2020-06-12 Hugo Beauzée... avi: Fix potential leak
2020-06-11 Steve Lhommeaout: wasapi: use a vlc_timer for the deferred start
2020-06-11 Thomas Guillemtest: lib: media_player: test track API
2020-06-11 Thomas Guillemtest: lib: media_player: add event_ctx
2020-06-11 Thomas Guillemtest: lib: media_player: pause can now be always tested
2020-06-11 Thomas Guillemlib: media_player: fix wrong assert
2020-06-11 Thomas Guillemtest: media_player: use "mock://"
2020-06-11 Thomas Guillemlib: media_track: assert that tracks are deleted correctly
2020-06-11 Thomas Guillemlib: video: use libvlc_media_player_get_selected_track()
2020-06-11 Thomas Guillemtest: media: use libvlc_media_get_tracklist
2020-06-11 Thomas Guillemlib: update media_player track events
2020-06-11 Thomas Guillemlib: add new player track API
2020-06-11 Thomas Guillemcore: fix vlc_es_id_IsStrIdStable not exposed
2020-06-11 Thomas Guillemlib: add libvlc_media_track_delete
2020-06-11 Thomas Guillemlib: media_track: add new members
2020-06-11 Thomas Guillemlib: add libvlc_media_get_tracklist()
2020-06-11 Thomas Guillemlib: add libvlc_media_tracklist API
2020-06-11 Thomas Guillemlib: move track in media_track.c
2020-06-11 Thomas Guillemlib: move libvlc_media_track_t to a specific header
2020-06-11 Thomas Guillemlib: media: factorize track type conversion
2020-06-11 Hugo Beauzée... picture_Export: Fill visible_width & visible_height
2020-06-11 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: fix crash on early failure
2020-06-10 Francois Cartegniedemux: ts: handle broken ADTS as LATM
2020-06-10 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: mpeg4audio: reject truncated data
2020-06-10 Steve LhommeNEWS: UWP is only supported for Windows 10
2020-06-10 Marvin Scholzavcodec: remove avcodec-fast support
2020-06-10 Francois Cartegniees_out: fix inverted opaque/transparent forwarding
2020-06-10 Francois Cartegnieplayer: fix teletext handling
2020-06-10 Steve Lhommecontrib: gnutls: fix forbidden calls in Winstore builds
2020-06-10 Steve Lhommewin32: use windowsappcompat instead of winstorecompat
2020-06-10 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: build.sh: only force win10 API's for...
2020-06-10 Steve Lhommefreetype: fix linking for Winstore builds
2020-06-10 Steve Lhommedsm: fix mismatched pointer
2020-06-09 Prince Guptaqml: use constants for Video and Music track list sizes
2020-06-09 Prince Guptaqml: add sizes for video and music tracklist in VLCStyle
2020-06-09 Prince Guptaqml: show bgHover color when row has focus in KeyNaviga...
2020-06-09 Prince Guptaqml: change bgHover of VLCColors to match designs
2020-06-09 Prince Guptaqml: show play cover on VideoList cover images
2020-06-09 Prince Guptaqml: show play cover on MusicTrackList cover images
2020-06-09 Prince Guptaqml: add table cover border and cover icon size constan...
2020-06-09 Prince Guptaqml: attach containsMouse and currentlyFocused property...
