2012-02-09 Rafaël Carréudev discovery: remove categories
2012-02-08 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: do not put an email in the interface
2012-02-08 Denis CharmetDon't treat truncated files as invalid
2012-02-08 Rémi Denis... Qt4: add Linux discs choices once, not once per focus
2012-02-08 Rafaël Carrédxva2: compatibility with mingw-w64 trunk
2012-02-08 Rémi Denis... Qt4: encode disc MRL correctly (fix #5638)
2012-02-08 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: fix indentation
2012-02-08 Sébastien Escudierfix handle leaks on RegOpenKeyEx
2012-02-08 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: hack for extraintf to select http, cli or telnet
2012-02-08 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: use the new function to factorize code
2012-02-08 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: provide overloaded checkbox_list method
2012-02-08 Antoine CellerierSome news about the anaglyph video filter.
2012-02-08 Antoine CellerierRemove debug fprintf
2012-02-07 Antoine CellerierRevert "Remove version sort option. Now uses version...
2012-02-07 Antoine CellerierAdd lua console handling code for windows.
2012-02-07 Rémi Denis... Remove stray -O flag when testing for MMX and SSE
2012-02-07 Hugo Beauzée... hls: Fixing a memory leak
2012-02-07 Hugo Beauzée... hls: Adding missing locks.
2012-02-07 Antoine CellerierRemove version sort option. Now uses version sort by...
2012-02-07 Sébastien Escudiersout_std : do not crash if no destination is given
2012-02-07 David Fuhrmannmacosx: fixes aspect ratio / crop functionality in...
2012-02-07 David Fuhrmannmacosx: fix start and end rect of fullscreen animation...
2012-02-07 David Fuhrmannmacosx: further improvement to updateWindow in order...
2012-02-06 Rafaël CarréDXVA2_ModeVC1_D2010 is specified by Microsoft
2012-02-06 Rémi Denis... dbus: capitalize shortname correctly
2012-02-06 Rémi Denis... dbus: really remove the configuration option
2012-02-06 Rémi Denis... Start dbus always, move inhibit and dbus startup to vlc
2012-02-06 Rémi Denis... dbus: do not spam at startup
2012-02-06 Rémi Denis... dbus: remove silly configuration option regarding uniqu...
2012-02-06 Rémi Denis... dbus: remove useless intf_sys_t.b_unique
2012-02-06 Rémi Denis... Lua: remove Freebox and French TV hacks
2012-02-06 Rémi Denis... GLX: enable the plugin correctly
2012-02-06 Rémi Denis... GLX: use separate XCB and Xlib connections (close ...
2012-02-06 Rémi Denis... GLX: cache XCB connection pointer (no functional changes)
2012-02-06 Rémi Denis... contrib: a52: remove scary dummy error messages
2012-02-06 Jean-Paul Samanstream_filter/httplive.c: various cleanups
2012-02-06 Frédéric YhuelHLS: clean Read function
2012-02-06 Rafaël Carrédxva2: sort Microsoft and extension GUIDs
2012-02-06 Rafaël Carrédxva2: don't define unused values
2012-02-06 Rafaël Carrédxva2: remove useless stub
2012-02-05 Felix Paul... macosx: use the gray window style by default (fixes...
2012-02-05 Felix Paul... macosx: make sure that all the tooltips in the sprefs...
2012-02-05 Felix Paul... macosx: added 2 options: 'macosx-pause-minimized' and...
2012-02-05 Felix Paul... macosx: don't resize the vout in case VLC is in fullscr...
2012-02-05 Felix Paul... macosx: added a 1.5px shadow (white) to the window...
2012-02-05 Rafaël Carréremove imdb extension
2012-02-05 Tobias GüntnerRemove constructor
2012-02-05 Rafaël CarréRemove allocine french-only extension
2012-02-05 Sergey Radionovadd bin to PATH to let libvlc.dll be found by vlc-cache...
