2018-03-31 Martin Storsjöcontrib: x265: Skip building the CLI binaries altogether
2018-03-31 Martin Storsjöcontrib: gmp: Add a patch for fixing building for windo...
2018-03-31 Martin Storsjöcontrib: arm: Disable the assembly when building mad...
2018-03-31 Martin Storsjöcontrib: ffmpeg: Patch ffmpeg to build with clang witho...
2018-03-31 Rémi Denis... demux: drop support for access_demux
2018-03-31 Rémi Denis... access: fold access_demux capability
2018-03-31 Rémi Denis... cdda: merge directory and demux submodules
2018-03-31 Rémi Denis... input: support combined access-demux as access
2018-03-31 Rémi Denis... access: do not create stream for directories
2018-03-31 Rémi Denis... cache: add common shortcut for cache_block and cache_read
2018-03-31 Rémi Denis... access: create access before stream
2018-03-31 Rémi Denis... stream: remove no longer used STREAM_IS_DIRECTORY
2018-03-31 Rémi Denis... demux: check for pf_readdir directly
2018-03-31 Rémi Denis... stream: remove dummy pf_readdir callbacks
2018-03-31 Rémi Denis... record: reject directories
2018-03-31 Rémi Denis... skiptags: not a directory
2018-03-31 Rémi Denis... skiptags: cosmetic, use switch
2018-03-31 Rémi Denis... stream: clean up vlc_stream_ReadDir() documentation
2018-03-31 Rémi Denis... stream: add assertion
2018-03-30 Steve Lhommecontrib: shout: socklen_t can be found in ws2tcpip...
2018-03-30 Steve Lhommecontrib: shout: timeval is defined in winsock2.h on...
2018-03-30 Steve Lhommecontrib: shout: respect the availability of strings...
2018-03-30 Steve Lhommesap: use the same declaration signature as the definition
2018-03-30 Martin Storsjöcontrib: gcrypt: Backport upstream patches for fixing...
2018-03-30 Rémi Denis... demux: inline demux_Delete()
2018-03-30 Rémi Denis... demux: deduplicate demux destroy callback
2018-03-30 Rémi Denis... demux: use common stream helpers to instantiate
2018-03-30 Rémi Denis... demux: develop demux_Delete() into destroy callback
2018-03-30 Steve Lhommecontrib: gnutls: update to current stable 3.5.18
2018-03-29 Martin Storsjöcontrib: mfx: Update to the latest version
2018-03-29 Martin Storsjöcontrib: projectM: Don't force building in C++98 mode
2018-03-29 Thomas GuillemRevert "mmdevice: add a way to enable/disable passthrough"
2018-03-29 Thomas GuillemRevert "aout: export used module internal name"
2018-03-29 Thomas GuillemRevert "qt: win32: add "Digital Output" checkbox in...
2018-03-29 Rémi Denis... access_demux: check that ES output is non-NULL
2018-03-29 Rémi Denis... access: pass ES output to access_New()
2018-03-29 Lyndon Browninterface: remove use of obsolete logger interface
2018-03-29 Lyndon Brownfix ball vfilter help text output
2018-03-29 Marvin Scholzstream_extractor/archive: use correct format specifier...
2018-03-29 Marvin Scholzstream_filter/cache_block: remove unused variable
2018-03-29 Marvin Scholzstream_filter/cache_block: use correct format for size_t
2018-03-29 Thomas Guillemavcodec: fix black screen with hdtv-fixed videos
2018-03-29 Francois Cartegnieaccess: dvdnav: flag cell change as discontinuity
2018-03-29 Thomas Guillemchromecast: don't ignore messages with a sessionId...
2018-03-29 Thomas Guillemchromecast: retry connection after a Dead state
2018-03-29 Thomas Guillemchromecast: rename setOnPausedChangedCb to setDemuxEnabled
2018-03-29 Thomas Guillemchromecast: reset state only when retrying
2018-03-29 Thomas Guillemchromecast: always quit thread in Dead state
2018-03-29 Thomas Guillemchromecast: use a pointer for m_communication
2018-03-29 Thomas Guillemchromecast: demux: add deinit()
2018-03-29 Martin Storsjöcontrib: x264: Fix building for aarch64/windows after...
