2010-06-16 Ilkka Ollakkaadd myself to authors
2010-06-16 Björn Stenbergdvbsub.c : Don't fill region if page_state == 0
2010-06-16 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: forgotten include
2010-06-15 Jean-Baptiste... Win32: hopefully improve the fontconfig cache display
2010-06-15 Jean-Baptiste... Win32: fix some win7 taskbar issue.
2010-06-15 Jean-Baptiste... Win32: fix memleak
2010-06-15 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: external progressBar, simplification for win32...
2010-06-15 Jean-Baptiste... Qt/EPG: deactivate crashing code on Win32 for now.
2010-06-15 Adrien MagloQt: EPGItem aesthetic rework.
2010-06-15 Adrien MagloQt: test if EPG events are the same by also comparing...
2010-06-15 Adrien MagloQt: Remove the font specification for the channel list...
2010-06-15 Ilkka OllakkaRevert "qt4: don't force pixelsize in soundslider"
2010-06-15 Ilkka Ollakkadon't use empty string for user-agent
2010-06-15 Jean-Baptiste... MSW: fix WinCE compilation after Cursors modification
2010-06-15 Jean-Paul Samandbus: add option --dbus-unique-service-id (default...
2010-06-15 Jakob Lebencore playlist: fix my mistake in [4eff56920]
2010-06-15 Francois Cartegnievlc_GetCPUCount: add Solaris detection
2010-06-15 Francois Cartegniefix unsupported shortcut syntax
2010-06-15 Francois CartegnieAmbiguity between std::log(double) and std::log(float)
2010-06-14 Pierre Ynardvod: fix memleak
2010-06-14 Pierre Ynardvod: fix h264 profile-level-id generation
2010-06-14 Pierre Ynardrtp: fix h264 profile-level-id generation
2010-06-14 Jean-Baptiste... Win32: try to improve the win7 taskbar buttons.
2010-06-14 Christophe... Missing in d1b5547ce122761
2010-06-14 Jean-Baptiste... Remove trailing space.
2010-06-14 Jean-Baptiste... Win7: add the button ressources
2010-06-14 Christophe... Drop the icons resolution from their name
2010-06-14 Christophe... Revert "Drop the icons resolution from its name when...
2010-06-14 Jean-Baptiste... Win32: fix file opening from context menu
2010-06-14 Pierre Ynardvod: fix h264 sprop-parameter-sets generation
2010-06-14 Pierre Ynardvod: use memcmp()
2010-06-14 Christophe... Drop the icons resolution from its name when installing
2010-06-14 Jean-Baptiste... Fortune: wisdom about Guiness book from pk
2010-06-14 Ilkka Ollakkalogo: set default x/y=-1 so position is actually used
2010-06-14 Ilkka Ollakkavideo_filters: use make_URI for filename
2010-06-14 Ilkka Ollakkamp4: set amr-nb samplerate to 8000, as it's only valid one
2010-06-14 Jean-Baptiste... Ignore manifest.json
2010-06-14 Ilkka Ollakkaqt4: allow dnd to file-input on convert-dialog
2010-06-14 Ilkka Ollakkaqt4: add webm on convert containers list
2010-06-14 Ilkka Ollakkatranscode: default audio bitrate to 96k
2010-06-14 Ilkka Ollakkax264: don't repeat headers, we should do it ourself...
2010-06-13 Ilkka Ollakkamp4: calculate stream duration sameway all around
2010-06-13 Ilkka Ollakkamp4: call get_timestamp just once
2010-06-13 An L. Berrtp: fix h264 sprop-parameter-sets generation
2010-06-13 Ilkka Ollakkaavcodec: don't play rc-max/min for vp8, doesn't seem...
2010-06-13 Ilkka Ollakkax264: use libx264 with 0-started pts values and scale...
2010-06-13 Ilkka Ollakkamp4: add avc1/3gp6/qt brands
2010-06-13 Ilkka Ollakkamp4: find nal limits on 0*001 startcode instead 0001
2010-06-13 Ilkka Ollakkayoutube.lua: decode uri/xml-chars on name
2010-06-13 Ilkka OllakkaQt4: check extensionlength 2-4 (ts to webm) on sout...
