MBAFF: CABAC encoding of skips
[x262.git] / common / macroblock.c
2011-05-12 Simon HorlickMBAFF: CABAC encoding of skips
2011-05-12 Simon HorlickMBAFF: Track what interlace decision the decoder is...
2011-05-12 Simon HorlickMBAFF: Disallow skip where predicted interlace flag...
2011-05-12 Simon HorlickMBAFF: Inter support
2011-05-12 Simon HorlickMBAFF: Neighbour calculation
2011-05-12 Simon HorlickMBAFF: Store references to the two left macroblocks
2011-05-12 Simon HorlickMBAFF: Store left references in a table
2011-05-12 Simon HorlickMBAFF: Save interlace decision for all macroblocks
2011-02-18 Anton MitrofanovFix malloc of zero size
2011-01-25 Sean McGovernBump dates to 2011
2011-01-25 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix reconfiguration of b_tff
2011-01-10 Jason Garrett-GlaserCosmetics: fref0/1 -> fref[2] and i_ref0/1 -> i_ref[2]
2010-12-14 Yasuhiro IkedaSave more memory with weightp in >8-bit
2010-11-25 Alex WrightMake --weightp 1 a better speed tradeoff
2010-11-18 Oskar ArvidssonUse a 16-bit buffer in hpel_filter regardless of bit...
2010-11-14 Jason Garrett-GlaserSave a bit of memory with weightp + high bit depth
2010-11-10 Jason Garrett-GlaserMove mv/ref prefetch code to the correct location
2010-09-28 Alex WrightChroma mode decision/subpel for B-frames
2010-09-18 Jason Garrett-GlaserUpdate source file headers
2010-08-24 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd global #define for maximum reference count
2010-08-24 Jason Garrett-GlaserSimplify addressing logic for interlaced-related arrays
2010-07-16 Loren MerrittPrevent some cases of cache aliasing.
2010-07-15 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix another PCM bug
2010-07-15 Loren MerrittConvert x264 to use NV12 pixel format internally
2010-07-15 Jason Garrett-GlaserEliminate edge cases for MV predictors
2010-07-15 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix 8x8dct+slices+no sliced threads+cavlc+deblock
2010-07-04 Oskar ArvidssonSupport for 9 and 10-bit encoding
2010-06-27 Loren MerrittSimplify pixel_ads
2010-06-09 Jason Garrett-GlaserTemplate load_pic_pointers based on interlaced
2010-06-09 Jason Garrett-GlaserRemove double-dereferences for MB width/height data
2010-06-09 Nathan CaldwellDeduplicate the ALIGN macro, move it to common.h
2010-06-02 Oskar ArvidssonConvert to a unified "pixel" type for pixel data
2010-05-31 Henrik GramnerSome deblocking-related optimizations
2010-05-31 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix cavlc+deblock+8x8dct (regression in r1612)
2010-05-26 Jason Garrett-GlaserOverhaul deblocking again
2010-05-21 Jason Garrett-GlaserRewrite deblock strength calculation, add asm
2010-05-06 Anton MitrofanovMore cosmetics
2010-05-06 Jason Garrett-GlaserImprove temporal MV prediction
2010-04-24 Jason Garrett-GlaserSplit out MV prediction into mvpred.c
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix 10l in cache_load changes
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserMove deblocking/hpel into sliced threads
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserPrefetch MB data in cache_load
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix a ton of pessimization caused by aliasing in cache_...
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd CP128/M128 macros using SSE
2010-04-14 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix various early terminations with slices
2010-04-10 Jason Garrett-GlaserMake MV prediction work across slice boundaries
2010-04-10 Jason Garrett-GlaserCleanup and simplification of macroblock_load
2010-04-05 Alex WrightBetter b16x8/8x16 early termination in B-frames
2010-04-05 Jason Garrett-GlaserMassive cosmetic and syntax cleanup
2010-03-27 Henrik GramnerCosmetics in mvd handling
2010-03-27 Henrik GramnerCosmetics: use sizeof() where appropriate
2010-03-27 Jason Garrett-GlaserSplit up analyse_init
2010-03-27 Jason Garrett-GlaserMuch more accurate B-skip detection at 2 < subme < 7
2010-03-27 Jason Garrett-GlaserShrink some arrays in x264_t
2010-03-27 Anton MitrofanovFix two nondeterminisms
2010-02-25 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix regression in r1449
2010-02-25 Jason Garrett-GlaserCut size of MVD arrays by a factor of 2 again
2010-02-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserMuch faster and more efficient MVD handling
2010-02-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd temporal predictor support to interlaced encoding
2010-02-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserKeep track of macroblock partitions
2010-02-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserMuch faster and simpler direct spatial calculation
2010-02-15 Jason Garrett-GlaserBackport various speed tweak ideas from ffmpeg
2010-02-15 Jason Garrett-GlaserImplement direct temporal + interlaced
2010-01-28 Jason Garrett-GlaserMerge nnz_backup with scratch buffer
2010-01-21 Jason Garrett-GlaserVarious performance optimizations
2010-01-14 David ConradFix x264 compilation on Apple GCC
2009-12-11 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix regression in direct=auto/temporal in r1364
2009-12-09 Jason Garrett-GlaserBring back slice-based threading support
2009-11-25 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix weightb with delta_poc_bottom
2009-11-12 Dylan YudakenVarious weightp fixes
2009-11-12 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix all aliasing violations
2009-11-09 Dylan YudakenWeighted P-frame prediction
2009-11-09 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix miscompilation with gcc 4.3 on ARM
2009-10-29 Jason Garrett-GlaserMotion compensation optimizations
2009-10-25 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix two warnings + some minor optimizations
2009-10-25 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix a typo in b-pyramid help
2009-10-25 Henrik GramnerA bit more write-combining in macroblock_cache_load
2009-10-19 Lamont AlstonMake B-pyramid spec-compliant
2009-10-07 Jason Garrett-GlaserConstrained intra prediction support
2009-09-21 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd intra prediction modes to output stats
2009-09-02 Steven WaltersThreaded lookahead
2009-08-31 Jason Garrett-GlaserMulti-slice encoding support
2009-08-23 David ConradGSOC merge part 2: ARM stack alignment
2009-08-13 Loren Merrittfix lowres padding, which failed to extrapolate the...
2009-08-09 Loren Merrittsimd part of x264_macroblock_tree_propagate.
2009-06-19 Jason Garrett-GlaserFaster MV prediction
2009-05-14 Jason Garrett-GlaserFaster spatial direct MV prediction
2009-02-16 Jason Garrett-GlaserOptimize neighbor CBP calculation and fix related regre...
2009-01-27 Jason Garrett-GlaserMuch faster chroma encoding and other opts
2009-01-20 Jason Garrett-GlaserEliminate support for direct_8x8_inference=0
2009-01-08 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix regression in r1066
2008-12-31 Steven Waltersfactor mallocs out of hpel, ssim, and esa.
2008-12-24 Jason Garrett-GlaserOptimize variance asm + minor changes
2008-12-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserMinor CABAC cleanups and related optimizations
2008-12-16 Jason Garrett-GlaserMore macroblock_cache optimizations
2008-12-15 Jason Garrett-GlaserOptimizations in predict_mv_direct
2008-11-11 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd subme=0 (fullpel motion estimation only)
2008-09-28 Jason Garrett-GlaserReplace High 4:4:4 profile lossless with High 4:4:4...
2008-09-28 Loren Merrittavg_weight_ssse3
2008-09-20 Jason Garrett-GlaserMerge avg and avg_weight