2017-08-04 Steve Lhommedxva2_deinterlace: fix wrong copy/paste in log
2017-08-04 Steve Lhommedeinterlace:dxva: log when the algorithm doesn't match...
2017-08-04 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: always place the picture based on the quad...
2017-08-04 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: decide the main quad dimensions early
2017-08-04 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: fix possibly failing CopySubresourceRegion...
2017-08-04 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: remove write-only i_x/y_offset in d3d_quad_t
2017-08-04 Zhao Zhilidemux: hls: code cleaning
2017-08-04 Steve Lhommedemux:mkv: simplify the default Seekpoint constructor
2017-08-04 Steve Lhommedemux:mkv: make the default trust level of a Seekpoint...
2017-08-04 Steve Lhommedemux:mkv: pass a Seekpoint to add_seekpoint
2017-08-04 Steve Lhommedemux:mkv: remove the unused duration field from Seekpoint
2017-08-04 Steve Lhommedemux:mkv: simplify the code as we always disable the...
2017-08-04 Steve Lhommedemux:mkv: don't look for the upper seekpoint when...
2017-08-04 Steve Lhommedemux:mkv: remove useless initialization
2017-08-04 Steve Lhommedemux:mkv: init an invalid Seekpoint with a proper...
2017-08-04 Steve Lhommedemux:mkv: use the TrustLevel type when looking for...
2017-08-04 Steve Lhommedemux:mkv: clean the type and default value of the...
2017-08-04 Mathieu Parenthttp: Ensure mobile buttons are on one line
2017-08-04 Mathieu Parenthttp: Allow to select media from playlist too
2017-08-04 Mathieu Parenthttp: Handle unparsable item name in /requests/playlist...
2017-08-04 Mathieu Parentconfigure: Explain how to disable avcodec or alsa
2017-08-03 Hugo Beauzée... kwallet: Fix leak on error
2017-08-03 Hugo Beauzée... upnp: Fix leak on error
2017-08-03 Hugo Beauzée... libavi: Fix expension unsafe helper
2017-08-03 Olaf Heringgl: vaapi: use wayland CFLAGS
2017-08-02 Victorien Le... splitter: wall: fix aspect ratio
2017-08-02 Victorien Le... macosx: remove spaces from blank line
2017-08-02 Steve Lhommedemux:mkv: get the track directly from FindTrackByBlock
2017-08-02 Steve Lhommedemux:mkv: don't rely on the iterator to get the track...
2017-08-02 Steve Lhommedemux:mkv: use an enum for the seekpoint trust level
2017-08-02 Steve Lhommedemux:mkv: do not try to use a seekpoint for a track...
2017-08-02 Steve Lhommedemux:mkv: don't add seekpoints for tracks that don...
2017-08-02 Rémi Denis... access_out_dummy: remove useless Close()
2017-08-02 Rémi Denis... access_output: allow pf_seek to be NULL, simplify
2017-08-02 Rémi Denis... ftp: avoid reserved identifier as function name
2017-08-02 Hugo Beauzée... smem: Don't write to a read only value
2017-08-02 Hugo Beauzée... demux: subtitle: Fix leaks
2017-08-02 Marvin Scholzmacosx: Improve DefaultValueSlider snapping logic
2017-08-02 Marvin Scholzmacosx: Correct drawing of Volume slider in RTL mode
2017-08-02 Hugo Beauzée... audio output: Allow i_physical_channels to be unset...
2017-08-01 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: mpegvideo: use enum for values
2017-08-01 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: mpegvideo: simplify cc flags handling
2017-08-01 Zhao Zhilidemux: adaptive: signal buffering state change in both...
2017-08-01 Zhao Zhilidemux: adaptive: fix slow buffering
2017-08-01 Zhao Zhilidemux: adaptive: fix debug log
2017-08-01 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: fix inverted logic for sides clamping issue
2017-08-01 Francois Cartegnievout_subpicture: patch fully transparent menu palette
2017-08-01 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: use all the RECT used for the picture place...
