2018-08-01 Filip Roséenvout: win32: direct3d11: fixup of d1e7dc1
2018-08-01 Steve LhommeRevert "direct3d11: only set the vd->fmt once"
2018-08-01 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: use the indirect texture size
2018-08-01 Steve Lhommevout:win32: read the picture pool size indirectly
2018-08-01 Hugo Beauzée... media library: Fix invalid query handling
2018-08-01 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: only set the vd->fmt once
2018-08-01 Steve Lhommecodec:jpeg: PNG are always decoded to full range
2018-08-01 Steve Lhommecodec:png: PNG are always decoded to full range
2018-08-01 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: remove parameter names in prototypes
2018-08-01 Steve Lhommedisplay: internal filters are converters
2018-08-01 Steve Lhommecanvas: fix typo
2018-08-01 Francois Cartegnietest: fix distcheck with dash uri test
2018-08-01 Steve Lhommedirect3d9: make the OS detection not dependent on the...
2018-08-01 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: make the OS detection not dependent on...
2018-07-31 Marvin Scholzgui: minimal_macosx: init window on main thread
2018-07-31 Francois Cartegniedemux: dash: use uri token replacement helper
2018-07-31 Francois Cartegnietests: check dash uri token replacements
2018-07-31 Francois Cartegniedemux: dash: add Token replacement helper
2018-07-31 Steve Lhommed3d11va: don't use D3D11VA automatically on OSes older...
2018-07-31 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: don't use D3D11 automatically on OSes older...
2018-07-31 Steve Lhommedirect3d9: use a version check with a better name to...
2018-07-31 Hugo Beauzée... contribs: Bump medialibrary hash
2018-07-31 Filip Roséensd: upnp: parseSatipServer: add missing error check
2018-07-31 Filip Roséensd: upnp: parseSatipServer: prevent leak
2018-07-31 Marvin Scholzservices_discovery: upnp: Fix libupnp header includes
2018-07-31 Hugo Beauzée... upnp: Fix leak
2018-07-31 Marvin Scholzupnp: Fix wrong comparison of psz_satip_channellist
2018-07-31 Hugo Beauzée... scaletempo: Fix leak on error
2018-07-31 Hugo Beauzée... soxr: Fix variable shadowing
2018-07-31 Hugo Beauzée... soxr: Fix leak on error
2018-07-31 Hugo Beauzée... trivial mixer: Don't leak all input blocks
2018-07-31 Francois Cartegniedemux: dash: replace duplicate tokens
2018-07-31 Zhao Zhilicontrib: dos2unix of diffpatch.sh
2018-07-31 Steve Lhommedirectx_va: DXVA2_ModeMPEG2_VLD also supports the main...
2018-07-30 Steve Lhommecodec:jpeg: set the decoder output to sRGB
2018-07-30 Steve Lhommecodec:png: set the default transfer function to sRGB
2018-07-30 Steve Lhommesout:record: fix invalid dts test
2018-07-30 Steve Lhommeavcodec:video: log the reason why the format change...
2018-07-30 Steve Lhommedxva: blacklist core 2 duo related chipsets that can...
2018-07-30 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptive: extend single chunk to 32M
2018-07-30 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptive: force access for manifests & keys
2018-07-30 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptive: allow to force access for some segments
2018-07-30 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptive: add abstractconnectionfactory
2018-07-30 Steve Lhommeinput:item: return 0 when the duration is unset
2018-07-30 Steve Lhommeinput:item: return 0 when the duration is indefinite...
2018-07-30 Steve Lhommem3u: reset the duration between items to indefinite
2018-07-30 Steve Lhommeinput:item: the duration for card items is indefinite
2018-07-30 Steve Lhommevlc_input_item: remove INPUT_DURATION_ZERO
2018-07-30 Steve Lhommemodules: set 0 for items which value is actually 0
2018-07-30 Steve Lhommeasx: the default duration of items is unset unless...
2018-07-30 Steve Lhommepodcast: set the podcat duration to unset when it canno...
2018-07-30 Steve Lhommevlc_input_item: rename INPUT_DURATION_UNKNOWN to INPUT_...
