2012-09-07 Rafaël Carréstackhandler: fix indentation
2012-09-07 Felix Paul... macosx/wizard: allow partial extract values to be enter...
2012-09-07 Jean-Baptiste... Stackhandler: process win32 stacks
2012-09-07 Ludovic Fauvetogg: fix computation of vorbis stream length (close...
2012-09-07 Rémi Denis... win32: cosmetic
2012-09-07 Rémi Denis... posix: fix warning
2012-09-06 Rafaël Carrépo: Remove duplicate message definitions
2012-09-06 Rafaël Carrétypo: overriden -> overridden
2012-09-06 Rafaël Carréx264: do not use NULL terminated arrays in help item...
2012-09-06 Benjamin DrungFix typo: overriden -> overridden.
2012-09-06 Rafaël Carrécontrib: fix vorbis build on osx
2012-09-06 Rémi Denis... main: move single instance settings to playlist (from...
2012-09-06 Rémi Denis... Win32: run-time support for Seven's interrupt time
2012-09-06 Rémi Denis... Win32: run-time support for Vista's tick count
2012-09-06 Rafaël Carrécontrib: libogg: do not use gcc -O4 on osx
2012-09-06 Rafaël Carrévideodev2.h: fixes for non Linux builds
2012-09-06 Rémi Denis... Win32: add --clock-source configuration item
2012-09-06 Rémi Denis... Fix comment for VLC_CONFIG_LIST_CB
2012-09-06 Jean-Baptiste... s/FFmpeg/libavcodec where applicable
2012-09-06 Benjamin DrungDo not ship UAC.dll in source tarball.
2012-09-06 Rémi Denis... Remove empty *_DEPENDENCIES in makefiles
2012-09-06 Rémi Denis... access: use correct libtool tag for C++ files
2012-09-06 Rémi Denis... Remove unmaintained RPM specfiles
2012-09-06 Ludovic Fauvetogg: find the length of an opus stream
2012-09-06 Denis CharmetMKV: Fix seek to 0 with a non null time offset
2012-09-06 Benjamin DrungFix typo: bandwith -> bandwidth.
2012-09-06 Francois CartegnieQt: MLModel: fix memleak
2012-09-06 Rémi Denis... dbus: simplify single instance initialization
2012-09-06 Rémi Denis... Remove system_End() except on Windows, simplify
2012-09-06 Rafaël Carrérecord: remove a few relocations
2012-09-05 Rémi Denis... LIBDL may be required regardless of plugins (e.g. v4l2)
2012-09-05 Rafaël Carré--enable-qt4 is now --enable-qt
2012-09-05 Mark LeeAdd missing "; " delimiter in subtitles extensions.
2012-09-05 Edward WangWin32: Check for the shared libgcc in all LIBRARY_PATHs
2012-09-05 Rafaël Carrécontrib: build opus by default
2012-09-05 Diego Elio... fourcc.c: make fourcc lists fit in .rodata
2012-09-04 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: update Opus to 1.0.1-rc3
2012-09-04 Denis CharmetMKV: Handle multi-editions as different titles
2012-09-04 Francois Cartegniesql_ml: wrong album update predicate.
2012-09-04 Francois Cartegniesql_ml: lock was missing, use GetURI
2012-09-04 David Fuhrmannmacosx: add scroll wheel support for progress and volum...
2012-09-04 David Fuhrmannmacosx: reset window size to the one before video was...
2012-09-04 David Fuhrmannmacosx: use video-wallpaper instead of macosx-backgroun...
2012-09-04 Luca Barbatoconfigure: add DOLT
2012-09-04 Francois CartegnieQt: MLItem: add missing lock and fix scheme fixing
2012-09-04 Francois CartegnieQt: MLItem: missing lock
2012-09-04 Francois CartegnieQt: MLItem: missing locks
2012-09-04 Diego Elio... build: unbreak bootstrap after c685975185e8ad0e4845ea0d...
2012-09-04 Rémi Denis... v4l2: copy header (with minor changes) from Linux 3.5
2012-09-04 Rémi Denis... v4l2: do not warn about unsupported CROPCAP, only print...
