2017-07-31 Marvin Scholzmacosx: Fix initializing the Cells in Slider subclasses
2017-07-31 Marvin Scholzmacosx: Add missing super awakeFromNib call
2017-07-31 Tristan Matthewsrawvid: drop unused include
2017-07-31 Steve Lhommemkv: pass a const mkv_track_t to packetize_wavpack()
2017-07-31 Steve Lhommemkv: use a const iterator when updating the PCR
2017-07-31 Steve Lhommemkv: use a destructor to release all the resources...
2017-07-31 Steve Lhommemkv: store a unique_ptr version of the mkv_track_t...
2017-07-31 Steve Lhommemkv:matroska_segment: handle track init failure
2017-07-31 Steve Lhommemkv: don't let zlib_decompress_extra() destroy the...
2017-07-31 Steve Lhommemkv: let the track init its es_format_t
2017-07-31 Steve Lhommemkv: remove dead code
2017-07-30 Rémi Denis... ty: avoid aliasing
2017-07-30 Rémi Denis... ty: fix variable aliasing bug
2017-07-30 Rémi Denis... vdr: fix unused variable warning
2017-07-30 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Fix positioning and color of time information...
2017-07-30 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Fix RTL for fullscreen panel, increase maximum...
2017-07-30 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Add missing layout constraints for "apply profi...
2017-07-30 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Fix RTL for checkboxes in several dialogs
2017-07-30 Rémi Denis... demux: process filters in usual order
2017-07-30 Rémi Denis... demux: allow filter creation to fail
2017-07-30 Rémi Denis... stats: fix dubious cast
2017-07-30 Rémi Denis... decomp: fix pointer type in vararg
2017-07-30 Rémi Denis... es_out: add type-safe es_out_SetPCR() helper
2017-07-30 David FuhrmannmacOS project: Add keychain.m in misc area
2017-07-30 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Implement upgrade path for RTL for old setting...
2017-07-30 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Rename preferences helpers to better describe...
2017-07-30 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Force right to left interface if RTL language...
2017-07-30 Felix Paul... CVPX converter: enable for tvOS
2017-07-28 Francois Cartegniedemux: ogg: fix regressions with the es_format mess
2017-07-28 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptive: add cancelation point while buffering
2017-07-28 Francois Cartegniedemux: avi: fix left shift ub
2017-07-28 Francois Cartegniedemux: avi: check chunk size
2017-07-28 Francois Cartegniedemux: avi: remove xmalloc
2017-07-27 Victorien Le... opengl: converter_cvpx: don't handle color space
2017-07-27 Victorien Le... macosx: don't handle color primaries
2017-07-27 Victorien Le... caopengllayer: don't handle color primaries
2017-07-27 Victorien Le... sd: avahi: change unappropriate msg_Err to msg_Info
2017-07-27 Adrien Maglovpx: keep the multiview_mode from the demux
2017-07-27 Adrien Magloavcodec: keep the multiview_mode from the demux
2017-07-27 Alexandre PerraudQt: Remove old icons sources
2017-07-27 Alexandre PerraudQt: Add icons source as svg
2017-07-27 Alexandre PerraudQt: Change almost all icons
2017-07-27 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: fix the output video_format_t initialization
2017-07-27 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: fix the original picQuad position
2017-07-27 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: update the picQuad position when the displa...
2017-07-27 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: use the texture position defined by picture...
2017-07-27 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: update the quad position using the picture...
2017-07-27 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: use the same size for the staging texture...
2017-07-27 Jean-Baptiste... D3D9 adjust: fix name
2017-07-27 Francois Cartegniedemux: ts: add support for multiview descriptor
2017-07-27 Victorien Le... caopengllayer: remove spaces from blank lines
2017-07-26 Adrien Maglomp4: save the multiview_mode meta-data encoded with...
2017-07-26 Francois Cartegniedemux: mp4: enable 3DDS multiview
2017-07-26 Francois Cartegniedemux: libmp4: add and parse 3DDS uuid
2017-07-26 Francois Cartegniedemux: libmp4: move uuid parsing
2017-07-26 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: mpegvideo: parse/set multiview
2017-07-26 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: hevc: set multiview
2017-07-26 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: h264: set multiview
2017-07-26 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: hxxx: parse frame_packing
2017-07-26 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: mpegvideo: add missing mapping
2017-07-26 Rémi Denis... vout: handle error without aborting
2017-07-26 David FuhrmannmacOS build.sh: Enable -Werror=partial-availability...
2017-07-26 David FuhrmannmacOS build.sh: Build gettext before contribs
2017-07-26 Rémi Denis... vout: make vout_FilterDisplay() work always
2017-07-26 Rémi Denis... vout: remove redundant test
2017-07-26 Rémi Denis... filter_chain: remove useless length member
2017-07-26 Rémi Denis... filter_chain: replace GetLength with IsEmpty
2017-07-26 Rémi Denis... spu: remove useless check
2017-07-26 Rémi Denis... filter_chain: use container_of()
2017-07-26 Felix Paul... caopengllayer: set HDR mode on 10.12 and later only...
2017-07-26 Steve Lhommed3d11va: don't use the external pool on Qualcomm device...
2017-07-26 Victorien Le... caopengllayer: fix green output
2017-07-26 Rémi Denis... misc: ensure vlc_object_t is correctly aligned
2017-07-26 Rémi Denis... Revert "misc: ensure vlc_object_t is correctly aligned"
2017-07-26 Marvin Scholzservice_discovery: Consistently use playlist_Lock/Unlock
2017-07-26 Marvin Scholzservice_discovery: Improve debug log messages
2017-07-26 Marvin Scholzbonjour: clarify log messages and use correct levels
2017-07-26 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptive: fix cross category es recycling
2017-07-26 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptive: missing es_format_Init
2017-07-26 Francois Cartegniedemux: ts: probe atsc using psip base pid
2017-07-26 Francois Cartegniedemux: ts: unwanted fall through
2017-07-26 Thomas Guillemlib: renderer_discoverer: add item hold/release
2017-07-26 Thomas Guillemlib: renderer_discoverer: fix bad cast
2017-07-26 Thomas Guillemdemux: stl: fix use-after-free
2017-07-26 Victorien Le... macosx: remove noise filter from GUI
2017-07-26 Tristan Matthewsjpeg2000: avoid arithmetic overflow (CID #1415689)
2017-07-26 Tristan Matthewsspatialaudio: handle speaker memory allocation failure
2017-07-25 Rémi Denis... config: assert item type matching
2017-07-25 Thomas Guillemhotkeys: fix unused warning
2017-07-25 Rémi Denis... config_GetType(): remove unused parameter
2017-07-25 Rémi Denis... config_FindConfig(): remove unused parameter
2017-07-25 Marvin ScholzNSIS: Enable HiDPI support
2017-07-25 Rémi Denis... Makefile: remove --disable-httpd
2017-07-25 Steve Lhommevout: win32: handle tilt sensors for VR orientation
2017-07-25 Steve Lhommehotkeys: handle viewpoint changes from the vout
2017-07-25 Steve Lhommevout: add vout_display_SendEventViewpointMoved
2017-07-25 Thomas Guilleminput: ensure that viewpoint structs are read only...
2017-07-25 Thomas Guilleminput: send initial video viewpoint to the input
2017-07-25 Thomas Guilleminput: add INPUT_SET_INITIAL_VIEWPOINT control
2017-07-25 Thomas Guillemaout: fix viewpoint init state