2011-01-22 Rémi Denis... Simplify
2011-01-22 Pierre YnardDistribute forgotten files
2011-01-22 Jean-Baptiste... Win32: enable media library when configuring
2011-01-21 Jean-Philippe... Qt: really close ExtensionDialog when user presses ESC
2011-01-21 Jean-Philippe... Lua: fix module simplexml using the new API
2011-01-21 Jean-Philippe... Lua: also return node name in XML's next_node() method
2011-01-21 Jean-Philippe... Lua: load modules manually for zipped extensions
2011-01-21 Jean-Philippe... Lua: load extensions in .vle files (Zip archives)
2011-01-21 Jean-Philippe... Lua: Allocine now uses keep_alive()
2011-01-21 Jean-Philippe... Lua: allow killing Extensions
2011-01-21 Jean-Philippe... Lua: embed IMDb icon
2011-01-21 Jean-Philippe... Lua: embed Allocine icon
2011-01-21 Jean-Philippe... Qt: show embedded icons of Lua extensions
2011-01-21 Jean-Philippe... Extensions: support embbeded icon data
2011-01-21 Jean-Philippe... Lua: use the spin icon in Allocine
2011-01-21 Jean-Philippe... Qt: support spin icon in extension dialogs
2011-01-21 Jean-Philippe... Lua: add support for the new spin icon
2011-01-21 Jean-Philippe... Qt: new pixmaps for the spinning icon widget
2011-01-21 Jean-Philippe... Qt: add new widgets: AnimatedIcon & SpinningIcon
2011-01-21 Rafaël CarréAUTHORS: Remove my nicknames
2011-01-21 Rémi Duraffortxml! fix potential memleak.
2011-01-21 Jean-Philippe... Zip: check memory allocations or fail (in Open)
2011-01-21 Jean-Philippe... Zip: fail when the file does not exist
2011-01-21 Pierre YnardXML: throw an error if HTML subtitles have no root...
2011-01-21 Pierre YnardXML: fix warning
2011-01-21 Jean-Paul Samanstream_filter/httplive.c: Do not start live playback...
2011-01-21 Jean-Paul Samanstream_filter/httplive.c: consider http port numbers
2011-01-21 Ilkka Ollakkalibxml: return attribute name on ReaderNextAttr
2011-01-21 Konstantin... Revert "Contrib: point ACLOCAL to appropriate place...
2011-01-21 Pierre Ynardquartztext: don't mangle const string
2011-01-21 Pierre Ynardquartztext: build fix
2011-01-21 Pierre Ynardquartztext: update XML parsing
2011-01-21 Pierre YnardXML: fix incomplete last commit
2011-01-20 Rémi Denis... XML: return node (element name or text value) as const
2011-01-20 Rémi Denis... Use strspn() and constify
2011-01-20 Rémi DuraffortCosmetics
2011-01-20 Rémi Duraffortsout_setid: parse the config string before any usage...
2011-01-20 Rémi DuraffortFix potential memory leak.
2011-01-20 Pierre Ynardi18n: add new file
2011-01-20 Pankaj yadavAdd misc/atomic.c to SOURCES_libvlc_symbian and fix...
2011-01-20 Rémi Denis... Return XML attribute as const from NextAttr
2011-01-20 Jean-Baptiste... Update NEWS, LIST and improve preferences for the new...
2011-01-20 Christophe... New sout module langfromtelx, gets lang from telx
2011-01-20 Jean-Baptiste... Add a setlang submodule to setid
2011-01-20 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: fix compilation with ML
2011-01-20 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: update FFmpeg and fix the SSSE3/h264/EMU_EDGE...
