2012-12-27 Konstantin... MIPS: enable HAVE_FPU on hard-float builds.
2012-12-27 Konstantin... UPNP SD: extract all resources from DIDL.
2012-12-26 Felix Paul... macosx: adapt fspanel layout to update time slider...
2012-12-26 Damien Erambertmacosx: re-worked fullscreen time slider graphics to...
2012-12-26 Francois CartegnieQt: prefsItemData: rename ambigous var
2012-12-26 Francois CartegnieQt: prefsItem: namespace TYPE_*
2012-12-26 Denis CharmetHandle with resilience unknown ebml elements
2012-12-26 Felix Paul... macosx: added menu item and advanced option to hide...
2012-12-26 Francois CartegnieQt: spatializer: another useless indirect slot
2012-12-26 Francois CartegnieQt: spatializer: simplify using groupbox
2012-12-26 Francois CartegnieQt: compressor: simplify by grouping
2012-12-26 Francois CartegnieQt: compressor: remove useless indirect slot
2012-12-26 Francois CartegnieQt: complete prefs: missing initial value
2012-12-26 Felix Paul... macosx: simplify ea98fcfc
2012-12-25 Francois CartegnieQt: ConfigControl: missing Q_OBJECT
2012-12-25 Francois CartegnieQt: sout_profiles: add video and audio filters (fix...
2012-12-25 David Fuhrmannmacosx: video effects panel: only allow to activate...
2012-12-25 David Fuhrmannmacosx: video effects: restore correct state of clone...
2012-12-25 Rafaël CarréFix 2c22b194c8c : do not lose block_t information
2012-12-25 Rafaël CarréAdd block_CopyProperties() helper
2012-12-25 Felix Paul... macosx: fixed subtitle rendering resolution when using...
2012-12-25 Rafaël CarréFix typo in 2c22b194c
2012-12-24 Felix Paul... auhal: remove debug stuff I forgot
2012-12-24 Felix Paul... extras/tools: updated gas-preprocessor hash
2012-12-24 Felix Paul... auhal: fixed some compilation warnings
2012-12-24 Felix Paul... auhal: reduce noise when flushing the buffer and play...
2012-12-24 Felix Paul... auhal: clean-up HardwareListener callback
2012-12-23 Rafaël Carréopensles: take in account all buffered audio in latency
2012-12-22 Francois CartegnieQt: Open Network Dialog: Only clear edit line on cancel...
2012-12-22 Francois CartegnieQt: saveAPlaylist: fix file extension logic (fix #7578)
2012-12-22 Francois CartegnieQt: about: Use rich text (fix #7590).
2012-12-22 Francois CartegnieQt: hotkeys: always overwrite global hotkeys (fix ...
2012-12-22 Francois CartegnieQt: hotkeys: allow filtering by field (fix #7931)
2012-12-22 Francois CartegnieQt: hotkeys selector: refer cols by name
2012-12-22 Rafaël Carréaudio_format_neon was removed in 6ba3c4bed4
2012-12-22 Francois CartegnieQt: hotkeys: add check for app's menu shortcuts (fix...
2012-12-22 Rémi Duraffortsmooth: fix potential memleak
2012-12-22 Rémi Duraffortoss: fix segfault
2012-12-22 Rémi Duraffortqt4: the playlist should be locked when calling playlis...
2012-12-21 Rémi Denis... avcodec: simplify audio sample format mapping
2012-12-21 Rémi Denis... aout: macro-vectorize aout_ChannelsReorder()
2012-12-21 Rémi Denis... aout: add aout_Interleave() helper for interleaving
2012-12-21 Rémi Denis... remap: support U8 because we can
2012-12-21 Rémi Denis... volume: add direct support for S32N, FL64 and U8
2012-12-21 Rémi Denis... format: add missing conversions between U8, S16N, FL32...
2012-12-21 Rémi Denis... aout: remove FI32 intermediate-only codec
2012-12-21 Rémi Denis... mad: decode to FL32 (as in existing VLC releases)
2012-12-21 Rémi Denis... audio format: fix FI32 -> S16N conversion
2012-12-21 Rémi Denis... vlc_aout: remove comments copied from libmad
2012-12-21 Edward Wangcontrib: fix the FPU detection for cross-compiles
2012-12-21 Rafaël Carréopensles: fix static noise at 44.1kHz
2012-12-21 Jean-Baptiste... Fix DxVA2 decoding on HD2000/3000
2012-12-20 Laurent AimarRemoved useless vlc_gl_GetProcAddress() calls (opengl).
