2011-07-13 Shaurav GargAdded moving sound sources master
2011-07-10 Shaurav GargSome refactoring
2011-07-09 Shaurav GargAdded freq output to proper value and modified some...
2011-07-09 Shaurav GargAdded bs2b level and speaker position calculation
2011-07-09 Shaurav GargBetter Error reporting from OpenAL
2011-07-04 Shaurav GargChanges to spat code
2011-07-02 Shaurav GargSpatialization code
2011-07-02 Shaurav GargSpatialization code (first try)
2011-06-21 Shaurav GargMinor bug fixing
2011-06-21 Shaurav GargAdding ability to play as FL32
2011-06-18 Shaurav GargOpenal: added ability to pick output device
2011-06-16 Shaurav GargOpenAL module compile code.
2011-06-16 Shaurav GargOpenAL output module
2011-05-25 Rémi Denis... Remove no-op vlc_object-kill in vlc_object_destroy
2011-05-25 Rémi Denis... Remove vlc_object_attach()
2011-05-25 Rémi Denis... Attach object during creation
2011-05-25 Rémi Denis... Always create a new object with the parent object
2011-05-25 Rémi Denis... Cleanup, no functional changes
2011-05-25 Rémi Denis... Remove unused FIND_PARENT
2011-05-25 Rémi Denis... Fix a prototype warning
2011-05-25 Rémi Denis... HTTP: remove --http-use-IE-proxy and assume it is alway...
2011-05-25 Rémi Denis... HTTP: kill useless --http-max-redirects
2011-05-25 Rémi Denis... HTTP: use a single variable to track redirections
2011-05-25 Rémi Denis... Remove dead old object thread code
2011-05-25 Felix Paul... contribs: updated Growl
2011-05-25 Sébastien Escudierfix input_Close return type
2011-05-25 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: fix playback start if VLC was minimized
2011-05-25 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: simplify
2011-05-25 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: Solve issue with alwaysOnTop and fullscreen conflicting
2011-05-24 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: fix dshow headers extraction
2011-05-24 Jean-Baptiste... Cue sheet files are playlists
2011-05-24 Jean-Baptiste... Cue: support COMMENT
2011-05-24 Jean-Baptiste... Cue: use URI to open the file
2011-05-24 Jean-Baptiste... Taglib: do not write 0 as track position if tracknumber...
2011-05-24 Jean-Baptiste... Win32: fix compilation for update
2011-05-23 Rafaël Carréandroid/configure.sh: look for configure in srcdir
2011-05-23 Rémi Denis... vlc-plugin: add potentially useful directory variables
2011-05-23 Laurent AimarFixed OSD EPG and build it directly at the display...
2011-05-23 Laurent AimarUpdated update code to vlc_clone().
2011-05-23 Laurent AimarUsed vlc_clone for interface threads.
2011-05-23 Laurent AimarRemoved vlc_thread_set_priority().
2011-05-23 Laurent AimarAdded vlc_set_priority() helper.
2011-05-23 Laurent AimarConverted input to vlc_clone().
2011-05-23 Laurent AimarUsed vlc_clone() in src/input/stream_demux.c
2011-05-23 Yuval TzeQt: synchronization: subtitles duration parameter
2011-05-23 Laurent AimarUnexported vlc_thread_set_priority().
2011-05-23 Laurent AimarRemoved useless vlc_thread_set_priority() calls in...
2011-05-23 Ludovic Fauvetinput: send position updates to the intf during a fast...
2011-05-22 Jean-Baptiste... Strings: use getTitleFbName for str_format_meta
2011-05-22 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: provide a button to open subtitle
2011-05-22 Laurent AimarUnexported vlc_thread_create/join.
2011-05-22 Laurent AimarUsed input_Close() where applicable.
2011-05-22 Laurent AimarAdded input_Close() helper.
2011-05-22 Laurent AimarConverted aout waveout to vlc_clone().
2011-05-22 Laurent AimarConverted aout directx to vlc_clone().
2011-05-22 Jean-Baptiste... Playlist: fix scrolling events in selector
2011-05-22 Jean-Baptiste... AVI: try again to fix metadata issue: #4765
2011-05-22 Felix Paul... macosx: remove references to VLCIntf from the EyeTV...
2011-05-22 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: mediainfo, difference between URI and URL
2011-05-22 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: add popupAddToPlaylist
2011-05-22 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: change shortcut in info dialog
2011-05-22 Jean-Baptiste... MKV: misc simplifications, renaming and privatizations
2011-05-22 Jean-Baptiste... MKV: rename functions to match better the actual implem...
2011-05-22 Jean-Baptiste... MKV: privatize methods in virtual_segment_t
2011-05-21 Jean-Baptiste... playlist: fix error in [874efde6]
2011-05-21 Jean-Baptiste... MKV: privatize matroska_segment_c methods
2011-05-21 Laurent AimarConverted portaudio to vlc_clone() and fix vlc_cond_wai...
2011-05-21 Jean-Baptiste... luaRC: provide deinterlace control
2011-05-21 Jean-Baptiste... MKV: remove unused variables
2011-05-21 Laurent AimarReworked how the event thread works in mkv demuxer.
2011-05-21 Pierre YnardMakefile: renamed file
2011-05-21 Felix Paul... macosx: fixed another crash after the video stopped...
2011-05-21 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: remove unused variable
2011-05-21 Rémi Denis... ASX: fix NULL derefence (LP#785979)
2011-05-20 Rafaël CarréFix one-instance
2011-05-20 Rémi Denis... shell syntax
2011-05-20 Laurent AimarConverted oss to vlc_clone().
2011-05-20 Laurent AimarConverted ml_watch to vlc_clone().
2011-05-20 Laurent AimarConverted bonjour module to vlc_clone().
2011-05-20 Rémi Denis... libvlc_audio_get_mute(): return correct value
2011-05-20 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: small simplification
2011-05-20 Jean-Baptiste... Playlist simplification in leaf-to-parent management
2011-05-20 Jean-Baptiste... Qt, simplification: kill dead code
2011-05-20 Jean-Baptiste... Correct documentation of playlist_item_t
2011-05-20 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: fix MRL update on Win32
2011-05-19 Jean-Baptiste... winvlc: various cleaning and comments
2011-05-19 Jean-Baptiste... Win32: forgotten error GUI messages
2011-05-19 Felix Paul... macosx: disable window restoration on relaunch for...
2011-05-19 Jean-Baptiste... Win32: QString.sprintf is a bad solution for complex...
2011-05-19 Jean-Baptiste... live555: remove unused variables
2011-05-19 Jean-Baptiste... Win32: more dialogs when submitting the bug reports
2011-05-19 Felix Paul... macosx: wait until the app finished launching to init...
2011-05-19 Rémi Denis... Add video/webm and audio/webm defacto MIME types
2011-05-19 Mirsal Ennaimedbus: Update the TrackList interface implementation
2011-05-19 Mirsal Ennaimedbus: Correctly implement the GetTracksMetadata method
2011-05-19 Felix Paul... qtcapture: improved variable handling
2011-05-19 Mirsal Ennaimedbus: make the RemoveTrack method compliant with MPRIS2
2011-05-19 Rafaël Carrédbus fixes
2011-05-19 Rafaël Carrémpris.py: update to mpris 2.1
2011-05-19 Rafaël Carrédbus: fix introspection data of SetPosition