2012-02-05 Frédéric Yhuelsrc/input/stream.c: improve documentation somewhat
2012-02-05 Rafaël CarréMention 2.0.0 instead of 1.2.0
2012-02-05 Mirsal Ennaimedbus: Fix a couple of warnings
2012-02-05 Jean-Paul Samanstream_filter/httplive.c: indentation cleanup
2012-02-05 Jean-Paul Samanstream_filter/httplive.c: kill some depreceated vlc_obj...
2012-02-05 Hugo Beauzée... hls: Fixing playlist reloading.
2012-02-05 Jan WinterOSX: NSDistributedNofitication is sent on playerStateChange
2012-02-05 David Fuhrmannmacosx: only show fullscreen controller when the mouse...
2012-02-05 David Fuhrmannmacosx: always make the fullscreen window front when...
2012-02-05 David Fuhrmannmacosx: save volume in prefs only if controls are editable
2012-02-05 Felix Paul... macosx: removed hacks which could lead to crashes when...
2012-02-05 Pierre Ynardlua: describe the CLI as a CLI
2012-02-05 Pierre Ynardrtp sout: fix comment
2012-02-05 Pierre Ynardrtp sout: fix integer overflow
2012-02-04 Kaarlo RaihaRemove unneeded include
2012-02-04 Kelly AndersonChange goto to gotoitem for lua 5.2 compatibility....
2012-02-04 Antoine CellerierAdd strverscmp from glibc 2.14.1 to compat.
2012-02-04 Antoine CellerierAdd option to use version sort when adding a dir
2012-02-04 Felix Paul... macosx: force some more methods to run on the main...
2012-02-04 KO Myung-HunInclude sys/types.h for ssize_t on OS/2
2012-02-04 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: deactivate more libav* part
2012-02-04 Rafaël CarréOSX build script: be verbose by default
2012-02-03 Rafaël Carrédxva2: workaround broken definition in mingw-w64 header
2012-02-03 Rafaël Carrédirect2d: link with libuuid
2012-02-03 Rafaël Carrédshow: build with mingw-w64
2012-02-03 Rafaël Carrébdagraph: build with mingw-w64
2012-02-03 Rafaël Carrécontrib: don't depend on headers available in mingw-w64
2012-02-03 Rafaël Carrécontrib: detect mingw-w64 (as opposed to mingw.org)
2012-02-03 Rafaël Carrécppcheck: move after definition of CC
2012-02-03 Antoine CellerierFix typo.
2012-02-03 Antoine CellerierAdd video filter to convert side by side 3D streams...
2012-02-03 Antoine CellerierUse function defined in filter_picture.h
2012-02-03 Antoine CellerierFix --file-logging on windows (that was stupid...)
2012-02-03 Antoine Cellerierportaudio was removed in 9f8c044a. Kill error msg
2012-02-03 Antoine CellerierSet a default user agent on windows vlc too.
2012-02-03 Rémi Denis... Linux: add detection for SSE4A
2012-02-03 Rémi Denis... Linux: parse /proc/cpuinfo instead of playing fork...
2012-02-03 Edward SheldrakeFix dbus error (close #5977)
2012-02-03 Hugo Beauzée... hls: Ensure streams are sorted by bandwidth.
2012-02-03 Hugo Beauzée... hls: Don't download the same segment twice when prefetc...
2012-02-02 Rafaël CarréRemove extras/contrib
2012-02-02 Rafaël Carrédshow: remove non standard extensions from header
2012-02-02 Ilkka Ollakkatranscode: typo
2012-02-02 Edward WangAndroid: disable tremor
2012-02-02 Rémi Denis... sndio: do not prepend zeroes
2012-02-02 Rémi Denis... sndio: fix format selection
2012-02-02 Denis CharmetHandle MKV segment change properly
2012-02-02 KO Myung-HunKVA: Add VMAN-backend supports
2012-02-02 KO Myung-HunKVA: Add VLC_CODEC_RGB32 supports
2012-02-02 Hugo Beauzée... dash: Use a const Representation to extract segments.
2012-02-02 Hugo Beauzée... dash: removing useless loop