2015-12-21 Sean McGoverncore: do not export vlc_tdestroy()
2015-12-21 Rémi Denis... sap: use xrealloc()
2015-12-21 Rémi Denis... dvb: use xrealloc()
2015-12-21 Rémi Denis... mkv: fix leak on error
2015-12-21 Rémi Denis... https: fix receiving multiple cookies (fixes #16181)
2015-12-21 Rémi Denis... interrupt: fix interruptible functions without any...
2015-12-21 Rémi Denis... interrupt: add internal vlc_interrupt_get() helper
2015-12-21 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: rename b_error to b_aborted
2015-12-21 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: implement drain
2015-12-21 Thomas Guillemavcodec: handle NULL pp_block
2015-12-21 Thomas Guillemdecoder: fix decoder drained when using a packetizer
2015-12-21 Thomas Guillemdecoder: fix pf_decode_* and pf_packetize behavior
2015-12-21 Thomas Guillemvlc_codec: document pf_decoder_* and pf_packetize
2015-12-21 Thomas Guillemavcodec: abort pictures when flushing
2015-12-21 Thomas Guillemavcodec: return -ENOMEN when there is no pictures
2015-12-21 Thomas Guillemdecoder: add decoder_AbortPictures
2015-12-21 Thomas Guillemvout: change vout_Cancel arguments
2015-12-21 Thomas Guillempicture_pool: change picture_pool_Cancel arguments
2015-12-21 Hugo Beauzée... contrib: gpgerror: Fix tizen workaround
2015-12-21 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: add mediacodec-tunneled-playback boolean...
2015-12-21 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: h264: fix incomplete sei skip
2015-12-21 Steve Lhommecast: use reinterpret_cast<> instead of C cast in C...
2015-12-21 Petri Hintukainendvdnav: improve stream probing
2015-12-21 Felix Paul... libvlc: replace existing title menu bool with int bit...
2015-12-20 Rémi Denis... https: shutdown the TLS session explicitly
2015-12-20 Rémi Denis... tls: improve vlc_tls_(Read|Write) return type
2015-12-20 Rémi Denis... tls: improve documentation
2015-12-20 Rémi Denis... tls: add separate callback for shutdown
2015-12-20 Rémi Denis... https: drain HTTP/2 output queue if possible
2015-12-20 Rémi Denis... flac: use demux_IsContentType()
2015-12-20 Rémi Denis... xspf: remove dead code
2015-12-20 Rémi Denis... xspf: fix content-type matching (fixes #14576)
2015-12-20 Rémi Denis... demux: add demux_IsContentType() helper (refs #14576)
2015-12-20 Rémi Denis... http: remove useless reconnection (fixes #3275)
2015-12-20 Rémi Denis... https: simplify HTTP/2 headers parsing
2015-12-20 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: h264: fix picture AU start
2015-12-20 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: h264: add more nal unit types
2015-12-20 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: h264: use stripAnnexB in ParseSlice
2015-12-20 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: h264: remove last ep3b to rbsp copy conversion
2015-12-20 Francois Cartegnievlc_bits: add bs_aligned
2015-12-20 Rémi Denis... mms: remove "http" shortcut
2015-12-20 Rémi Denis... http: use redirection instead of fallback for MMS ...
2015-12-20 Rémi Denis... http: do not redirect HTTPS to MMSH
2015-12-20 Rémi Denis... mms: let owner handle HTTP redirection (fixes #4631)
2015-12-20 Francois Cartegnievideotoolbox: fix build
2015-12-20 Rémi Denis... https: use token helpers
2015-12-20 Rémi Denis... https: tests for token parsing
2015-12-20 Rémi Denis... https: add helpers for token parsing
2015-12-19 Rémi Denis... https: add some header fields test cases
2015-12-19 Rémi Denis... https: also fold incoming HTTP/2 field headers
2015-12-19 Rémi Denis... https: fold multiple header fields with identical names
2015-12-19 Rémi Denis... http: remove write-only psz_pragma
2015-12-19 Ron Wrightbluray: Fix BD_EVENT_UO_MASK_CHANGED case
2015-12-19 Rémi Denis... https: old-style live streaming (http-continuous) helper
2015-12-19 Rémi Denis... https: factor out non-specific file helper code
2015-12-19 Rémi Denis... https: add some file test cases
2015-12-19 Pierre Ynardyoutube.lua: resolve XML entities in Art URL
2015-12-19 Pierre Ynardyoutube.lua: more flexible variable declaration parsing...
2015-12-19 Rémi Denis... https: fetch/store cookies in the cookie jar
2015-12-19 Rémi Denis... http cookies: take explicit secure flag, host and path
2015-12-19 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: hxxx: fix buffer read overflow
2015-12-19 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: h2xx: remove alloc/memcpy
2015-12-19 Rémi Denis... https: minor test coverage improvement
2015-12-19 Rémi Denis... https: insecure HTTP support for file download layer
2015-12-19 Rémi Denis... https: add non-TLS support to connection manager
2015-12-19 Rémi Denis... https: add vlc_http_connect()
2015-12-19 Rémi Denis... https: allocate x509 credentials on need basis
2015-12-19 Rémi Denis... https: HTTP 1 connection handling unit test
2015-12-19 Rémi Denis... https: fix HTTP 1.x error handling
2015-12-19 Rémi Denis... tls: fix SIGPIPE with vlc_tls_DummyCreate()
2015-12-19 Rémi Denis... https: factor common connection management code
2015-12-19 David Fuhrmannsecuretransport: Fix compilation
2015-12-18 Rémi Denis... https: use vlc_tls_Close()
2015-12-18 Rémi Denis... tls: add vlc_tls_Close() helper
2015-12-18 Rémi Denis... tls: document vlc_tls_SessionDelete()
2015-12-18 Rémi Denis... https: add chunked transfer encoding unit test
2015-12-18 Rémi Denis... https: improve file test coverage
2015-12-18 Rémi Denis... https: robustify HTTP/2 connection test
2015-12-18 Rémi Denis... https: minor revector
2015-12-18 Rémi Denis... https: send CANCEL error if closing before end-of-stream
2015-12-18 Rémi Denis... https: move TLS receive function and remove non-TLS one
2015-12-18 Rémi Denis... https: do not get stuck in corner case of chunked transfer
2015-12-18 Rémi Denis... https: move TLS send function and remove dead non-TLS...
2015-12-18 Rémi Denis... https: revector HTTP/2 connection test
2015-12-18 Rémi Denis... https: revector output test
2015-12-18 Rémi Denis... tls: add vlc_tls_DummyCreate()
2015-12-18 Rémi Denis... tls: vlc_tls_t needs not be a VLC object
2015-12-18 Rémi Denis... tls: pass credentials pointer to handshake function
2015-12-18 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: update libdvdcss to 1.4.0
2015-12-18 Rémi Denis... audioscrobbler: fix request syntax
2015-12-18 Francois Cartegnieh264_nal: add h264_get_picture_size
2015-12-18 Steve LhommeChromecast: use the sout helper functions
2015-12-18 Steve LhommeChromecast: move some code to a header
2015-12-18 Francois Cartegnievideotoolbox: fix build / h264 conversion
2015-12-18 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: h264: update sps/pps parsing
2015-12-18 Felix Paul... VT: fix warning and improve error message
2015-12-18 Alex Conversedemux: mp4: Add support for (unpaletted) raw RGB and...
2015-12-18 Steve Lhommefix code spacing in vlc_sout.h
2015-12-18 Sean McGoverncontrib: use POSIX options for find(1)
2015-12-18 Steve Lhommefix odd space character