2017-07-31 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: mpegvideo: don't output slice on sequence...
2017-07-31 Rémi Denis... panoramix: remove shadowing variable
2017-07-31 Rémi Denis... Unexport video_splitter_(New|Delete)
2017-07-31 Rémi Denis... vout: rename one variable for clarity
2017-07-31 Rémi Denis... vout: shrink struct member
2017-07-31 Rémi Denis... vout: remove write-only struct member
2017-07-31 Marvin Scholzmacosx: Remove unnecessary progressbar images
2017-07-31 Marvin Scholzmacosx: Remove unnecessary volume slider images
2017-07-31 Francois Cartegnieadaptive: always call get_empty
2017-07-31 Francois Cartegnieinput: decoder: don't wait for aout drain on non eof
2017-07-31 Francois Cartegniees_out: ask for decoder drain on es_out_Del
2017-07-31 Francois Cartegniedemux: ogg: handle precise seek
2017-07-31 Marvin Scholzmacosx: Add VLCRendererMenuController to POTFILES
2017-07-31 Marvin Scholzmacosx: Use VLCVolumeSlider
2017-07-31 Marvin Scholzmacosx: Add VLCVolumeSlider(Cell) classes
2017-07-31 Marvin Scholzmacosx: Fix initializing the Cells in Slider subclasses
2017-07-31 Marvin Scholzmacosx: Add missing super awakeFromNib call
2017-07-31 Tristan Matthewsrawvid: drop unused include
2017-07-31 Steve Lhommemkv: pass a const mkv_track_t to packetize_wavpack()
2017-07-31 Steve Lhommemkv: use a const iterator when updating the PCR
2017-07-31 Steve Lhommemkv: use a destructor to release all the resources...
2017-07-31 Steve Lhommemkv: store a unique_ptr version of the mkv_track_t...
2017-07-31 Steve Lhommemkv:matroska_segment: handle track init failure
2017-07-31 Steve Lhommemkv: don't let zlib_decompress_extra() destroy the...
2017-07-31 Steve Lhommemkv: let the track init its es_format_t
2017-07-31 Steve Lhommemkv: remove dead code
2017-07-30 Rémi Denis... ty: avoid aliasing
2017-07-30 Rémi Denis... ty: fix variable aliasing bug
2017-07-30 Rémi Denis... vdr: fix unused variable warning
2017-07-30 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Fix positioning and color of time information...
2017-07-30 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Fix RTL for fullscreen panel, increase maximum...
2017-07-30 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Add missing layout constraints for "apply profi...
2017-07-30 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Fix RTL for checkboxes in several dialogs
2017-07-30 Rémi Denis... demux: process filters in usual order
2017-07-30 Rémi Denis... demux: allow filter creation to fail
2017-07-30 Rémi Denis... stats: fix dubious cast
2017-07-30 Rémi Denis... decomp: fix pointer type in vararg
2017-07-30 Rémi Denis... es_out: add type-safe es_out_SetPCR() helper
2017-07-30 David FuhrmannmacOS project: Add keychain.m in misc area
2017-07-30 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Implement upgrade path for RTL for old setting...
2017-07-30 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Rename preferences helpers to better describe...
2017-07-30 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Force right to left interface if RTL language...
2017-07-30 Felix Paul... CVPX converter: enable for tvOS
2017-07-28 Francois Cartegniedemux: ogg: fix regressions with the es_format mess
2017-07-28 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptive: add cancelation point while buffering
2017-07-28 Francois Cartegniedemux: avi: fix left shift ub
2017-07-28 Francois Cartegniedemux: avi: check chunk size
2017-07-28 Francois Cartegniedemux: avi: remove xmalloc
2017-07-27 Victorien Le... opengl: converter_cvpx: don't handle color space
2017-07-27 Victorien Le... macosx: don't handle color primaries
2017-07-27 Victorien Le... caopengllayer: don't handle color primaries
2017-07-27 Victorien Le... sd: avahi: change unappropriate msg_Err to msg_Info