2018-07-15 mrJean1Enhanced footer.py (#60) master
2018-07-13 Olivier Aubertpython: translate Enum names in docs
2018-07-13 Olivier AubertPython: update distribution
2018-07-13 Olivier Aubertpython: only exclude 2.2 version from CI
2018-07-13 Olivier AubertMerge pull request #56 from cclauss/patch-1
2018-07-12 cclaussRemove allow_failures
2018-07-12 cclaussflake8 . --exclude=./generated,./generator/templates
2018-07-11 Olivier AubertMerge branch 'master' of github.com:oaubert/python-vlc
2018-07-10 Olivier Aubertpython: define MediaDiscovererDescription struct
2018-07-10 Olivier AubertPython: update bindings from 3.0.3 includes
2018-07-10 cclaussDefine basestring, unicode using feature detection
2018-07-10 cclaussDefine unicode() in Python 3
2018-07-10 cclaussDefine unicode() in Python 3
2018-07-10 cclaussRemove sorting workaround for Python < (2.4)!
2018-07-10 cclaussflake8 . --exclude=./generator/templates
2018-07-09 cclaussAdd automated testing via Travis CI and flake8
2018-07-07 Olivier AubertMerge pull request #54 from cclauss/patch-1
2018-07-01 cclaussprint() is a function in Python 3
2018-06-10 mrJean1Fix for Python 3 bytes vs str issue.
2018-06-04 mrJean1Correction, command line option -adjust enabled in...
2018-06-04 mrJean1Added -logo option to cocoavlc command line. Options...
2018-06-03 mrJean1Fixed typo.
2018-06-02 mrJean1Updated examples/cocoavlc.py, requiring PyCocoa 18...
2018-05-14 Olivier Aubertpython: fix struct definitions
2018-05-14 Olivier Aubertpython: fix unserializing of title/chapter descriptions
2018-05-11 Olivier Aubertpython: Update cocoavlc.py example in versioned dir
2018-05-11 Olivier AubertMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'
2018-05-11 Olivier Aubertpython: fix libvlc_video_new_viewpoint return value...
2018-04-30 mrJean1New -marquee option, set menu title and requires PyCoco...
2018-04-27 mrJean1Initial release from project PyCocoa.
2018-02-19 Olivier AubertFix libvlccore loading on MacOS X
2018-02-19 Olivier AubertMerge pull request #39 from mrJean1/patch-1
2018-02-14 mrJean1Update header.py
2018-01-04 Olivier Aubertpython: generate versioned module for libvlc 3.0
2018-01-04 Olivier Aubertpython binding: fix docstring regexp + add a string...
2017-10-22 Olivier Aubertpython bindings: fix description
2017-10-22 Olivier AubertCommit generate dist files
2017-10-11 Olivier Aubertpython bindings: fix package description
2017-10-10 Olivier AubertGenerate an appropriate PyPI installer package for...
2017-10-10 Olivier Aubertpython bindings: refactor, move template files to their...
2017-09-28 Olivier Aubertpython bindings: configure logging module when running...
2017-09-28 Olivier AubertPython bindings: update generated bindings for 2.2...
2017-09-28 Olivier Aubertpython bindings: update generator version number
2017-09-25 Olivier Aubertpython-vlc: allow to specify lib and plugin path
2017-09-19 Olivier Aubertpython bindings generator: handle bitshifted chars...
2017-04-10 Olivier AubertGtk3 example
2017-04-10 Olivier AubertRename gtkvlc.py to gtk2vlc.py (using old pygtk2 version)
2017-03-20 Olivier AubertPython bindings: fix regexp to handle deprecated APIs
2017-03-01 Olivier Aubertpython: generate a new version of the bindings
2017-03-01 Olivier Aubertpython: conditional compilation based on presence of...
2017-02-24 Olivier Aubertpython-vlc: Fix ctypes conversion for pointers
2017-01-03 Olivier AubertMake wxvlc example cross-platform
2016-11-29 Olivier AubertAdd support for libvlc_video_viewpoint API
2016-10-07 Olivier AubertGenerate 2.2 specific bindings (in generated/2.2)
2016-10-07 Olivier AubertSupport new APIs (rd_descriptions and renderer)
2016-10-07 Olivier AubertFix typo in tracks_get override.
2016-09-06 Olivier AubertUpdate generated VLC
2016-09-06 Olivier AubertFix struct type names
2016-09-04 vaksickGet directory names from environment
2016-07-19 Olivier AubertUpdate python generator+bindings to match latest libvlc...
2016-04-15 Olivier AubertSpecify plugin path through the environment variable
2016-04-15 Olivier AubertGenerate new vlc.py bindings
2016-04-15 Jean BrouwersAllow to pass options to vlc.py invoked as script
2016-04-15 Jean BrouwersParse LIBVLC_VERSION
2016-04-15 Jean BrouwersImprove enum parsing
2016-04-07 Jean BrouwersHandle expressions in enum values
2016-04-07 Jean BrouwersOn MacOS X search for plugins in modules/ and plugins...
2016-04-07 Olivier AubertUpdate generated VLC
2016-04-07 Olivier AubertDefine conversion items and blacklist a function
2016-04-07 Olivier AubertSpecify caught exception
2016-04-07 Olivier AubertSpecify encoding
2016-02-01 Olivier AubertConvert callbacks doc to epydoc format
2015-11-24 Patrick FayTkinter example for VLC Python bindings
2015-11-05 Olivier AubertFix packaging
2015-11-05 Olivier AubertAdd git.videolan.org link
2015-11-05 Olivier AubertRewrite README as restructured text
2015-11-05 Olivier AubertUpdate README
2015-11-05 Olivier AubertMove generator code and test module to subdirs
2015-11-05 Olivier AubertUpdate setup.py with trove classifiers
2015-11-05 Olivier AubertUpdate version number
2015-10-02 Tomas GrothAdd test coverage for MRL encoding fix
2015-09-30 Olivier AubertUpdate generated python bindings
2015-09-30 Olivier AubertUse utf-8 encoding for all strings passed through the...
2015-09-05 Olivier AubertFix email address
2015-09-05 Odin Hørthe... Fix setup.py to fall back to generated file
2015-09-05 Odin Hørthe... Upgrade distribute_setup file to work with newer python
2015-09-05 Olivier AubertAdd some fields to Event union
2015-06-19 Olivier AubertAdd support for MediaPlayer.get_full_(title|chapter...
2015-06-19 Olivier AubertFix ctypes.byref reference
2015-06-19 Olivier AubertImplement struct parsing.
2015-06-05 Olivier AubertUpdate generated bindings
2015-06-05 Olivier AubertReplace NULL by None in python doc
2015-04-01 Olivier Aubertpython bindings: wrap new API functions libvlc_media_ne...
2015-03-07 xantares 09Fix gtk example against py3k
2015-03-07 xantares 09Fix python-qt example against py3k
2015-02-15 Olivier AubertAdd warnings in the doc about options not available...
2015-02-04 Olivier AubertCache python wrappers for EventManager instances
2015-02-04 Olivier AubertScript intended to reproduce a GC related issue
2015-01-20 Olivier AubertUpdate generated python bindings to include new API...
2014-09-22 Olivier AubertUpdate TODO