2014-10-10 Thomas Guillemcontrib: speexdsp: disable neon on aarch64
2014-10-10 Julian Scheelmmal/codec: Increase verbosity for interlaced detection
2014-10-10 Julian Scheelmmal/codec: Fix top_field_first flagging
2014-10-09 Francois Cartegniedemux: libmp4: fix heap write ofw in chan (fix #12371)
2014-10-09 Francois Cartegniedemux: mp4: fix heap read ofw in extra bytes
2014-10-09 Francois Cartegniedemux: asf: fix heap buffer write ofw in priorities...
2014-10-09 Thomas Guillemcontrib: fix cross-compile for aarch64
2014-10-09 Thomas Guillemandroid: fix nanf detection
2014-10-09 Thomas Guillemcontrib/bootstrap: add x86_64 for android
2014-10-09 Thomas Guillemcontrib: don't hardcode android api
2014-10-09 Julian Scheelmmal/codec: Set progressive flag on frames
2014-10-09 Francois Cartegniedemux: mp4: fix last chunk size computation (fix #12362)
2014-10-09 Francois Cartegniedemux: libmp4: fix heap buffer write ofw in chpl (fix...
2014-10-09 Julian Scheelmmal/vout: Use current pictures format for rate matching
2014-10-09 Julian Scheelmmal: Fix buffer size computation
2014-10-09 Julian Scheelmmal/vout: Apply phase offset to match vsync period
2014-10-09 Julian Scheelmmal/vout: Configure latency target
2014-10-08 Francois Cartegniedemux: libmp4: add quicktime mp4a/wave/mp4a rule
2014-10-08 Francois Cartegniedemux: asfpacket: fix use after free (fix #12361)
2014-10-08 Francois Cartegniedemux: ogg: fix use after free (fix #12360)
2014-10-08 Francois Cartegniedemux: libavi: fix heap write ofw
2014-10-08 Francois Cartegniedemux: livavi: fix heap buffer ofw in strf parsing...
2014-10-08 Francois Cartegniedemux: tta: fix heap buffer ofw (fix #12357)
2014-10-08 Francois Cartegniedemux: mp4: fix heap buffer ofw with zero chunk (fix...
2014-10-08 Francois Cartegniedemux: libmp4: fix heap overflow in stdp debug code...
2014-10-08 Francois Cartegniesout: chromecast: close connection on load failure
2014-10-08 Thomas Guillemfix gles2 plugin not being built
2014-10-08 Jean-Baptiste... Protobuf: don't compile protoc in Xcompilation
2014-10-08 Jean-Baptiste... Extras: add protoc
2014-10-08 Jean-Baptiste... Chromecast: fix distcheck
2014-10-07 Rémi Denis... include: fix external compilation (fixes #12355)
2014-10-07 Rémi Denis... include: remove restrict keyword (fixes #12354)
2014-10-07 Antti Ajankihds: Ignore sentinel value at the end of the fragment...
2014-10-07 Rafaël Carrécontrib: fix freetype dependencies
2014-10-07 Tristan Matthewscontrib: speex: avoid automatically depending on ogg
2014-10-06 Rémi Denis... vdpau/deinterlace: set progressive flag on both output...
2014-10-06 Rémi Denis... misc: remove makefile recursion
2014-10-06 Rémi Denis... misc: remove Modules.am
2014-10-06 Rémi Denis... vdpau/avcodec: adapt to new libavcodec VDPAU interface
2014-10-06 Rémi Denis... wayland: agree on the name of video_output subdirectory
2014-10-06 Ludovic Fauvetchromecast: fix TLS connection leak on error
2014-10-06 Francois Cartegniemisc: acoustid: fix mbz string copy
2014-10-06 Francois Cartegniedemux: mp4: add WMV3/WMA2 in mov support
2014-10-06 Francois Cartegniedemux: libmp4: handle ASF atom
2014-10-06 Francois Cartegniedemux: asf: split packet parsing for reuse
2014-10-06 Francois Cartegniedemux: asf: stay within track limits
2014-10-06 Rafaël Carrédecklink: fix linking with recent sdk
2014-10-06 Igor Prokopenkovlib: Fire libvlc_MediaListPlayerPlayed at end of playlist
2014-10-06 Thomas Guillemomxil: use convert_hevc_nal_units for hevc
2014-10-06 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: use convert_hevc_nal_units for hevc
2014-10-06 Thomas Guillemadd convert_hevc_nal_units in hevc_nal.c
2014-10-06 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: add hevc mimetype
2014-10-06 Thomas Guillemomxil: add hevc in format_table
2014-10-05 Rémi Denis... XCB/XVideo: do not fallback to YUYV output for RGB...