2018-03-28 Steve Lhommerand: use bcrypt instead of CryptographicBufferStatics...
2018-03-28 Steve Lhommekeystore: CryptUnprotectData is officially found in...
2018-03-28 Marvin Scholzcodec/audiotoolbox_midi: Add accidentally removed prefix
2018-03-28 Justin Kimcontrib: srt: enable for Win32
2018-03-28 Justin Kimaccess: srt: refactor to support connection recovery
2018-03-28 Justin Kimaccess_out: srt: refactor to support connection recovery
2018-03-28 Thomas Guillemchromecast: fix vtenc options
2018-03-28 Thomas Guillemchromecast: fix wrong state when media app was closed
2018-03-28 Marvin Scholzsecuretransport: Protect reading/writing with a mutex
2018-03-28 Martin Storsjöpackage: win32: Make package-win-sdk depend on package...
2018-03-28 Martin Storsjöcontrib: x264: Use a unique file name for the x264...
2018-03-27 Thomas Guillemavcodec: accept NV12 an input
2018-03-27 Thomas Guillemchromecast: use vt encoder from avcodec
2018-03-27 Thomas Guillemcontrib: ffmpeg: enable videotoolbox encoder
2018-03-27 Thomas Guillemchromecast: test a maximum encoding size
2018-03-27 Thomas Guillemavcodec: fail if the specified encoder is not found
2018-03-27 Thomas Guillemchromecast: test encoder modules
2018-03-27 Hugo Beauzée... qt: Open URL dialog: Trim URL
2018-03-27 Hugo Beauzée... qt: Network open panel: Trim MRL
2018-03-27 Hugo Beauzée... msi: Use https links
2018-03-27 Hugo Beauzée... qt: Remove HAVE_TRANSPARENCY
2018-03-27 Hugo Beauzée... qt: Reset FSC fade out when mouse is moved
2018-03-27 Thomas Guillemchromecast: use vpx encoder if there is no x264 module
2018-03-27 Thomas Guillemchromecast: refactor
2018-03-27 Thomas Guillemvpx: fetch quality-mode only one time
2018-03-26 Tristan MatthewsNEWS: mention WebP decoding
2018-03-26 Hugo Beauzée... tools: bootstrap: Fix nasm version check
2018-03-26 Hugo Beauzée... tools: bootstrap: Split version check in a separate...
2018-03-26 Hugo Beauzée... extras/tools: Add nasm
2018-03-26 Marvin Scholzlibvlc_events: Improve documentation of event enum
2018-03-25 Rémi Denis... input: simplify InputDemuxNew() error handling
2018-03-25 Rémi Denis... demux: assume non-NULL stream in demux_New()
2018-03-25 Ilkka Ollakkacache_block: simplify by using block_helpers
2018-03-25 Ilkka Ollakkax264: drop <148 build support and fix 10bit support
2018-03-25 Ilkka Ollakkaconfigure: bump x264 version requirement and separated...
2018-03-25 Ilkka Ollakkacontrib: update x264 to 153-version and change to master
2018-03-24 David FuhrmannmacOS build.sh: Workaround for breakpad symbol generation
2018-03-24 David Fuhrmanndarwinvlc: Print out if no interface can be found
2018-03-23 Thomas GuillemRevert "qt: fix wrong audio settings with automatic...
2018-03-23 Zhao Zhilivout: android: remove unused THREAD_NAME
2018-03-23 Thomas Guillemcontrib: soxr: enable neon for aarch64
2018-03-23 Thomas Guillemcontrib: soxr: fix SIMD detection when cross compiling
2018-03-23 Sean McGoverncontrib/soxr: use pkg-static helper
2018-03-23 Sean McGoverncontrib/soxr: use pkgconfig to find FFmpeg/Libav
2018-03-23 Marvin Scholzci_filters: Use CIContext without color management
2018-03-23 KO Myung-Hunos2: fix crash and memory leaks at exit
2018-03-23 KO Myung-Hunos2: fix SIGABRT at startup
2018-03-23 KO Myung-Hunqt: os2: disable vlc-qt-check build
2018-03-23 KO Myung-Hunskins2: os2: fix compilation