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last changeTue, 16 Jan 2018 11:12:50 +0000 (12:12 +0100)
113 min ago Thomas Guillemcodec: videotoolbox: select best chroma for SW deinterlacer master
113 min ago Thomas Guillemcodec: videotoolbox: use fields in pic_holder
113 min ago Thomas Guillemcodec: vt_utils: change cvpxpic_attach_with_cb args
113 min ago Thomas Guillemcodec: videotoolbox: remove DeinterlaceMode handling
113 min ago Thomas Guillemcodec: videotoolbox: signal output thread when reorder...
113 min ago Francois Cartegniecodec: videotoolbox: store multiple sei for slice parsing
113 min ago Thomas Guillemchroma: cvpx: fix SW_TO_CVPX_Filter()
14 hours ago Zhao Zhilidemux: adaptive: filter out invalid dts for PCR calculation
14 hours ago Zhao Zhiliadaptive: avoid a division by 0
14 hours ago Francois Cartegniemux: mp4: fix leaks
20 hours ago Rémi Denis... lua: don't scan same directory twice
24 hours ago Francois Cartegnieaccess: rtsp: set port range before session init (fix...
27 hours ago Francois Cartegniedemux: mp4: read borked smooth dumps (fix #19484)
40 hours ago Konstantin... snap: added two new interfaces.
42 hours ago David FuhrmannmacOS codesign: Sign the new lua directory as well
42 hours ago David FuhrmannmacOS package: Install compiled lua scripts into the...
6 weeks ago 4.0.0-dev Beginning of the work that will...
6 weeks ago 3.0.0-git VLC media player 3.0.0-git
3 years ago 2.2.0-git VLC media player 2.2.0-git
4 years ago 2.1.0-git VLC media player 2.1.0-git
6 years ago 1.3.0-git VLC media player 1.3.0-git Opening...
6 years ago 1.2.0-pre1 VLC media player 'Twoflower' 1...
7 years ago 1.1.0-pre1 VLC 1.1.0-pre1 - The Luggage First...
7 years ago 1.1.0-ff VLC 1.1.0-git, aka, "The luggage...
8 years ago 1.0.0-rc1 VLC 1.0.0 - Release Candidate 1
8 years ago 1.0.0-pre2 VLC 1.0.0-pre2 RC1 shouldn't be...
8 years ago 1.0.0-pre1 1st Preview for VLC 1.0.0
9 years ago svn-trunk Last Subversion commit
9 years ago 0.9.0 VLC media player 0.9.0 Grishenko
9 years ago 0.9.0-test3 VLC 0.9.0 third test pre-release
9 years ago 0.9.0-test2 VLC 0.9.0-test2 pre-release
9 years ago 0.9.0-test1 VLC media player pre-release versio...
113 min ago master
vlc/vlc-3.0.git VLC 3.0 maintenance branch. 13 hours ago
vlc/vlc-2.2.git VLC 2.2 maintenance branch. 8 days ago
vlc/bindings/python.git Python bindings for libvlc 11 days ago
vlc/vlc-test.git VLC Buildbot test tree. VideoLAN 18 months ago
vlc/vlc-mirsal.git [GSoC_2008] Mirsal's VLC repo mirsal 2 years ago
vlc/vlc-msvc.git jb's vlc repo 2 years ago
vlc/vlc-2.1.git VLC 2.1 maintenance branch. VideoLAN 2 years ago
vlc/vlc-jb.git jb's vlc repo jb 3 years ago
vlc/vlc-2.0.git VLC 2.0 maintenance branch. VideoLAN 3 years ago
vlc/vlc-1.1.git VLC 1.1 maintenance branch. VideoLAN 4 years ago
vlc/vlc-flameeyes.git flameeyes's vlc repo flameeyes 5 years ago
vlc/vlc-darthgandalf.git [GSoC_2011] darthgandalf's... DarthGandalf 5 years ago
vlc/vlc-skelet.git [GSoC_2011] skelet's vlc repo skelet 5 years ago
vlc/vlc-android.git Android port of VLC media... android 6 years ago
vlc/vlc-bizon.git [GSoC_2011] bizon's vlc repo bizon 6 years ago
vlc/vlc-sgarg.git [GSoC_2011] sgarg's vlc repo sgarg 6 years ago