2014-10-05 Rémi Denis... XCB/XVideo: reject hardware surfaces for the time being
2014-10-05 Rémi Denis... wayland/shm: reorient the video in the compositor
2014-10-05 Rémi Denis... wayland/shell: request compositor version 2 if available
2014-10-05 Rémi Denis... wayland/shm: use wl_scaler for A/R, crop and zoom ...
2014-10-05 Rémi Denis... wayland: import the scaler protocol definitions
2014-10-04 Damien Erambertmacosx: fix music sidebar icon
2014-10-04 Rémi Denis... wayland/shm: no need to retain the shm_pool
2014-10-04 Rémi Denis... wayland/shm: unmap picture buffers upon picture destruction
2014-10-04 Rémi Denis... wayland/shm: create a new file temporary file always...
2014-10-04 Rémi Denis... wayland screenshooter: add missing unlink()
2014-10-04 Ilkka Ollakkamux ts: indent fix
2014-10-04 Ilkka Ollakkamux ts: Don't do extra copy on every aac packet
2014-10-04 Rémi Denis... vdpau: preallocate pool of video surfaces
2014-10-04 Rémi Denis... vdpau: fix VRAM leak on error
2014-10-04 Rémi Denis... vdpau: use reference frames count from libavcodec
2014-10-04 Rémi Denis... vdpau: cosmetic fix
2014-10-04 Rémi Denis... XCB: factor segment detachment on error
2014-10-03 Rémi Denis... lua: write English
2014-10-03 Rémi Denis... avformat: always insert a track in the table (fixes...
2014-10-03 Rémi Denis... avcodec: map AV_CODEC_ID_NONE
2014-10-03 Francois Cartegniedemux: libmp4: fix reading WMA2 atom
2014-10-03 Francois Cartegnieacoustid: use memcpy (cid #1062538)
2014-10-03 Jean-Baptiste... Tools: Fix SF URLs
2014-10-02 Rémi Denis... avcodec: fix double free
2014-10-02 Rémi Denis... avformat: fix signed overflow
2014-10-02 Rémi Denis... avformat: check memory allocations
2014-10-02 Rémi Denis... chromecast: do not build unbuildable sources
2014-10-02 Rémi Denis... configure: really fix -ldl lookup
2014-10-02 Francois Cartegniesout: chromecast: ues different wait times
2014-10-02 Rémi Denis... block: fix invalid memory access in block_Fifo(Count...
2014-10-02 Rémi Denis... modules: fix race in module_Map()
2014-10-02 Rémi Denis... bluray: fix compilation as C11
2014-10-02 Rémi Denis... configure: fix -ldl detection with the ThreadSanitizer
2014-10-02 David Fuhrmannmacosx: avoid unnecessarily early loading of open panel nib
2014-10-02 Francois Cartegniesout: chromecast: close tls connection on error
2014-10-02 Francois Cartegniesout: chromecast: check app presence on status
2014-10-02 Francois Cartegniesout: chromecast: request status on timeout
2014-10-02 Francois Cartegniesout: chromecast: tag falls-through
2014-10-02 Francois Cartegniesout: chromecast: handle tcp close messages
2014-10-02 David Fuhrmanncodec: libass: show dialog for fontconfig cache recreat...
2014-10-02 David FuhrmannMakefile.am: Add new macosx ressources
2014-10-02 David Fuhrmannmacosx: also cache old native fullscreen images and...
2014-10-02 David Fuhrmannmacosx: implement native fullscreen behaviour for yosem...
2014-10-02 David Fuhrmannmacosx: simplify loading of titlebar graphics and integ...
2014-10-02 Damien Erambertmacosx: fix yosemite retina graphics for fullscreen...
2014-10-02 David Fuhrmannmacosx: fix main window top bar by reinstoring graphic