2011-12-20 Clement LecigneTiVo: fix double free
2011-12-20 Mirsal Ennaimeupnp: Fix compilation
2011-12-20 Mirsal Ennaimeupnp: Switch to an unlimited maximum content length
2011-12-19 Felix Paul... macosx: further optimize the menu re-creation on 10.6+
2011-12-19 Felix Paul... macosx: fix and slightly optimize (on 10.6+) the open...
2011-12-19 Jean-Baptiste... Mention in NEWS the relicensing
2011-12-19 Felix Paul... macosx: improve drawing of the 'fancy gradient effect...
2011-12-19 Felix Paul... macosx: fixed obscure crash when starting playback...
2011-12-19 Rémi Denis... Remove old comment
2011-12-19 Martin Storsjöomxil: Don't free the sentinel buffers
2011-12-19 Martin Storsjöomxil: Handle sentinel buffers in DecodeAudio, too
2011-12-19 Martin Storsjöomxil: Avoid a SetParameters call that fails for audio...
2011-12-19 Martin Storsjöomxil: Fix a sanity check that only is relevant for...
2011-12-19 Martin Storsjöomxil: Try to enable YUV420p mode on Samsung Galaxy...
2011-12-19 Martin Storsjöomxil: Ignore nSliceHeight on Galaxy S II
2011-12-19 Martin Storsjöandroidsurface: Update the surfaceflinger video output...
2011-12-19 Pierre Ynardsap: handle SAP_Add() errors
2011-12-19 Cheng SunFix mono audio filter condition check
2011-12-19 Tobias GüntnerFix assertions
2011-12-19 Mirsal Ennaimeupnp: Use the default maximum content length of 16k.
2011-12-19 Chris Claytonupnp: Support UPnP A/V MediaServer:2 devices
2011-12-19 Pierre Ynardconfigure: sort of fix speexdsp
2011-12-19 Chris ClaytonUPNP: Fix a tag name in MediaServer xml parsing
2011-12-19 Cheng SunFix stack overflow in ExecuteCommand
2011-12-19 Martin Storsjöomxil: Use a fake library name when loading IOMX
2011-12-19 Martin Storsjöandroid: Don't add private header include directories...
2011-12-19 Martin Storsjöomxil: Remove the header check for the iomx module
2011-12-19 Martin Storsjöomxil: Build the iomx wrapper code as a separate shared...
2011-12-19 Martin Storsjöomxil: Make the iomx wrapper not depend on the omxil...
2011-12-18 Rafaël Carréwindows package: name win64 installer vlc-$version...
2011-12-18 Rémi Denis... Revert "Contribs: update live555 to latest snapshot"
2011-12-18 Rémi Denis... Revert "Configure: Update live555 requirements"
2011-12-18 Pierre Ynardrtsp: fix up duplicate --rtsp-host option declaration
2011-12-18 Pierre Ynardrtp output: print warnings when setting the RTSP server...
2011-12-18 Pierre Ynardrtsp: remove now useless handling of full --rtsp-host...
2011-12-18 Pierre Ynardrtsp: set default port back to 554
2011-12-18 Pierre Ynardluahttp: print error when setting the host from the...
2011-12-18 Pierre Ynardhttp output: print warnings when setting the server...
2011-12-18 Pierre Ynardhttpd: URL-parse --http-host and --rtsp-host
2011-12-18 Pierre Ynardhttpd: remove dead assignment
2011-12-18 Jean-Baptiste... "Leave" => "Exit"
2011-12-18 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: fix copyright years
2011-12-18 Cheng SunFix QToolButtonExt edge cases
2011-12-18 Jean-Baptiste... MP4: cleanup
2011-12-18 Jean-Baptiste... Mp4: fix stsz parsing
2011-12-17 Rafaël Carrédvb_set_isdbc(): remove unused arguments warnings
2011-12-17 Rafaël Carréwin64 package: use -win64 version string
2011-12-17 Jean-Baptiste... MacOS: do not thip the changelogs, it is useless
2011-12-17 Konstantin... Improve WebUI for mobiles
2011-12-17 Akash MehrotraFix EQ HTTP UI partially
2011-12-17 Tobias GüntnerSet title length and size.
