2011-09-03 Jean-Baptiste... DB: fix syntax error master
2011-08-24 Adrien MagloThumbnailer: generate the thumbnail in "crop" mode.
2011-08-22 Sébastien Toquei420_rgb: NEON version
2011-08-21 Rafaël CarréDisplay album name in audio player
2011-08-21 Rafaël Carréenable taglib again
2011-08-21 Rafaël CarréDon't call FromLocaleDup(NULL)
2011-08-21 Rafaël CarréRead file meta data
2011-08-20 Michael Mergadd functions to manage playlists
2011-08-20 Michael MergUI: add german and italian language
2011-08-19 Michael MergAndroid: prepare database for playlists
2011-08-19 Michael MergUI: add repeat and shuffle icons
2011-08-18 Michael MergUI: hide next and previous button
2011-08-18 Michael MergUI: Add some icons and bugfix
2011-08-15 Rafaël Carrélibvlcjni.so: link with libtag
2011-08-14 Rafaël Carrénon-neon android build: use armv6
2011-08-14 Rafaël Carréconfigure.sh: sanitize flags
2011-08-14 Rafaël Carrébuild taglib module by default
2011-08-14 Rafaël CarréUse sane compilation flags
2011-08-14 Rafaël Carrépatch taglib to really make a static build
2011-08-14 Rafaël Carrémake sure live directory is writable for patching
2011-07-29 Michael MergFix crash in audio player
2011-07-29 Michael MergUI: add AudioPlayerActivity
2011-07-28 Michael MergFix crash #2
2011-07-28 Michael MergFix crash when start from another application
2011-07-28 Michael MergUI: show info dialog on startup
2011-07-28 Jean-Baptiste... Support for running video files from another application
2011-07-27 Michael MergUI: update media title in the notivication
2011-07-27 Michael MergBug fixes
2011-07-26 Michael MergAndroid: pause when phone is ringing
2011-07-26 Michael Mergadd missing menu file
2011-07-25 Michael MergUI: add option to hide the miniplayer (LongClick)
2011-07-25 Michael MergAndroid: fix callback from audio service
2011-07-25 Michael MergUI: move mini player from audio view to the main view
2011-07-25 Michael MergUI: hide ImageView in audio player when there is no...
2011-07-22 Jean-Baptiste... Fix crash
2011-07-20 Michael Mergdatabase fix #2
2011-07-20 Michael Mergdatabase fix
2011-07-20 Michael MergUI: add meta data to Media class
2011-07-17 Michael MergUI: enable seekbar in the mini player
2011-07-15 Michael MergUI: add icons to the header
2011-07-14 Michael MergUI: Add audio browser and audio player
2011-07-12 Sébastien Toquei420_rgb: remove YV12 case
2011-07-11 Sébastien Toquei420_rgb: use unlikely
2011-07-11 Sébastien Toquei420_rgb: use precomputed values
2011-07-09 Sébastien Toquei420_rgb: use BT709 values + integer instead of float...
2011-07-06 Michael MergUI: add media info and create separate media libaray...
2011-07-05 Michael MergUI: add temporarily audio list
2011-07-05 Michael MergUI: fix problem with global search
2011-07-05 Michael MergUI: add menu option to clear history
2011-07-04 Michael MergUI: replace old history item in database
2011-07-03 Garret KellyUI: Stop media playback when video player view is destr...
2011-06-30 Michael MergUI: make search non-case-sensitive
2011-06-30 Michael MergUI: update search history
2011-06-30 Michael MergUI: enable search (only for video)
2011-06-29 Jean-Baptiste... Support way more extensions
2011-06-29 Michael Mergfix: add missing file
2011-06-26 Michael MergUI: add "more" button to video items
2011-06-24 Michael MergUI: add separate search activity
2011-06-23 Michael MergUI: add textbox for search
2011-06-23 Michael MergUI: add length to the video list
2011-06-22 Michael MergUI: make video item list sortable
2011-06-22 Michael Mergdifferentiate audio and video items
2011-06-22 Michael MergUI: cut off the transparency of the thumbnail
2011-06-22 Michael MergUI: fade-out video navigation and close player then...
2011-06-21 Michael MergUI: add separate views for video and audio
2011-06-18 Sébastien ToqueEnable mkv
2011-06-18 Sébastien Toquecontribs: fix ebml/matroska
2011-06-18 Pierre Ynardcontribs: update live555 patch
2011-06-14 Ludovic Fauvetandroid vout: rename extern functions
2011-06-14 Ludovic Fauvetandroid: disable encoders and muxers from ffmpeg
2011-06-14 Ludovic Fauvetcontribs: remove pixman
2011-06-11 Sébastien Toquedon't use fdatasync/pipe2 available in ndk5c, dlopen...
2011-06-10 Jean-Baptiste... Configure: deactivating even more things
2011-06-10 Jean-Baptiste... Update the configure and synchronize with vlc.git
2011-06-10 Dominique Martinetchange opensles buffer array to a static one, and add...
2011-06-07 Ludovic Fauvetandroid vout: remove useless check
2011-06-07 Ludovic Fauvetandroid vout: cosmetics
2011-06-07 Ludovic Fauvetandroid vout: add missing extern keyword
2011-06-07 Ludovic Fauvetandroid vout: fix a memory leak
2011-06-07 Ludovic Fauvetandroid vout: replace define by inline function
2011-06-07 Ludovic Fauvetandroid vout: cosmetics
2011-06-07 Ludovic Fauvetandroid vout: only allow one instance at a time
2011-06-06 Ludovic Fauvetandroid vout: make the InitLibrary function reentrant
2011-06-06 Ludovic Fauvetconfigure: reordering parameters in alphabetical order
2011-06-06 Ludovic Fauvetfix compilation when NEON is disabled
2011-06-05 Michael Mergupdate overlay and add new icons
2011-06-05 Adrien MagloThumbnailer: Remove wrong comment.
2011-06-05 Adrien MagloAndroid GUI: Fix a typo.
2011-06-05 Adrien MagloThumbnailer: Prevent a null pointer exception if the...
2011-06-05 Adrien MagloThumbnailer: Preserve the aspect ratio of the video...
2011-06-05 Jean-Baptiste... Proper credit
2011-06-05 Sébastien ToqueRemove useless computation
2011-06-05 Sébastien ToqueWrap the picture_t directly around the android surface
2011-06-04 Rémi DuraffortCosmetics.
2011-06-03 Sébastien Toquefirst slow i420_rgb filter, disabled for now until...
2011-06-03 Sébastien Toqueuse VLC_CODEC_RGB32 directly
2011-06-03 Sébastien Toquefix video distortion if width is not a multiple of 32
2011-06-03 Dominique Martinetupdated HOWTO file for current Makefile
2011-06-02 Rémi DuraffortFix small use after close (invalid object).
2011-06-01 Jean-Baptiste... Small fixes after the first review