2011-04-10 Rémi Denis... MP4: fix heap-based buffer overflow master
2010-08-11 Lukáš Lalinskýtaglib: fix NULL deferences after dynamic cast
2010-05-27 Jai MenonAVI : Don't free uninitialized ES format descriptor...
2010-05-15 Rémi Denis... Qt4: use putenv() before any thread is created
2010-05-02 Felix Paul... contribs: updated binary package for Mac OS X
2010-04-25 Rémi Denis... Fix xcb-keysyms version checks
2010-04-25 Rémi Denis... Bump version
2010-04-25 Rémi Denis... Remove old reference to xcb-aux
2010-04-21 Rémi Denis... Sync PO files 1.0.6
2010-04-18 Rémi Denis... live555: fix use-after-free in TCP rollover on MS-RTSP
2010-04-18 Rémi Denis... build the static VLC binary with $(make core)
2010-04-17 Rémi Denis... NAME_MAX requires <limits.h>
2010-04-17 Rémi Denis... Bump libvlccore revision
2010-04-17 Rémi Denis... skins: use readdir_r() instead of readdir()
2010-04-17 Rémi Denis... vlc_readdir: thread-safety fix
2010-04-17 Rémi DuraffortGrowl: cosmetics.
2010-04-17 Rémi DuraffortGrowl: fix a second buffer overflow.
2010-04-17 Rémi Duraffortgrowl: fix a buffer overflow.
2010-04-17 Rémi DuraffortGrow: fix crash when the password is NULL.
2010-04-17 Rémi DuraffortGrowl: fix bad memset.
2010-04-17 Rémi DuraffortGrowl: cosmetics.
2010-04-17 Rémi Duraffortgrowl: fix pontential use after free (var_delcallbacl...
2010-04-17 Rémi DuraffortTypo.
2010-04-16 Rémi Denis... Update NEWS
2010-04-16 Rémi Denis... Mostly restore libmad functionality
2010-04-16 Rémi Denis... Fix A/52 decoding when liba52 is not present
2010-04-16 Rémi Denis... Restore liba52 and libdca functionality
2010-04-16 Rémi Denis... Revert "Avoid warnings"
2010-04-16 Rémi Denis... Win32: handle WSAEINTR correctly, should fix #3101
2010-04-16 Francois CartegnieFix segfault in preparser
2010-04-15 Rémi Denis... Happy new year *cough* *cough*
2010-04-15 Rémi Denis... Avoid warnings
2010-04-15 Rémi Denis... Fixed potential segfault with corrupted streams (audio...
2010-04-15 Rémi Denis... News for 1.0.6
2010-04-15 Rémi Denis... Disable A52, DTS and MPEG Audio dummy decoder plugins
2010-04-15 Rémi Denis... RTMP: totally broken, disabled for the time being
2010-04-15 Rémi Denis... Call XInitThreads in non-1.1 Xlib-dependent plugins
2010-04-15 Rémi Denis... Pulse: uses Xlib, needs XInitThreads()
2010-04-15 Rémi Denis... On the way to 1.0.6
2010-04-15 Laurent AimarPrevent a potential integer overflow (mkv).
2010-04-15 Laurent AimarFixed segfault with incomplete mkv files.
2010-04-15 Laurent AimarFixed segfault with corrupted mkv files with compressed...
2010-04-15 Laurent AimarFixed segfault when seeking in ASF with broken index.
2010-04-15 Laurent AimarCosmetics.
2010-04-15 Laurent AimarFixed invalid read in ASF_ReadObject_Index (asf).
2010-04-15 Rémi Denis... Fixed potential memleaks in avformat wrapper.
2010-04-15 Laurent AimarFixed division by 0 with invalid files in avformat...
2010-04-15 Laurent AimarFixed signed integer overflow when loading AVI ODML...
2010-04-15 Laurent AimarFixed segfault with corrupted AVI ODML index.
2010-04-15 Laurent AimarFixed a few memleaks in AVI demuxer.
2010-04-15 Erwan Tuloudemux(avi): fix crash occuring when trying to open...
2010-04-15 Rémi Denis... dvdnav: fix race between still image timeout and other...
2010-04-15 Laurent AimarFixed an assert with still frame in dvdnav.
2010-04-15 Laurent AimarSimplified and fixed mmst/u pausing (close #2673).
2010-04-15 Laurent AimarFixed segfault with corrupted zip file.
2010-04-15 Laurent AimarFixed read(NULL, size) in zipstream.
2010-04-15 Laurent AimarCosmetics (zip).
2010-04-15 Laurent AimarFixed memleak if no data are read or poke (zip).
2010-04-15 Laurent AimarFixed invalid accesses in decoder with corrupted subtit...
2010-04-08 Pierre Ynardlua: update the youtube script to the new version of...
2010-03-24 Ilkka Ollakkax264.c: compile fix
2010-03-24 Ilkka Ollakkax264.c: handle dts/pts from libx264 on X264_BUILD ...
2010-03-22 Gaëtan Rousseauxl10n: Walloon update
2010-03-20 Christophe... Avoid integer overflow
2010-03-20 David Gonzálezl10n: nsis spanish update
2010-03-20 David Gonzálezl10n: Spanish update
2010-03-20 Éric Lassaugel10n: French update
2010-03-15 Felix Paul... contribs: updated to latest binary package for OS X
2010-03-15 Felix Paul... French l10n: fixed typo
2010-03-13 Felix Paul... Updated Swedish translation by Daniel Nylander
2010-03-11 Rémi Denis... Qt4: bookmarks: don't give an anonymous temporary objec...
2010-03-08 Ricardo Pérez... .desktop Spanish translation
2010-03-08 Rémi Denis... Cosmetic
2010-03-07 Rémi Denis... MSN: fix assertion (fixes #2930)
2010-03-06 airplanezl10n: Korean update
2010-03-06 Dean Leel10n: Chinese update
2010-03-02 Rémi Denis... XSPF: fix NULL dereference on empty <location>
2010-03-02 Rémi Denis... Typo, use after free (fixes: #3372)
2010-03-02 Jakob LebenPlaylist: fix faulty duration sorting due to integer...
2010-02-28 Christophe... RTMP: Don't trust the length given by the stream
2010-02-28 Rémi Denis... FTP: handle ftp://HOST correctly
2010-02-25 Rémi Denis... Distribute and install the CUE parser
2010-02-23 Mihkell10n: Estonian update
2010-02-21 Rémi Denis... ParseExecute: robustify and cleanup
2010-02-21 Rémi Denis... UIs: call XInitThreads if using X11
2010-02-17 Rémi Denis... Missing initializer
2010-02-17 Rémi Denis... RTP out: fix race condition in SDP generation from...
2010-02-16 Felix Paul... contribs: updated contrib package for Mac OS X includin...
2010-02-16 Fumio Nakayamal10n: Japanese translation for .desktop
2010-02-16 Fumio Nakayamal10n: Japanese update
2010-02-14 Rémi Denis... fr: improve translation of "dump"
2010-02-14 Jakob LebenQt: fix deleting playlist items by key press
2010-02-06 H.Shalitha... l10n: Initial Sinhala translation
2010-02-04 Felix Paul... contribs: updated binary package with proper libass
2010-02-03 Rémi Denis... XSPF export: XML-encode the location
2010-02-02 David Gonzálezl10n: Spanish update
2010-01-31 Dean Leel10n: Chinese update
2010-01-31 airplanezl10n: Korean update
2010-01-31 Jean-Baptiste... Fix typo copy-pasting
2010-01-31 Jean-Baptiste... On the road again to 1.0.6