2017-04-02 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Info.plist: Move vlc extension to UTI
2017-04-02 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Info.plist: Remove extension for mkv and mka
2017-04-02 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Info.plist: Remove some system defined UTIs
2017-04-02 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Use more standard UTIs in Info.plist
2017-04-01 Francois Cartegniedemux: ps: fix h264 regression
2017-03-31 Steve Lhommecontrib: ffmpeg: bump the revision to include a DXVA2 fix
2017-03-31 Dennis Hamestercompat: Add custom implementation of recvmsg/sendmsg...
2017-03-31 Dennis Hamestercompat: Add pathconf dummy replacement for nacl
2017-03-31 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: h264: fix rate change test
2017-03-31 Francois Cartegnieps/dvdnav/dvdread set psm less config to default mpeg2...
2017-03-31 Francois Cartegniedemux: ps: remove tautology
2017-03-31 Francois Cartegnieaccess: dvdnav: always check es creation
2017-03-31 Francois Cartegniedemux: ps: split seen / configured states
2017-03-31 Francois Cartegniecodec: avcodec: don't drop late frames due to preroll
2017-03-31 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: hevc: add poc computation
2017-03-31 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: hevc: parse slices poc lsb
2017-03-31 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: hevc: store nal properties in slice
2017-03-31 Steve Lhommecodec: avcodec: copy the source mastering/light level...
2017-03-31 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: set the HDR metadata on the SwapChain when...
2017-03-31 Steve Lhommecontrib: d3d11: add dxgi1.5 to support HDR10 metadata
2017-03-31 Steve Lhommepacketizer: hevc: write the HDR metadata in the output...
2017-03-31 Steve Lhommehxxx_sei: add HDR10 metadata parsing
2017-03-31 Steve Lhommevlc_es: add support for mastering colour volume data...
2017-03-31 Thomas Guillemcodec: hxxx: fix invalid free
2017-03-30 Thomas Guillemopengl: fix persistent performances on AMD
2017-03-30 Hugo Beauzée... lua: Don't expose a "goto" method in lua >= 5.2
2017-03-30 Hugo Beauzée... lua: lua_ExecuteFunctionVa: Cleanup the stack in case...
2017-03-30 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: h264: allow change in color space
2017-03-30 Francois Cartegniepackectizer: h264: don't override provided frame rate
2017-03-30 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: hevc: allow changing fmt.video params
2017-03-30 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: handle adaptive for mp4v
2017-03-30 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: refactor
2017-03-30 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: update vout when size is changed by mediacodec
2017-03-30 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: remove useless check
2017-03-30 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: late opening works only for hxxx
2017-03-30 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: move size initialization
2017-03-30 Thomas Guillemavcodec: fix flush when the codec is not opened
2017-03-30 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: mpeg4video: check for oob read
2017-03-30 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: mpeg4video: use defines
2017-03-30 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: mpeg4video: parse/set color space
2017-03-30 Hugo Beauzée... lua: Mandate KillExtension to be called with command_lo...
2017-03-30 Hugo Beauzée... lua: Remove dubious LockExtension/UnlockExtension
2017-03-30 Hugo Beauzée... lua: Ensure LuaGetState will always be called with...
2017-03-30 Hugo Beauzée... lua: Use QueueDeactivateCommand when suitable
2017-03-30 Hugo Beauzée... lua: Don't attempt to deactivate the extension when...
2017-03-30 Hugo Beauzée... lua: Split CMD_DEACTIVATE generation/queuing out of...
2017-03-30 Hugo Beauzée... lua: Properly support reactivation of the extension
2017-03-30 Hugo Beauzée... lua: Simplify activated extension detection
2017-03-30 Hugo Beauzée... lua: Don't deactivate the extension when failing to...
2017-03-30 Hugo Beauzée... lua: Cleanup lua state once the thread has joined
2017-03-30 Hugo Beauzée... lua: PushCommand: Check for allocation failure
2017-03-30 Hugo Beauzée... lua: PushCommand: Reduce locked scope
2017-03-30 Hugo Beauzée... lua: Factorize timeout detection
2017-03-30 Hugo Beauzée... lua: Join all threads
2017-03-30 Hugo Beauzée... lua: Fix deadlock when deactivating extension due to...
2017-03-30 Thomas Guillemcodec: hxxx: add missing break
2017-03-30 Thomas Guillemvideotoolbox: remove stray debug log
2017-03-30 Thomas Guillemcodec: hxxx: fix debug logs
2017-03-30 Thomas Guillemvideotoolbox: fix build
2017-03-29 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: hevc: only change format on sps activation
2017-03-29 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: hevc: keep track of active xPS
2017-03-29 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: hevc: use helper to get pps/sps/vps
2017-03-29 Francois Cartegniedecoder: VideoToolbox: have adaptive DPB
2017-03-29 Francois Cartegniedecoder: VideoToolBox: use POC for H264
2017-03-29 Filip Roséenlibvlc-module: change preparsing options descriptions
2017-03-29 Filip Roséenpreparser: post-pone event until after art fetching...
2017-03-29 Filip Roséenplaylist: fix deadlock on destruction while preparser...
2017-03-29 Filip Roséenplaylist: cancel preparsing upon playback
2017-03-29 Filip Roséenplaylist/fetcher: refactor
2017-03-29 Filip Roséenplaylist/preparser: refactor
2017-03-29 Filip Roséenplaylist/background_worker: introduce background-worker...
2017-03-29 Francois Cartegniecodec hxxx: fix parsing avcc
2017-03-29 Francois Cartegniecodec: hxxx: always use externally specified nal length...
2017-03-29 Francois Cartegnievideotoolbox: missing hxxx cleanup
2017-03-29 Thomas Guillemvideotoolbox: drain output pictures before restarting
2017-03-29 Thomas Guillemvideotoolbox: restart in case of kVTVideoDecoderBadDataErr
2017-03-29 Thomas Guillemvideotoolbox: refactor error handling
2017-03-29 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: increase hack delay to 2 seconds
2017-03-29 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: drain before restart
2017-03-29 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: OutThread can be drained more than one...
2017-03-29 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: refactor input block queue function
2017-03-29 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: add adaptive playback support
2017-03-29 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: setup block callbacks from PaseVideoExtra
2017-03-29 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: add missing alloc check
2017-03-29 Thomas Guillemmediacodec/videotoolbox: add hxxx_helper
2017-03-29 Thomas Guillemvideotoolbox: merge starts and stops functions
2017-03-29 Thomas Guillemvideotoolbox: split StartVideoToolbox
2017-03-29 Thomas Guillempacketizer: h264: handle more than one SPS/PPS in h264_...
2017-03-29 Thomas Guillempacketizer: h264: remove unused function
2017-03-29 Thomas Guillemblock: expose block_TryRealloc
2017-03-29 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: dts: check header values range
2017-03-29 Hugo Beauzée... contrib: bump microdns to 0.0.5
2017-03-29 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: h264: fix read check on total avcc size...
2017-03-29 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: dts: workaround incorrect FSIZE (fix #18166)
2017-03-29 Hugo Beauzée... playlist: sort: remove tabs
2017-03-29 Hugo Beauzée... playlist: sort: Fix potential null dereference
2017-03-29 Hugo Beauzée... ram: Fix potential null dereference
2017-03-29 KO Myung-Hunvlc_network: move OS/2 stuffs to include/vlc_fixups.h
2017-03-28 Julian Scheelcompat: Add sigwait dummy for NaCl
2017-03-28 Julian Scheelnacl: vlc_fixups: Define TCP_NODELAY