Update NEWS to mention EoL
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2018-07-24 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS to mention EoL master
2018-04-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfNEWS: fix typos
2017-11-21 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS for AVI issue
2017-11-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS 2.2.7
2017-11-15 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS for 2.2.7
2017-10-17 David FuhrmannUpdates NEWS for macOS
2017-06-01 Hugo Beauzée-LuyssenOn the road to 2.2.7
2017-05-24 Hugo Beauzée-LuyssenUpdate NEWS
2017-05-18 Hugo Beauzée-LuyssenUpdate NEWS
2017-05-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfOn the road to 2.2.6
2017-04-07 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS
2017-03-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS for
2017-03-09 Jean-Baptiste KempfPrepare
2017-02-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS 2.2.5
2017-01-01 Pierre YnardNEWS: fix typo
2016-12-29 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS for 2.2.5
2016-12-07 Jean-Baptiste KempfNEWS: mention the lpcm issue
2016-12-06 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS
2016-10-13 David FuhrmannNEWS: Mention change regarding resume points
2016-09-29 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS for 2.2.5
2016-08-23 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS for 2.2.5
2016-06-17 Felix Paul KühneOn the road to 2.2.5
2016-06-01 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS 2.2.4
2016-05-27 Jean-Baptiste KempfNEWS: mention the CVE number
2016-05-26 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS for 2.2.4
2016-05-07 Jean-Baptiste KempfOn the road to 2.2.4
2016-04-26 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS for 2.2.3 2.2.3
2016-02-27 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS for 2.2.3
2016-02-06 Jean-Baptiste KempfOn the road to 2.2.3
2016-01-20 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS for 2.2.2 2.2.2
2015-12-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS
2015-12-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfNEWS: clarify the Qt 5.5 key/mouse events support
2015-12-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS for 2.2.2
2015-11-22 David FuhrmannNEWS: Mention El Capitan support
2015-09-23 David FuhrmannUpdate NEWS
2015-07-27 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS for libvlc
2015-06-24 Tristan Matthewsavcodec: add mappings for gbrp 9/10-bit LE,BE
2015-06-23 Felix Paul KühneUpdate NEWS
2015-06-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS
2015-05-01 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS on 2.2.x
2015-04-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfOn the road to 2.2.2
2015-04-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS with CVE numbers
2015-04-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS for 2.2.1
2015-02-27 Jean-Baptiste KempfOn the road to 2.2.1
2015-02-26 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS for 2.2.0
2015-02-23 Jean-Baptiste KempfOn the way to 2.2.0
2015-01-22 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS
2015-01-03 David FuhrmannNEWS: mention Yosemite support
2014-11-12 Jean-Baptiste KempfMention translations in NEWS
2014-11-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfOn the way to RC2
2014-11-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfNEWS: update for RC1 2.2.0-rc1
2014-10-06 Jean-Baptiste KempfOn the road to RC1
2014-10-06 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS 2.2.0-pre4
2014-08-31 Felix Paul KühneNEWS: minor Mac stuff additions
2014-08-30 Jean-Baptiste KempfOn the road to -pre4
2014-08-18 Jean-Baptiste KempfOn the road to -pre3
2014-08-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfOn the road to 2.2.0-pre2
2014-08-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfNEWS: forwardport 2.1.5 NEWS
2014-08-15 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS 2.2.0-pre1
2014-07-11 Rémi Denis-CourmontUpdate news
2014-06-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfOn the road to 2.2.0-pre1
2014-05-25 David FuhrmannNEWS: add some entries for the mac interface
2014-05-24 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS
2014-05-22 Dennis Hamestercodec/mmal: Add mmal based decoder plugin
2014-05-22 Dennis Hamestervideo_output/mmal: Add mmal based video output plugin
2014-05-11 Vikram FugroAdd a GStreamer-based decoder module
2014-04-27 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: add a11y option to increase playlist table...
2014-04-26 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: expose continue playback option in simple settings
2014-04-25 Felix Abecassiscodec: implementation of Media Foundation Transform...
2014-04-18 Francois Cartegnieupdate NEWS
2014-04-03 Francois CartegnieQt: implement teletext buttons (fix #11132)
2014-03-25 Francois Cartegniedemux: mp4: add support for tx3g (fix #8305)
2014-03-25 Francois Cartegniecodec: add tx3g spu
2014-03-12 Felix Paul KühneRemove the CoreGraphics video output modules since...
2014-03-06 Felix Paul KühneUpdate NEWS and module list
2014-02-24 Denis CharmetUpdate NEWS
2014-02-21 Felix Paul KühneMerge 2.1.2 and 2.1.3 NEWS
2014-02-20 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS and MODULES_LIST
2014-02-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfNews: fix typo found by No_se
2014-02-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS
2014-02-15 Rafaël CarréRemove --ts-out option
2014-02-15 Rafaël Carrésout-all now defaults to true
2014-02-15 Ilkka OllakkaNEWS: mention transcode fps accepting rational numbers
2014-02-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdates for NEWS and POTFILES.in
2014-02-09 Ilkka Ollakkastats module
2014-02-08 Jean-Baptiste KempfAdd NEWS for FFT windowing
2014-02-08 Jean-Baptiste KempfNEWS: mention libvlc change
2014-02-08 Felix AbecassisDirect3D: implement HLSL pixel shading in the rendering...
2014-02-07 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS for Bink and jpeg encoder
2014-02-03 David FuhrmannAdded coreanimation opengl layer vout module
2014-01-17 Felix Abecassismediacodec: implementation of MediaCodec GPU direct...
2014-01-16 Rafaël CarréMention dirac removal
2014-01-12 Andrey UtkinEnable JPEG RTP packetization
2014-01-12 Jean-Baptiste KempfAdd .rpl extension
2014-01-12 Jean-Baptiste KempfAdd .txd extension
2014-01-12 Jean-Baptiste KempfAdd .thp extension
2014-01-05 Francois Cartegniemux: ogg: add support for VP8 in OGG
2014-01-05 Francois Cartegniedemux: ogg: add ogg/VP8 support
2013-12-30 David FuhrmannAdd secure transport TLS module
2013-12-26 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate NEWS, MODULES_LIST and POTFILES.in