2017-06-19 Marvin Scholzfreetype: Prevent creating font with NULL path
2017-06-19 Marvin Scholzfreetype: Fix copying char buffer of CStringRef on...
2017-06-19 Thomas Guillemhw: vaapi: chroma: fix uninitialized var usage
2017-06-19 Hugo Beauzée... magnify: Remove trailing whitespace
2017-06-19 Hugo Beauzée... magnify: Don't display frame margin when zooming
2017-06-19 Francois Cartegnieinput: meta: reload attachment if failed from cache
2017-06-19 Hugo Beauzée... addons: Fix leak
2017-06-19 Hugo Beauzée... addons: vorepository: Fix bad free
2017-06-19 Hugo Beauzée... addons: vorepository: Fix leak when parsing manifest
2017-06-19 Hugo Beauzée... addons: fsstorage: Fix leak whe nlisting installed...
2017-06-19 Hugo Beauzée... addons: Remove unrequired forward declaration
2017-06-18 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Store subtitle settings from main menu in playl...
2017-06-18 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Set sub-text-scale variable on playlist level
2017-06-18 David Fuhrmannhotkeys: Set sub-text-scale variable on playlist level
2017-06-18 David Fuhrmannsrc: Move sub-text-scale variable to playlist scope
2017-06-18 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Reenable subtitles menu, use "sub-text-scale...
2017-06-18 Francois Cartegniedemux: ogg: remove no op
2017-06-18 Francois Cartegniedemux: ogg: fix glitches on chained content
2017-06-18 Rémi Denis... dbus: start interface before hand-off (fixes #3369)
2017-06-18 Rémi Denis... dbus: fix naming of multiple instances
2017-06-18 Rémi Denis... dbus: add variable to expose register bus name
2017-06-18 Rémi Denis... dbus: add command line option to disable MPRIS
2017-06-18 Rémi Denis... dbus: deduplicate one-instance description
2017-06-18 Rémi Denis... core: remove stray #include
2017-06-18 Rémi Denis... posix: move D-Bus one-instance to system_Configure()
2017-06-18 Rémi Denis... win32: gather multimedia timer initialization
2017-06-18 Rémi Denis... win32: move thread priority init to vlc_thread_setup()
2017-06-18 Rémi Denis... win32: simplifying thread init locking
2017-06-18 Rémi Denis... modules: sort modules by priority during loading
2017-06-18 Rémi Denis... modules: use capabilities tree for module_list_cap()
2017-06-18 Rémi Denis... modules: build search tree of module capabilities
2017-06-18 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: fix bluray sha512
2017-06-17 Rémi Denis... avcodec: fix fourcc ordering
2017-06-17 Marvin ScholzmacOS: Do not use weak delegate
2017-06-17 Rémi Denis... avcodec: simplify decoder codec look-up
2017-06-17 Rémi Denis... avcodec: simplify encoder codec look-up
2017-06-17 Rémi Denis... avcodec: search codec mapping by category
2017-06-17 Rémi Denis... avcodec: remove category from codec tables
2017-06-17 Rémi Denis... avcodec: split codec mappings per ES category
2017-06-17 Rémi Denis... avformat: remove unused GetVlcFourcc() arguments
2017-06-17 Rémi Denis... picture_pool: fix potentially invalid allocation size
2017-06-17 David FuhrmannInfo.plist: Require 10.7 as minimum macOS version
2017-06-17 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Remove resizeView and VLCResizeControl
2017-06-17 Vinson Leelinux: Add signal.h header for SIGEV_THREAD symbol.
2017-06-17 Rémi Denis... compat: replace aligned_alloc() rather than posix_memal...
2017-06-17 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Add recursive collapse context menu item
2017-06-17 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Fix expanding and highlighting of currently...
2017-06-17 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Remove old playlist code
2017-06-17 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Adapt playlist context menu validation, hide...
