2016-03-23 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: remove ArchitectureSpecificCopyData
2016-03-23 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: more unsigned members
2016-03-23 Francois Cartegnieinput: es_out: lower RESET_PCR warning to debug level
2016-03-22 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: improve the seekbar precision
2016-03-22 Filip Roséenqt: make seek tooltip + actual seek less surprising
2016-03-22 Filip Roséenqt: replaced magic constants with QtAbstractSlider...
2016-03-22 Filip Roséenqt: replaced macros with proper constants
2016-03-22 Hugo Beauzée... theora: Force b_progressive to true
2016-03-22 Hugo Beauzée... direct3d11: Remove duplicated forward declaration
2016-03-22 Hugo Beauzée... deinterlace: Fix blending of pictures with offset
2016-03-22 Hugo Beauzée... vout: msw: common: provide the full picture rect as...
2016-03-21 Felix Paul... macosx: update codesigning script so Sparkle.framework...
2016-03-20 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: vncclient, disable the GnuTLS anon part
2016-03-20 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: vncclient, correctly compile against newer...
2016-03-20 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: vncclient, correctly mention gnutls dependency
2016-03-20 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: vncserver depends on GnuTLS too
2016-03-20 Rémi Denis... http: improve tunnel coverage
2016-03-20 Rémi Denis... url: test previous change
2016-03-20 Rémi Denis... url: fix parsing URL with IPv6 numerals
2016-03-20 Rémi Denis... http: fix memory leak
2016-03-20 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: build microdns when needed
2016-03-20 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: VNC, correctly detect png library
2016-03-20 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: update vncserver to 0.9.10
2016-03-20 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: install libvnc*.pc
2016-03-20 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: NFS works on Windows
2016-03-20 Petri Hintukainenbluray: fix blanking
2016-03-19 Ilkka OllakkaNEWS: fix udp entry
2016-03-18 Jean-Baptiste... Bump the required Qt versions
2016-03-18 Filip Roséenmkv: fixed broken locking mechanism
2016-03-18 Rémi Denis... configure: fix missing $av_vdpau_ver
2016-03-18 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: accessible widgets is part of Qt5Gui in 5.6
2016-03-18 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: Qt, mention lqwindows and QPlatformSupport...
2016-03-18 Ilkka Ollakkaudp: add timeout parameter
2016-03-18 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: fix .pc files in release mode
2016-03-18 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: use standard installations for Qt
2016-03-18 Filip Roséenmkv: fixed parsing regression related to S_TEXT/UTF8
2016-03-18 Rémi Denis... mp4: use VLC_CODEC_YUYV
2016-03-17 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: D3D11, fix DXGI_1_2.h generation
2016-03-17 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: update D3D11 rules
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: use the more generic JumpTo() call
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: only the first loaded segment knows which chapter...
2016-03-17 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: be sure to have cascading fails for commands
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: don't enter anything when leaving the last ordered...
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: we don't need to prepare playback when jumping...
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: prepare playback for the current chapter selected
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: use a reference for the virtual_segment as we...
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: allow preparing playback for a different timestamp...
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: ordered chapters need to know the current chapter...
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: call PreparePlayback() when switching segment...
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: rename ChangeSegment() to KeepTrackSelection()
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: separate the segment selection from the track...
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: enter PGC's from DVD via the first Cell in the PGC
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: only jump on known chapters from chapter commands
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: only check if we went too far on the next Demux...
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: crash fix in FindChapters
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: do not reset the i_start_time after a seek was...
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: never set p_current_vsegment to NULL
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: debug the timestamps of the chapter used
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: only use the sub chapters duration if we don't...
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: wait for the next Demux() call if we entered a...
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: only look for a new Chapter if the current one...
2016-03-17 Steve Lhommemkv: add virtual_chapter_c::ContainsTimestamp() helper...
2016-03-17 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: rewrite most of Qt rules
2016-03-16 Ludovic Fauvetlua: replace deprecated functions
2016-03-16 Ludovic Fauvetlua: kill a warning
2016-03-16 Ludovic Fauvetlua: merge new functions with the previous table
2016-03-16 Jean-Baptiste... fortunes: ripping, playing, reading
2016-03-16 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: update to Qt 5.6.0
2016-03-16 Ludovic Fauvetlua: 'vlc' namespace needs to be handled differently
2016-03-16 Petri Hintukainensftp: fix opening urls with encoded chars
2016-03-16 Jean-Baptiste... lua: use lua_set_funcs to replace luaL_register in 5.3
2016-03-16 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: fix lua compilation with old Android versions
2016-03-16 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: lua, simpler way to disable localeconv
2016-03-16 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: lua, remove unneeded patch
2016-03-16 Ludovic Fauvetcontribs: lua 5.3
2016-03-16 Steve Lhommemkv: an edition with no duration is OK if there's some...
2016-03-16 Steve Lhommemkv: use the chapter end time for duration rather than...
2016-03-16 Steve Lhommemkv: adjust the end timestamp of ordered chapters based...
2016-03-16 Steve Lhommemkv: a subchapter with no end timestamp cannot match...
2016-03-16 Steve Lhommemkv: explicitly tell which of the chapter is the one...
2016-03-16 Steve Lhommemkv: prefix variables from virtual elements with a 'v'
2016-03-16 Steve Lhommemkv: create a virtual_chapter_c with its sub chapters
2016-03-16 Steve Lhommemkv: pass the user_time by reference
2016-03-16 Steve Lhommemkv: add Segments from the same family to used_segments
2016-03-16 Steve Lhommemkv: add a helper method to check if 2 Segments are...
2016-03-16 Steve Lhommemkv: rename variables that are not pointers anymore
2016-03-16 Steve Lhommemkv: select which matroska_segment_c to use to create...
2016-03-16 Steve Lhommemkv: prefer references to pointers
2016-03-16 Steve Lhommemkv: p_current_segment can change after a call to Updat...
2016-03-16 Steve Lhommemkv: remove doublon code
2016-03-16 Steve Lhommemkv: only create a spoint vector if we're going to...
2016-03-16 Steve Lhommemkv: simplify Demux() by using vlc_mutex_locker
2016-03-15 Thomas Guillemsmb: remove fastseek capability
2016-03-15 Thomas Guillemsmb: re-fix opening urls with encoded chars
2016-03-15 Thomas Guillemcontrib: update libdsm
2016-03-15 Thomas Guillemdsm: use sys->url for credential
2016-03-15 Thomas Guillemdsm: re-fix opening urls with encoded chars
2016-03-15 Thomas Guillemevas: deactivate tbm surfaces
2016-03-15 Steve Lhommemkv: simplify the code
2016-03-15 Steve Lhommemkv: pass the list of matroska_segment_c by reference...