Support for native Windows threads
[x262.git] / Makefile
2010-12-14 Steven WaltersSupport for native Windows threads
2010-12-07 Anton MitrofanovDelete x264_config.h on distclean
2010-12-07 Ramiro PollaCreate and install x264_config.h
2010-12-05 Sean McGovernSPARC/Solaris build fixes
2010-11-25 Steven WaltersFix configure so that boolean configuration options...
2010-11-23 Sean McGovernOnly build SPARC VIS asm if high bit-depth is disabled
2010-11-19 Oskar ArvidssonConvert X264_HIGH_BIT_DEPTH to HIGH_BIT_DEPTH
2010-11-19 Oskar Arvidssonx86 asm for high-bit-depth pixel metrics
2010-10-10 Jason Garrett-GlaserRemove some old unused stuff in the build tree
2010-09-28 Oskar ArvidssonFinish support for high-depth video throughout x264
2010-09-19 James DarnleyAdd --disable-gpl option to configure
2010-07-15 Steven WaltersAdd video filtering system to x264cli
2010-06-25 Steven WaltersUse threadpools to avoid unnecessary thread creation
2010-06-09 Steven WaltersPreprocessing cosmetics
2010-06-02 Jason Garrett-Glaserx86 assembly code for NAL escaping
2010-05-06 Jason Garrett-GlaserDeduplicate asm constants, automate name prefixing
2010-04-24 Jason Garrett-GlaserSplit out MV prediction into mvpred.c
2010-04-23 Anton MitrofanovMove getopt.c to x264cli sources from libx264
2010-04-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserMove deblocking code to a separate file
2010-04-23 Francois CartegnieFix build scripts to work with non-GNU tools
2010-03-27 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix make uninstall on systems with executable suffixes
2010-03-27 Jason Garrett-GlaserOverhaul macroblock_cache_rect
2010-03-27 Yusuke NakamuraTimecode input/output
2010-02-25 David ConradDisable Altivec and VIS optimizations when --disable...
2010-01-30 Loren MerrittFix log2f detection, include order, some gcc warnings
2010-01-30 Diogo FrancoMove -D CFLAGS to config.h
2010-01-14 Anton MitrofanovFix static pthreads + dynamically linked x264 on win32
2010-01-14 Kieran KunhyaLAVF/FFMS input support, native VFR timestamp handling
2009-11-30 Steven WaltersEnhanced Avisynth input support
2009-11-15 Kieran KunhyaFLV muxing support
2009-11-09 David ConradFix weightp on ARM + PPC
2009-11-09 David ConradVarious ARM-related fixes
2009-10-24 Steven Walterssplit muxers.c into one file per format
2009-10-19 Jason Garrett-GlaserUpdate fprofile with the latest change to b-pyramid
2009-09-02 Steven WaltersThreaded lookahead
2009-08-31 Jason Garrett-GlaserMulti-slice encoding support
2009-08-29 Loren Merrittfix asm symbols for oprofile (regression in r1221)
2009-08-24 David ConradGSOC merge part 8: ARM NEON intra prediction assembly...
2009-08-24 David ConradGSOC merge part 7: ARM NEON deblock assembly functions...
2009-08-24 David ConradGSOC merge part 6: ARM NEON quant assembly functions...
2009-08-24 David ConradGSOC merge part 5: ARM NEON dct assembly functions
2009-08-24 David ConradGSOC merge part 4: ARM NEON mc assembly functions
2009-08-24 David ConradGSOC merge part 3: ARM NEON pixel assembly functions
2009-08-20 David ConradGSOC merge part 1: Framework for ARM assembly optimizations
2009-08-13 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd no-mbtree to fprofile (and fix pyramid in fprofile)
2009-07-27 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix two bugs in QPRD
2009-07-26 Jason Garrett-GlaserAdd QPRD support as subme=10
2009-07-07 Jason Garrett-GlaserFix fprofile settings to match changes in defaults
2009-03-04 Jason Garrett-GlaserRemove pre-scenecut from fprofile commands as well
2009-02-11 Anton MitrofanovWindows 64-bit support
2009-01-28 Loren Merrittremove $ECHON kludge, which broke on SunOS. bring back...