2011-12-17 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: do not react to right-click to mute volume
2011-12-17 TUDURI BenoîtFix typo in French translation
2011-12-17 Tobias GüntnerIgnore missing meta data files. Check directory name...
2011-12-17 Jean-Baptiste... Configure: Update live555 requirements
2011-12-17 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: update live555 to latest snapshot
2011-12-17 Jean-Baptiste... Fix french mistranslation
2011-12-17 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: check colorDialog return function
2011-12-16 Rémi Denis... contrib: fix typo
2011-12-15 Faustino E... contrib: don't ignore triplets in subfolders
2011-12-15 Laurent AimarDo not let avformat handle subtitles by default.
2011-12-15 Laurent AimarReworked the way avformat input are blacklisted.
2011-12-15 Jean-Baptiste... Qt, sout: fix compilation on older moc version
2011-12-15 Jean-Baptiste... DirectSound: avoid crash on faulty audio device.
2011-12-15 Pere Orgafix filename self-references
2011-12-15 KO Myung-HunImplement vlc_rand_bytes() for OS/2 and split to differ...
2011-12-15 KO Myung-HunFix compilation error due to pthread on OS/2
2011-12-15 Felix Paul... macosx: slightly enlarge the License button in the...
2011-12-15 Ludovic FauvetQt: fix multi-screens weirdness caused by the dockable FSC
2011-12-15 Edward WangSupport duration in avformat demuxer
2011-12-15 Ludovic FauvetQt: fix an utf8 encoding issue in the recents menu
2011-12-15 Ludovic FauvetQt: enable the recents menu again after adding an element
2011-12-15 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: do not quit, let the core do it
2011-12-14 Faustino E... contrib: update ignore files for git repositories
2011-12-14 Faustino E... contrib: ignore triplets
2011-12-14 Faustino E... extras/tools: update ignore files
2011-12-14 Faustino E... extras/tools: fix when downloading in tools.mak
2011-12-14 Rémi Denis... contrib: use 32-bits LUAC file format on all platforms
2011-12-14 Ludovic FauvetQt4: slightly improve the color set of the slider
2011-12-14 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: fix toolbar settings read
2011-12-14 Denis CharmetMKV: Do not list chapters and titles when there is...
2011-12-14 Edward WangAdd title time in playback menus for MP4
2011-12-14 Rafaël Carréfix typo in french translation of nvlc
2011-12-14 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: support for PPC in contribs
2011-12-14 Jean-Baptiste... DxVA: More GUIDs
2011-12-13 Jean-Baptiste... Revert "Qt: do not explode when using OpenGL vout"
2011-12-13 Naohiro KORIYAMAFaad: Reinitialize decoder when we got Unexpected chann...
2011-12-13 Jean-Baptiste... Add thd to the list of extensions
2011-12-13 Edward WangQt: use QWizard for Sout
2011-12-13 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: allow easy deletion of the keys and global key
2011-12-13 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: fix global hotkeys retrieval from conf
2011-12-12 Rafaël CarréRevert "Disable direct-rendering on ProRes"
2011-12-12 Laurent AimarEnsure that picture_Setup() use at least a mod 32 heigh...
2011-12-12 Rémi Denis... rtp output: do not inherit SRTP settings when SRTP...
2011-12-12 Mal GratyPlaylist status not being updated on play/pause
2011-12-12 Jean-Baptiste... Set RealVideo to 0 priority
2011-12-11 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: do not explode when using OpenGL vout
2011-12-11 Denis ARNAUDl10n: Add Breton translation to .desktop
2011-12-11 Laurent AimarRemoved now useless(invalid) muli-volume rar concatenat...
2011-12-11 Laurent AimarFixed multi-volume RAR support.