depth 8x8/16x16 idct/idct_dc
2010-12-07 Ramiro PollaCreate and install x264_config.h
2010-12-07 Jason Garrett-GlaserAutomatically restrict QPs to avoid quantization (under...
2010-12-07 Oskar ArvidssonFix possible overflow in sub4x4_dct in 10-bit builds
2010-12-07 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix file handle leak in libx264 on error
2010-12-05 Sean McGovernSPARC/Solaris build fixes
2010-11-25 Alex WrightMake --weightp 1 a better speed tradeoff
2010-11-25 Daniel KangSSE versions of some high-bit-depth DCT functions
2010-11-25 Jason Garrett-GlaserChange qpmin default to 0
2010-11-25 Steven WaltersFix configure so that boolean configuration options...
2010-11-23 Sean McGovernFix build on SPARC Solaris 10
2010-11-20 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix some crashes with high bit depth
2010-11-19 Jason Garrett-GlaserChroma weighted prediction
2010-11-19 Jason Garrett-GlaserSupport custom cropping rectangles
2010-11-19 Oskar ArvidssonConvert X264_HIGH_BIT_DEPTH to HIGH_BIT_DEPTH
2010-11-19 Oskar Arvidssonx86 asm for high-bit-depth pixel metrics
2010-11-19 Jason Garrett-Glaserx86 asm for some high-bit-depth coefficient functions
2010-11-19 Oskar Arvidssonx86 asm for high-bit-depth motion compensation
2010-11-19 Oskar Arvidssonx86 asm for high-bit-depth quant
2010-11-19 Oskar Arvidssonx86 asm for high-bit-depth DCT
2010-11-19 Oskar Arvidssonx86 asm for high-bit-depth deblocking
2010-11-18 Oskar ArvidssonUse a 16-bit buffer in hpel_filter regardless of bit...
2010-11-18 Henrik GramnerUse enums instead of magic numbers in x264_mb_partition...
2010-11-17 Anton MitrofanovVarious high-bit-depth ratecontrol fixes
2010-11-14 Loren MerrittFix a crash in --dump-yuv for odd resolutions
2010-11-14 Jason Garrett-GlaserSave a bit of memory with weightp + high bit depth
2010-11-14 Kieran KunhyaFix HRD with intra-refresh
2010-11-10 Jason Garrett-GlaserImprove quantizer handling
2010-11-10 Jason Garrett-GlaserVFR-aware PSNR/SSIM measurement
2010-11-10 Loren MerrittAdd numeric names for the presets (0==ultrafast .....
2010-11-10 Jason Garrett-GlaserMove mv/ref prefetch code to the correct location
2010-10-31 Oskar ArvidssonFix overflows in satd, sa8d and hadamard_ac with high...
2010-10-31 Oskar ArvidssonFix potential problem with overflows in ssd_nv12
2010-10-31 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix syntax for some parameterless functions
2010-10-31 Steven WaltersFix fps reporting on mingw64
2010-10-31 Manuel RommelFix compilation on PPC with some recent GCCs
2010-10-11 Manuel RommelFix Altivec SATD with small strides
2010-10-10 Holger LubitzAddress remaining cacheline split issues in avg2
2010-10-10 Jason Garrett-GlaserTrim a few bytes off some x86 intra pred functions