descriptionPython bindings for libvlc
last changeTue, 10 Oct 2017 16:59:12 +0000 (18:59 +0200)
13 days ago Olivier AubertGenerate an appropriate PyPI installer package for... master
13 days ago Olivier Aubertpython bindings: refactor, move template files to their...
2017-09-28 Olivier Aubertpython bindings: configure logging module when running...
2017-09-28 Olivier AubertPython bindings: update generated bindings for 2.2...
2017-09-28 Olivier Aubertpython bindings: update generator version number
2017-09-25 Olivier Aubertpython-vlc: allow to specify lib and plugin path
2017-09-19 Olivier Aubertpython bindings generator: handle bitshifted chars...
2017-04-10 Olivier AubertGtk3 example
2017-04-10 Olivier AubertRename to (using old pygtk2 version)
2017-03-20 Olivier AubertPython bindings: fix regexp to handle deprecated APIs
2017-03-01 Olivier Aubertpython: generate a new version of the bindings
2017-03-01 Olivier Aubertpython: conditional compilation based on presence of...
2017-02-24 Olivier Aubertpython-vlc: Fix ctypes conversion for pointers
2017-01-03 Olivier AubertMake wxvlc example cross-platform
2016-11-29 Olivier AubertAdd support for libvlc_video_viewpoint API
2016-10-07 Olivier AubertGenerate 2.2 specific bindings (in generated/2.2)
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