2010-06-13 Adrien MagloQt: Remove the lines separating the channels in the...
2010-06-13 Adrien MagloQt: remove the bottom line of the channel list widget.
2010-06-13 Rafaël Carréplaylist_NodeInsert(): adds an assertion
2010-06-13 Jean-Baptiste... Prefer libvorbis encoder over libavcodec's
2010-06-12 Laurent AimarWorkaround a potential segfault when using VAAPI/DXVA2...
2010-06-12 Laurent AimarFixed potential unaligned access in vaapi/dxva2 picture...
2010-06-12 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: try to fix hangout on win32
2010-06-12 Laurent AimarFixed mouse buttons state for msw vouts (close #3519).
2010-06-12 Laurent AimarFixed vertical video alignment (close #3688).
2010-06-12 Adrien MagloRemove the channel list overlaid above the EPGView...
2010-06-12 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: fixing message debug to help fixing some issues.
2010-06-12 Ilkka Ollakkax264: use int64_t instead int as delay
2010-06-12 Rémi Duraffortskins2: delete the callback only if it was really added.
2010-06-12 Rémi Duraffortmodules: use the new add_shortcut capability (add multi...
2010-06-12 Rémi DuraffortSpelling.
2010-06-12 Rémi Duraffortinput: constify.
2010-06-12 Jakob Lebencore playlist: refactor & fix #3737
2010-06-12 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: videoWidget shouldn't be show/hide(), the parent...
2010-06-11 Ilkka OllakkaRevert "Revert "redundant includes of vlc_playlist.h""
2010-06-11 Jakob LebenRevert "redundant includes of vlc_playlist.h"
2010-06-11 Jakob LebenRC: playlist locking
2010-06-11 Jakob Lebenhttp: playlist locking
2010-06-11 Jakob LebenHotkeys: playlist locking
2010-06-11 Jakob Lebendbus: playlist locking
2010-06-11 Jakob Lebenhttp: add warning about locking
2010-06-11 Jakob Lebenredundant includes of vlc_playlist.h
2010-06-11 Jakob Lebenvlc_input_item.h is not self-sufficient without vlc_eve...
2010-06-11 Jai MenonMatroska : Set default compression type for the Content...
2010-06-10 Jean-Baptiste... Update NEWS
2010-06-10 Jean-Baptiste... Mozilla plugins: add some mime about RealFormat
2010-06-10 Grigori GoronzySubtitles/SSA: enable reordering after load
2010-06-10 Laurent AimarFixed ES packetized propertys in PVA demuxer (close...
2010-06-10 Laurent AimarFixed the value of the dpb size that we got after reque...
2010-06-10 Laurent AimarUpdated window size after changing fullscreen state...
2010-06-10 Laurent AimarRemoved wrong casts in msw.
2010-06-10 Laurent AimarFixed invalid mouse cursor state on win32 (close #3675).
2010-06-10 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: Remove redundant code
2010-06-10 Erwan TulouWin32(core): do not duplicate handle
2010-06-10 Erwan TulouWin32(core): _endthreadex(0) instead of _endthread()
2010-06-10 Christophe... Fix description
2010-06-10 Christophe... Honor LUAC passed by the user.
2010-06-10 Erwan Tuloumsw: remove unneeded code and useless "shaking" of...
2010-06-10 Rémi DuraffortBump the ABI.
2010-06-10 Ilkka Ollakkaqt4: make dnd to accepts network-urls
2010-06-10 Rémi Duraffortplugins: allow to set more than one shortcut in on...
2010-06-10 Christophe... Allow users to select Sinhala
2010-06-10 Erwan Tuloumsw: let zooming to exceed the display size
2010-06-10 Erwan Tuloucore: fix a wrong division
2010-06-09 Francois CartegnieIgnore unmute if volume hasn't been set or muted. fixes...
2010-06-09 Jakob Lebenplaylist: documentation update