2011-11-04 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: update dvbpsi to 0.2.2
2011-11-03 Laurent AimarImproved TS file detection.
2011-11-03 Rafaël Carréextras/tools: preliminary support for building missing...
2011-11-03 Laurent AimarEnabled HTTP seek support when Accept-Ranges is present...
2011-11-03 Laurent AimarWorkaround for video size incompatible with the colorspace.
2011-11-03 Rafaël CarréDon't error out if --disable-avcodec was specified...
2011-11-03 Rémi Denis... Missing #include
2011-11-03 Rémi Denis... BDA: work around unimplemented dvb_enum_systems()
2011-11-03 Rémi Denis... Install vlc_network.h and vlc_tls.h
2011-11-03 Rémi Denis... Make vlc_network.h installable
2011-11-03 Rémi Denis... Rewrite inet_pton() and inet_ntop() into compat
2011-11-03 Rémi Denis... configure: remove inet_aton() check
2011-11-03 Rémi Denis... HTTPd: remove never used channel & bidirectional modes
2011-11-03 Rémi Denis... vlc_fopen: fix append mode
2011-11-03 Rémi Denis... vlc_fopen: implement binary mode (useful on Windows)
2011-11-03 Rafaël Carrécontribs: fix lame build on win64
2011-11-03 Rafaël Carrévlc-thumb: works also with gnome 3
2011-11-02 Felix Paul... old contribs: compilation fixes and compiler experiment
2011-11-01 Jean-Baptiste... Freetype: account for more complex font names on Windows
2011-11-01 Rémi Denis... Disable buggy DASH plugin.
2011-11-01 Rémi Denis... DASH: allocate hot-path parser on the stack and cosmetics
2011-11-01 Rémi Denis... XCB/XVideo: permute image format loops and rework forma...
2011-11-01 Rémi Denis... DTV: remove misleading/outdated comment
2011-11-01 Rémi Denis... Mark dvb-adapter as safe (fix #5503)
2011-11-01 Laurent Aimaropengl: speed-up for Mac OS X
2011-11-01 Denis CharmetFix a bug preventing files without segment duration
2011-11-01 Laurent AimarAllowed to use mp2/mp3 to specify layer 2/3 for mpeg...
2011-11-01 Jean-Baptiste... Wall: set the default center element to 16:9
2011-11-01 Jean-Baptiste... Freetype: fallback to arial.ttf on Win32
2011-11-01 Jean-Baptiste... Freetype: correctly load fonts with complete path
2011-11-01 Jean-Baptiste... FourCC update
2011-11-01 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: update LAME to 3.99
2011-11-01 Jean-Baptiste... Twolame: fix copyright header, and remove unnecessary...
2011-11-01 Jean-Baptiste... Hotkeys: rename the text/longtext about mousewheel
2011-11-01 Jean-Baptiste... Qt, sprefs: correctly implement freetype configurations
2011-10-31 Rémi Denis... XCB/XVideo: allow mixed endian format if 8 or 4 bits...
2011-10-31 Rémi Denis... XCB/XVideo: cosmetic
2011-10-31 Rémi Denis... speex: fix occasional buffer overflow
2011-10-31 KO Myung-HunAdd UI for KAI
2011-10-31 Rémi Denis... Update module list
2011-10-31 KO Myung-HunAdd KAI audio output module for OS/2
2011-10-31 Jean-Baptiste... Android/Maemo: remove unneeded declaration
2011-10-31 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: use %tmp%/$TMP folder for updates
2011-10-31 Rémi Denis... v4l2: fix step-wise and continuous frame sizes enumeration
2011-10-31 Rémi Denis... Assume OpenMAX IL is used (if it is compiled)
2011-10-31 Rémi Denis... Remove unused Maemo5 old stuff
2011-10-31 Rafaël CarréRevert "win64: enable live again"
2011-10-31 Rafaël Carréwin64: enable live again
2011-10-31 Rafaël Carréold contribs: update live patch
2011-10-31 Sebastien Zwickertmacosx: fixes a memory leak.
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... Qt, sprefs: use the Color Selector
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... Qt, sprefs: expose outline thickness
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: implement the color selector button
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... Qt, prefs: correctly set the tooltip on Font Selector
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... Freetype: better shortext for Text Opacity
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... Freetype: use NULL instead of "" for empty longtext
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... Video Filter: use rgb to define colors
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... Freetype: mark as _rgb the appropriate options
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... Switcher: avoid use of unset variable
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... Win32: always use mingw's snprintf
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... ASF: help stupid compiler
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... mp4: kill warning about sign
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... ASF: use proper ifdef for DEBUG
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... Netsync: fix return type
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... STL: kill warning about sign comparison
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... Kate: unused arguments
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... cvdsub: remove unused variable
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... Spatializer: kill warnings and improve locality
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... DVDread: comment out dead code
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... DV: check return of vlc_clone
2011-10-30 Jean-Baptiste... misc/picture.c: kill sign warnings
2011-10-30 Rafaël Carréwindows: use C++ prototype for REFIID / CoCreateInstance
2011-10-30 Rafaël Carréwin64 old contribs: disable live for now, to not bother us
2011-10-30 Rafaël Carréwin64: really get _mkdir definition
2011-10-29 Jean-Paul Samanmux/asf.c: Workaround for playback of WMV in WMP12...
2011-10-29 Jean-Paul Samanmux/asf.c: typo
2011-10-28 Rémi Denis... Fix invalid use of the PulseAudio stream from the conte...
2011-10-28 Francois Cartegnieluahttp intf: Make use of gettext
2011-10-28 Francois Cartegnieweb intf: prettify js code.
2011-10-26 Laurent AimarAdded 'pasp' atom support to mp4/mov demuxer.
2011-10-26 Laurent AimarFixed support of mov/mp4 with fixed video samples size.
2011-10-26 Rémi Denis... vasprintf: rewrite. va_copy() was missing.
2011-10-26 Jean-Baptiste... Dash: major warnings cleanup
2011-10-26 Jean-Baptiste... DASH: remove unnecessary includes and other trivial...
2011-10-26 Jean-Baptiste... Update NEWS, LIST and po for DASH
2011-10-26 Christopher... Added DASH stream filter
2011-10-26 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: update freetype to 2.4.7 (CVE-2011-3256)
2011-10-26 Jean-Baptiste... Taglib: don't try to add empty meta in APE
2011-10-25 Laurent AimarDeprecated native real demuxer in favor to avformat.
2011-10-25 Tobias GüntnerIgnore invalid timestamps (PS demuxer)
2011-10-25 Rémi Denis... Improve x86 cpuid
2011-10-25 Rafaël Carréx86_64 cpuid: remove useless step (already done by...
2011-10-24 Laurent AimarDo not require a recognized .extension for module track...
2011-10-24 Laurent AimarFix detection of the idx1 index offset for some AVI...
2011-10-24 Pierre YnardRevert "Use separate HTTPd host per protocol"
2011-10-23 Christophe... NSIS: Activate Hebrew, Glician and Swedish translations
2011-10-23 Daniel Nylanderl10n: NSIS installer Swedish translation
2011-10-23 Gonçalo Cordeirol10n: NSIS installer galician translation
2011-10-23 Gonçalo Cordeirol10n: Galician update
2011-10-23 A S Alaml10n: Punjabi update