2017-06-17 Marvin ScholzmacOS: Change MediaInfo panel xib target to 10.7
2017-06-17 Marvin ScholzmacOS: Change label font on MediaInfo panel
2017-06-17 Marvin ScholzmacOS: Use VLCHUDButtonCell on MediaInfo panel
2017-06-17 Marvin ScholzmacOS: Fix copy/paste mistake in license header
2017-06-17 Marvin ScholzmacOS: Do not draw custom VLCHUDTextFieldCell on 10.10+
2017-06-17 Marvin ScholzmacOS: Fix drawing of VLCHUDTextFieldCell
2017-06-16 Thomas Guillemhw: vaapi: chroma: fix uninitialized var usage
2017-06-16 Thomas Guillemavcodec: vaapi: fix invalid release in case of failure
2017-06-16 Thomas Guillemavcodec: va: disable VAAPI 10bits for now
2017-06-16 Jean-Baptiste... SCTE-27: simplify fmt codec definition and avoid crash
2017-06-16 Thomas Guillemavcodec: vaapi: add direct rendering support
2017-06-16 Thomas Guillemopengl: add converter_vaapi
2017-06-16 Thomas Guillemconfigure: add HAVE_VAAPI_X11 check
2017-06-16 Thomas Guillemavcodec: vaapi: use vlc_vaapi helpers
2017-06-16 Thomas Guillemavcodec: vaapi: refactor
2017-06-16 Victorien Le... hw: vaapi: add chroma conversion GPU <=> CPU
2017-06-16 Thomas Guillemhw: vaapi: add pictures and pool helpers
2017-06-16 Victorien Le... hw: vaapi: add wrappers functions
2017-06-16 Victorien Le... hw: vaapi: add instance dynamic library
2017-06-16 Thomas Guillemconfigure: add HAVE_VAAPI check
2017-06-16 Thomas Guillemfourcc: add VAAPI opaque chroma
2017-06-16 Hugo Beauzée... zvbi: Simplify fmt_out initialization
2017-06-16 Hugo Beauzée... zvbi: Remove trailing whitespaces
2017-06-16 Hugo Beauzée... zvbi: Don't write in es_format_t::video_format_t when...
2017-06-16 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Fix frame of main window gradient view
2017-06-15 Rémi Denis... interrupt: inline one function
2017-06-15 Rémi Denis... interrupt: simplify using thread_local
2017-06-15 Rémi Denis... interrupt: remove debug flag
2017-06-15 Rémi Denis... interrupt: extend test cases
2017-06-15 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Fix controls bar state for playlist toggling
2017-06-15 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Fix hiding of controls bar in native fullscreen
2017-06-15 Marvin ScholzmacOS: Fix drawing of VLCHUDSliderCell track
2017-06-15 Marvin ScholzmacOS: Don't draw custom VLCHUDSegmentedCell on 10.10+
2017-06-15 Marvin ScholzmacOS: Draw dividers for VLCHUDSegmentedCell
2017-06-15 Marvin ScholzmacOS: Use VLCHUDSegmentedCell in MediaInfo panel
2017-06-15 Marvin ScholzmacOS: Fix VLCHUDSegmentedCell text drawing
2017-06-15 Hugo Beauzée... Revert "hotkeys: Reset scale to screen when zooming"
2017-06-15 Thomas Guillemvideo_output: display: Don't ignore fullscreen state...
2017-06-15 Hugo Beauzée... variables: Use thread_local
2017-06-15 Hugo Beauzée... vlc_fixup: Provide a thread_local macro
2017-06-15 Hugo Beauzée... video_output: Use the appropriate vout_display_ event...
2017-06-14 Hugo Beauzée... qt: Remove unused include
2017-06-14 Steve Lhommecontrib: libarchive: don't force a path with windows...
2017-06-14 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: fix WMV3
2017-06-14 Steve Lhommecontrib: only force CMAKE_RC_COMPILER when cross compiling
2017-06-14 Steve Lhommecontrib: cmake: set the Debug/Release target depending...
2017-06-14 Steve Lhommedirect3d9: picture->p_sys is never NULL
2017-06-14 Steve Lhommedxa9: fix hd3d_dll leaking
2017-06-14 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: fix dxgiadapter error test
2017-06-14 Steve Lhommed3d11va: don't go further if we don't know the format...
2017-06-14 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: make sur we have a picture->context with...