2012-09-04 Rafaël Carrétranscode: try FI32 as intermediate format
2012-09-04 Rafaël Carrécontrib: install .pc file for ncursesw
2012-09-04 Felix Paul... macosx: removed dead code
2012-09-04 Martin Storsjöomxil: Only use pts if it actually is set
2012-09-04 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: use dvdnav fork on github
2012-09-04 Rémi Denis... Qt4: ask for confirmation before overwriting files...
2012-09-04 Rémi Denis... file out: ask for confirmation to overwrite file
2012-09-04 Diego Biurrunsrc: remove one level of makefile recursion
2012-09-03 Timothy B.... Fix 0-byte Ogg packet handling.
2012-09-03 Timothy B.... Opus decoder.
2012-09-03 Timothy B.... Opus demuxing fixes.
2012-09-03 Felix Paul... macosx: unify and modernize coding style
2012-09-03 Felix Paul... macosx/StringUtility: move lost declaration
2012-09-03 Felix Paul... quartztext: unify and modernize coding style
2012-09-03 Felix Paul... eyetv: unify and modernize coding style
2012-09-03 Felix Paul... qtcapture: unify and modernize coding style
2012-09-03 Felix Paul... qtsound: unify and modernize coding style
2012-09-03 Felix Paul... macosx_vout: unify coding style
2012-09-03 Felix Paul... macosx: fixed runtime warnings due to renamed imagery
2012-09-03 Felix Paul... macosx: implemented graphics for forward/backward in...
2012-09-03 Damien Erambertmacosx: add additional artwork for forward/backward...
2012-09-03 Felix Paul... macosx: removed no longer needed preliminary artwork
2012-09-03 Felix Paul... macosx: implemented graphics for next/previous in the...
2012-09-03 Damien Erambertmacosx: new artwork for the 6 button state for the...
2012-09-03 Felix Paul... macosx: renamed 'back' button images to 'backward'...
2012-09-03 Felix Paul... macosx: implemented graphics for the single playlist...
2012-09-03 Damien Erambertmacosx: added new artwork for the single playlist butto...
2012-09-03 Rémi Denis... file out: option not to overwrite an existing file
2012-09-03 Rémi Denis... http: fix HTTP through proxy (fixes #7417)
2012-09-03 Rémi Denis... v4l2: radio: measure time from start (refs #7400)
2012-09-03 Rémi Denis... ALSA: measure time from start (refs #7400)
2012-09-03 Rémi Denis... v4l: measure time from start (fixes #7400)
2012-09-03 Rémi Denis... win32: prefer 64-bits ticks count on Vista builds
2012-09-03 Rémi Denis... wasapi: do not assume mdate() returns the performance...
2012-09-03 Rémi Denis... Remove old MSVC and Borland work-arounds
2012-09-03 Rémi Denis... Remove work-around for antique versions of MSVC
2012-09-03 Rémi Denis... Remove useless alloca() work-around
2012-09-02 Francois CartegnieQt: PLSelector: ensure curItem is set when switching...
2012-09-02 Francois CartegnieQt: MLmodel: fix headers encoding
2012-09-02 Felix Paul... macosx: fixed conditionals for the different OS X relea...
2012-09-02 Felix Paul... auhal: converted to a more sane coding style
2012-09-02 Felix Paul... auhal: unify coding style
2012-09-02 Rémi Denis... Remove WinCE
2012-09-02 Rémi Denis... Remove redundant UNDER_CE checks
2012-09-01 Naohiro KORIYAMAcontrib: libass added fontconfig font search paths...
2012-09-01 Felix Paul... auhal: fixed audio device configuration callback and...
2012-09-01 Rémi Duraffortauhal: fix inverted logic (and potential NULL pointer...
2012-08-31 Felix Paul... macosx: updated xcodeproj to fix the build
2012-08-31 Angelo HallerSanitize file path before deletion.
2012-08-31 Felix Paul... macosx: use the updated forward/back buttons in the...