2008-11-23 Jason Garrett-GlaserPhenom CPU optimizations
2008-10-03 Loren Merrittrm gtk, avc2avi.
2008-10-02 Jason Garrett-GlaserRework subme system, add RD refinement in B-frames
2008-08-30 Loren Merritthardcode the ratecontrol equation, and remove the rceq...
2008-08-22 Guillaume Poirierimprove generation of Darwin libraries
2008-07-31 Loren Merrittcosmetics: merge x86inc*.asm
2008-07-30 Holger LubitzRefactor asm macros part 1: DCT
2008-07-10 Loren Merrittde-duplicate vlc tables
2008-06-08 Loren Merrittbenchmark most of the asm functions (checkasm --bench).
2008-03-30 Zuxy Mengfix naming of .dll on mingw
2008-03-24 Loren Merrittcabac asm.
2008-03-22 Loren Merrittadd tesa and lossless to fprofile
2008-03-17 Loren Merrittcheckasm check whether callee-saved regs are correctly...
2008-03-16 Loren Merrittmerge x86_32 and x86_64 asm, with macros to abstract...
2008-01-27 Loren Merrittremove colorspace conversion support, because it has...
2007-12-09 Guillaume Poirieradds AliVec implementation of predict_16x16_p()
2007-11-21 Loren Merrittcover some more options in fprofile. (esa, bime, cqm...
2007-06-22 Guillaume PoirierAdd vertical and horizontal luma deblocking accelerated...
2007-06-05 Alex Izvorskiallow compiling without yasm/nasm on x86 and x86-64...
2007-03-14 Sam Hocevar * Use -maltivec when building dependencies, or <altiv...
2007-03-14 Sam Hocevar * common/cpu.c: runtime AltiVec autodetection on...
2007-03-03 Loren Merrittcosmetics in regression test
2007-03-03 Alex Izvorskiregression testing, run similar to fprofiled: VIDS...
2007-02-28 Alex Izvorskiadd ability to generate doxygen documentation; make dox
2007-01-02 Eric PetitCheck whether 'echo -n' works, otherwise try printf...
2006-11-18 Eric PetitMerges Guillaume Poirier's AltiVec changes:
2006-10-05 Loren Merrittno more vfw
2006-10-01 Loren Merrittstrip local symbols from asm .o files, since they confu...
2006-09-25 Sam Hocevar * Add an "all" rule to the Makefile. Ideally "default...
2006-08-04 Loren Merrittgcc -fprofile-generate isn't threadsafe
2006-08-01 Loren Merritt--threads=auto to detect number of cpus
2006-07-28 Loren MerrittGTK update. patch by Vincent Torri.
2006-07-16 Loren Merrittslightly faster mmx dct
2006-06-28 Måns Rullgårdmake symlink relative
2006-05-28 Loren Merrittmake -> $(MAKE)
2006-04-20 Loren Merritttypo in r504
2006-04-20 Loren Merrittupdate msvc project files.
2006-04-08 Måns Rullgårduse LDFLAGS when linking shared lib
2006-03-26 Loren MerrittGTK: compilation fixes
2006-03-11 Loren Merrittconfigure: --enable-shared for
2006-03-08 Loren Merrittcosmetics in makefile
2006-03-08 Loren Merrittcosmetics: muxers -> muxers.c
2006-02-10 Loren Merrittamd64 mmx for some intra pred functions
2006-02-07 Sam Hocevar * Support for x86 position-independent code (PIC...
2006-02-06 Loren Merrittcosmetics: reorganize intra prediction dsp
2006-01-15 Eric Petit Re-enabled x86 optims on MacIntel, assume Nasm CVS...
2006-01-14 Eric Petit Quick compile fix for OS X / Intel
2006-01-13 Loren Merrittcli: large file support
2005-12-07 Loren Merrittconfigure: autodetect gpac, avis, pthread, vfw