2020-06-09 Prince Guptaqml: introduce PlayCover widget
2020-06-08 Rémi Denis... configure: fix pollfd test ordering
2020-06-08 Rémi Denis... Check for <poll.h> explicitly
2020-06-08 Rémi Denis... httpd: don't wait until all clients are idle
2020-06-08 Rémi Denis... httpd: process client I/O before polling
2020-06-08 Rémi Denis... httpd: update activity time on actual activity
2020-06-08 Rémi Denis... httpd: return progress status from I/O functions
2020-06-08 Rémi Denis... httpd: reduce variable scope
2020-06-08 Rémi Denis... httpd: don't bother processing failed connection
2020-06-08 Rémi Denis... httpd: match protocol before request verb
2020-06-08 Rémi Denis... httpd: use ARRAY_SIZE()
2020-06-08 Rémi Denis... httpd: reorder, de-indent
2020-06-08 Steve Lhommemjpeg: fix incorrect vlc_object_t pointer usage
2020-06-07 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptive: make Content-Type no longer authoritative
2020-06-07 Rémi Denis... rtp: ignore MSG_TRUNC if missing
2020-06-06 Rémi Denis... mjpeg: fix leak
2020-06-06 Rémi Denis... rtp: fix include order
2020-06-06 Rémi Denis... rtp: fix typo
2020-06-06 Rémi Denis... rtp: add missing HAVE_POLL guard
2020-06-06 Rémi Denis... rtp: fix build without SRTP
2020-06-06 Rémi Denis... gnutls: remove EXPORT priority option (fixes #24823)
2020-06-06 Rémi Denis... block: fix copy paste error (fixes #24811)
2020-06-06 Rémi Denis... block: zero counters on block_FifoEmpty()
2020-06-06 Rémi Denis... rtp: remove constant thread_ready flag
2020-06-06 Rémi Denis... rtp: use struct vlc_dtls
2020-06-06 Rémi Denis... rtp: add connection-oriented datagram socket support
2020-06-06 Rémi Denis... rtp: add initial datagram socket abstraction
2020-06-05 Steve Lhommeconfigure: link with synchronization library when build...
2020-06-05 Steve Lhommecontrib: gnutls: update to 3.6.14
2020-06-05 Steve Lhommecontrib: gmp: don't use the cross compiler to test...
2020-06-05 Steve Lhommeconfigure: check if if_nametoindex is available on...
2020-06-05 Steve Lhommesrc: simplify logs
2020-06-05 Thomas Guillemcodec: hxxx_helper: fix distcheck
2020-06-04 Steve LhommeCI: update the LLVM-MINGW image to a newer Clang/MingW...
2020-06-04 Steve LhommeCI: use newer gcc for windows builds
2020-06-04 Thomas Guillemhxxx_nal: reindent after previous commit
2020-06-04 Thomas Guillemhxxx_nal: remove useless optim
2020-06-04 Thomas Guillemcodec: add hxxx_helper test decoder
2020-06-04 Thomas Guillemcodec: put hxxx_helper in a static lib
2020-06-04 Thomas Guillemdemux: use noinst_* for the mock module
2020-06-04 Romain Vimontopengl: do not pass the picture_t to the renderer
2020-06-04 Romain Vimontopengl: remove all interop usages from renderer
2020-06-04 Romain Vimontopengl: move sampler ownership to vgl
2020-06-04 Romain Vimontopengl: expose video format in sampler
2020-06-04 Romain Vimontopengl: update pictures from sampler
2020-06-04 Romain Vimontopengl: move orientation matrix init to sampler
2020-06-04 Romain Vimontopengl: move sampler initialization to constructor
2020-06-04 Romain Vimontopengl: generate the extensions from the sampler
2020-06-04 Romain Vimontopengl: store fragment shader in sampler
2020-06-04 Romain Vimontopengl: remove unused code
2020-06-04 Alexandre Janniauxopengl: fragment_shaders: fix TexSize0 usage
2020-06-03 Marc Haisenkocvpx: fix leaking CVPixelBuffer
2020-06-03 Marvin Scholzmacosx: use vlc_safeDrawInBezierPath:angle:
2020-06-03 Marvin Scholzmacosx: add category for safe NSGradient drawing
2020-06-03 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: build.sh: fix building ucrt builds with...
2020-06-03 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: build.sh: do not link with ucrtbase
2020-06-03 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: build.sh: Force Win7 and MSVCRT when...
2020-06-03 Steve Lhommecontrib: pthreads: use a mingw-w64 version from git
2020-06-03 Steve Lhommevout: win32: assume DirectComposition is available...