2012-12-20 Laurent AimarRemoved outdated comment (opengl).
2012-12-20 Laurent AimarReorder a bit vout_display_opengl_Display (opengl)
2012-12-20 Laurent AimarSimplified and fixed RGB fragment shader (opengl).
2012-12-20 Laurent AimarSimplified a bit RGBA frament shader (opengl).
2012-12-20 Laurent AimarCosmetics (opengl).
2012-12-20 Laurent AimarReorganized shader/program building (opengl).
2012-12-20 Laurent AimarSimplify/reorder a bit non shader rendering (openg).
2012-12-20 Laurent AimarAllowed opengl to work without opengl shader.
2012-12-20 Laurent AimarSmall clean up (opengl)
2012-12-20 Laurent AimarCosmetics (opengl.c)
2012-12-20 Rémi Denis... a52: decode to S32N in fixed point
2012-12-20 Rémi Denis... smem: use aout_BitsPerSample()
2012-12-20 Rémi Denis... wamfixed: output S32N rather than FI32
2012-12-20 Rafaël Carréopensles: use a ring buffer for latency measurement
2012-12-20 Rafaël Carréopensles: no need to count number of busy buffers
2012-12-20 Rafaël Carréopensles: cosmetics
2012-12-20 Rafaël Carréopensles: move code from Start/Stop to Open/Close
2012-12-20 Rafaël Carréopensles: the time since last buffering update is useless
2012-12-20 Rémi Denis... tremor: decode to S32N
2012-12-20 Rémi Denis... vorbis: fix cast warnings
2012-12-20 Rémi Denis... aout: pass FOURCC instead of bits to aout_ChannelsReorder()
2012-12-20 Rémi Denis... aout: remove 24-bits support left-overs
2012-12-20 Rémi Denis... araw: make float/double decoder/encoder conform to...
2012-12-20 Rémi Denis... PulseAudio: remove dummy dependency on <vlc_cpu.h>
2012-12-20 Rémi Denis... Use VLC_CODEC_S24(B|L)32
2012-12-20 Rémi Denis... Add codecs for S24 in 4 bytes
2012-12-20 Rémi Denis... aout: drop support for S24N
2012-12-20 Rémi Denis... FLAC: keep signed 32-bits output format and simplify
2012-12-20 Olafs VandānsQt: add playlist total duration
2012-12-20 Olafs VandānsCore playlist: provide playlist_GetNodeDuration
2012-12-20 Jean-Baptiste... Minimal_macosx: remove tabs in source code
2012-12-20 Rafaël Carréopensles: reset properly on flush
2012-12-19 Felix Paul... minimal_macosx: updated copyright headers
2012-12-19 Felix Paul... POTFILES: updated minimal_macosx listing
2012-12-19 Rémi Denis... AES3: decode to S32N rather than S24 and simplify a...
2012-12-19 Rémi Denis... format: fix typo, conversion from S32N to S16N (fixes...
2012-12-19 Rémi Denis... visualization: fix output formats
2012-12-19 Felix Paul... minimal_macosx: remove dependency on the Carbon framewo...
2012-12-19 Felix Paul... minimal_macosx: modernize coding style and remove usele...
2012-12-19 Felix Paul... minimal_macosx: remove more dead code
2012-12-19 Felix Paul... minimal_macosx: implement VOUT_WINDOW_SET_SIZE and...
2012-12-19 Felix Paul... minimal_macosx: removed no-longer needed vout code...
2012-12-19 Felix Paul... minimal_macosx: re-implement in-separate-window video...
2012-12-19 Rémi Denis... aout: drop remnants of foreign endian support (refs...
2012-12-19 Rémi Denis... aout: drop support for U24 and S24I
2012-12-19 Rémi Denis... LPCM: decode to S16N or S32N
2012-12-19 Rémi Denis... LPCM: encode from S16N rather than S16B