2011-01-19 Ilkka Ollakkaqt4: fix album art showing again in views
2011-01-19 Ilkka Ollakkaxspf demux: fix tree-parsing
2011-01-19 Jean-Baptiste... Setid: small fix
2011-01-19 Jean-Baptiste... Delay: specify in the option the unit
2011-01-19 Christophe... New stream_out module setid to change IDs of streams
2011-01-19 Christophe... New stream out module delay to delay PTS/DTS
2011-01-19 Christophe... Add support for Linear Systems (HD-)SDI cards
2011-01-19 Christophe... Fix cosmetics.
2011-01-19 Jean-Baptiste... Skins2: fix compilation
2011-01-19 Rémi Denis... XML: merge read and node_type operations, skip unknown...
2011-01-19 Rémi Denis... Avoid useless assignment
2011-01-19 Rémi Denis... Don't recurse into modules/misc/xml
2011-01-19 Rémi Denis... Remove xtag
2011-01-19 Rémi Denis... Small simplification
2011-01-19 Rémi Denis... grammar
2011-01-19 Jean-Paul Samanstream_filter/httplive.c: unbreak HTTP Live streams...
2011-01-19 Jean-Paul Samanstream_filter/httplive.c: Do not crash when Prefetch...
2011-01-19 Jean-Paul Samanstream_filter/httplive.c: do not crash on strdup(NULL)
2011-01-19 Erwan Tulouskins2(playlist): cosmetics + avoid objects passed...
2011-01-19 Erwan Tulouskins2: remove dead code
2011-01-19 Pierre Ynardt140: fix RTP synchronization
2011-01-18 Rémi Denis... Panoramix: use var_Inherit
2011-01-18 Rémi Denis... Move --x11-display to the XCB window plugin
2011-01-18 Rémi Denis... XCB hotkeys: do not use --x11-display anymore
2011-01-18 Rémi Denis... skins2: do not follow --x11-display anymore
2011-01-18 Rémi Denis... Qt4: remove custom X11 display with --x11-display
2011-01-18 Jean-Philippe... Qt: fix crash in the playlist model
2011-01-17 Rémi Denis... Fix lock inversion
2011-01-17 Jean-Philippe... Lua: fix Allocine extension
2011-01-17 Jean-Philippe... Zip: fix seeking (closes #3867)
2011-01-17 Jean-Philippe... Zip: fix opening of files
2011-01-17 Jean-Philippe... Qt: fix Modules.am for the media library
2011-01-17 Srikanth RajuQt/ML: Pictureflow should work with VLCModel
2011-01-17 Srikanth RajuQt/ML: Move more functions into VLCModel
2011-01-17 Felix Paul... makefile: revert previous Xcode4 fix.
2011-01-17 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: be sure that the folder exists before copying...
2011-01-16 Harry SintonenHandle early termination properly in StripTags
2011-01-16 Dominique LeuenbergerLibnotify depends on gtk, but leaves the choice between...
2011-01-16 Jean-Baptiste... NEWS: mention removed modules
2011-01-16 Jean-Baptiste... NEWS: mention EGL and skins2 improvements
2011-01-16 Erwan Tulouskins2(Linux): fix some drag&drop issues
2011-01-16 Erwan Tulouskins2: use enum type for better clarity
2011-01-16 Erwan Tulouskins2: cosmetic (playlist)
2011-01-16 Erwan Tulouskins2: some optimisation for playlist
2011-01-16 Erwan Tulouskins2: refactor some code
2011-01-16 Erwan Tulouskins2: remove unnecessary lookup
2011-01-16 Erwan Tulouskins2: add accessors to VarTree
2011-01-16 Erwan Tulouskins2: prefer ++it over it++ for iterators
2011-01-16 Erwan Tulouskins2: cache scaled image
2011-01-16 Erwan Tulouskins2: better cleanup for button and checkbox
2011-01-16 Erwan Tulouskins2: cosmetic (a single addObserver is sufficient)
2011-01-16 Erwan Tulouskins2: cosmetic
2011-01-16 Srikanth RajuFix inverted ML configure.ac logic
2011-01-16 Jean-Baptiste... Mark ffmpeg-fast and ffmpeg-hw as normal preferences.