2018-07-30 Steve Lhommevlc_input_item: rename INPUT_DURATION_INVALID to INPUT_...
2018-07-29 Jean-Baptiste... Upnp/satip: default to auto and rename options
2018-07-29 Jean-Baptiste... UPnP: split sat>ip parsing function
2018-07-29 Rémi Denis... tls: use const struct for callbacks
2018-07-27 Francois Cartegniemux: mp4: skip elst for empty tracks
2018-07-27 Francois Cartegniemux: mp4: ensure non negative elst times
2018-07-27 Francois Cartegniesout: record: workaround missing dts
2018-07-27 Steve Lhommed3d11_filters: fix the second processor texture not...
2018-07-27 Filip Roséendemux: mkv: revert ab042aa7a8befcf9fe80b5f46fb5320bfe7a0230
2018-07-27 Filip Roséendemux: mkv: !b_seekable implies b_fastseekable = false
2018-07-27 Filip Roséendemux: mkv: fix invalid format-specifier
2018-07-27 Steve Lhommemime: add mp4
2018-07-26 Filip Roséengui: macosx: simplify saving of playlist
2018-07-26 Francois Cartegniecodec: cc: add debugging
2018-07-26 Devin Heitmuellercc: Only reset line position if rollup mode changed
2018-07-26 Steve Lhommevlc_input_item: add documentation on what the duration...
2018-07-26 Steve Lhommeinput:item: use a define for vlc://nop
2018-07-26 Steve Lhommeinput:item: store the item type with the enum
2018-07-26 Steve Lhommeinput:item: use the enum type for the guessed input...
2018-07-26 Steve Lhommeasx: reset the item duration for each loop iteration
2018-07-26 Thomas Guillemdec: spu: early release the previous vout when disabled
2018-07-26 Filip Roséensout: transcode: designated init in decoder_owner_callbacks
2018-07-26 Filip Roséensout: mosaic_bridge: designated init for decoder_owner_...
2018-07-26 Filip Roséenmisc: image: designated init for decoder_owner_callbacks
2018-07-26 Filip Roséeninput: decoder: designated init for decoder_owner_callbacks
2018-07-25 Filip Roséenstream_extractor: archive: enable Control/Seek even...
2018-07-25 Filip Roséenstream_extractor: archive: simplify seeking
2018-07-25 Filip Roséenstream_extractor: archive: kill archive on reset error
2018-07-25 Filip Roséenstream_extractor: archive: explicitly handle EOF
2018-07-25 Francois Cartegniecodec: avcodec: set low delay on low fps
2018-07-25 Francois Cartegniedemux: avi: fix unread audio chunks
2018-07-25 Thomas Guillemdec: update pause/rate when the output is restarted
2018-07-25 Thomas Guillemdec: lock aout/vout when read from DecoderThread
2018-07-25 Thomas Guillemdec: reindent and remove useless check
2018-07-25 Thomas Guillemdec: hold the vout from the spu decoder
2018-07-25 Thomas Guillemdec: fix fmt_out.i_cat data-race
2018-07-25 Thomas Guillemes_out: fix double lock
2018-07-25 Thomas Guilleminput_resource: use vout_configuration_t for vout requests
2018-07-25 Thomas Guillemvout: remove useless change_fmt param
2018-07-25 Thomas Guillemvout: move input_thread out of vout_configuration_t
2018-07-25 Hamza Parnicamedia library: Add playlist helpers
2018-07-25 Filip Roséenplaylist: item: playlist_Preparse: use vlc_MetadataRequest
2018-07-25 Filip Roséencore: libvlc_MetadataRequest: use vlc_MetadataRequest
2018-07-25 Filip Roséencore: add vlc_MetadataRequest
2018-07-25 Filip Roséenaccess: screen: Close: release blend filter if created
2018-07-25 Filip Roséencontrol: oldrc: make it possible to adjust volume witho...
2018-07-25 Filip Roséenaccess: vcd: cdrom: extensions are case-insensitive
2018-07-25 Thomas Guillemaudiounit_ios: fix resume from pause